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Chinese girls in America. [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Tong..ahem....the are many Chinese people in the colleges as well....


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About Sino people....

....approximately 10% or more in Canada and Australia..
...and about 5% in the United States..

mostly in the SUPERCENTERs....
services jobs...
real estate....

the educated cream de lar creme of those nations...

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You Chinese will be happy to know....

...the head guy in my company here locally is Chinese....he is my boss. He actually trained me.

He has just been promoted to go to National HQ.....the Top Dog.

The boss underneath him is a woman....and the buy that runs all the computers and phones
and keeps everything running is black.

I am sure you have the same success stories like this in China too....right?

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Why the hostility towards America ? Dont worry us Americans in this forum are not anti-Chinese . Why would we come to this forum?
Stop being so uptight us Americans that come to this forum are interested in the worlds next potential superpower .

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For Every Example You Give


For every example you give of supposed "equality," there are 5,000 other real cases of discrimination and glass ceilings and lost opportunities because they are not WASP.  I don't know what that anecdotes you give proves.  What are the overall statistics?   How many of the CEOs of the American top 10,000 companies are not white, middle aged, Judeo-Christian?  One or two can easily be explained away as abberations.  How do you explain over 90% prevalence?  

In China there are more than 50 ethnic minorities.  I can assure you that the ethnic mix in top management is a lot more representative than in the U.S.

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Of course there's lots of inequality, no American can say it's perfect. No country is perfect. But do we really need to start a race war here?

What does this have to do with the original post about adoption? This thread should be about interracial adoption, what it's like to be adopted or to adopt, what it's like to move to another country as a child, or grow up with parents who look different from you, etc....

The article says nothing about the percentage of Asian CEO's in America. Those babies are welcome here, and will grow up with more opportunities than they had at home. And if their parents have money (which it says most of them do) they will probably have the chance to go back to China someday, maybe even soon, as children. And just as some Indians in America are now starting to go back to their home country bringing their education, talents, skills, & money, hoping to help people from their home country, these children may do the same someday.

Is there something you see wrong with foreigners adopting Chinese babies?

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