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what is important in your bottom of heart

when you choose someting , think what you really need from the bottom of your heart .   

Money ----the base of love and life .   No money , no bread ,love couldn't survive long . Love is of social attributive character .

Undoubtedly  ,some girls could marry  money without love if they like .  they  need money to buy expensive clothes , live luxury life , buy car  ..........and a lot they really need in heart .   So if you think you couldn't be alive without expensive clothes and car ,  if you are afraid of poor life ,  pls choose money .

But   on the other hand ,  you don't mind famouse brand of clothes , could wear simple & cheap clothes , live ordinary  life ,  you can endure  riding  bike to work  or take bus  ,  pls choose love .   

( no body could forecast the future , maybe at the age of young, we couldn't earn much money , but you couldn't say we keep same condition several years later ;   Vice versa  , as a rich person today  , we don;t know if he or she will face to bankruptcy  tomorrow )

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A different perspective

A different perspective about money.:)

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As I grow older,

I've learned that regardless of
how hot and steamy a relationship is at
first, the passion fades, and there had better
be a lot of money to take its place!

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May I sing a money song for the chinadaily members within the context of this post.

In the begining of the dawining age
I confess that I have an affair of passion
I love money and
money loves me.
We have  a mutual admiration for each other.
Here comes love
and love
is chasing after me.

For eternity,
we have been going around and around
in a circle.
After a while, when the dust settles
I am no longer able to understand,
who is in front and who is behind.

So here goes my song again.
I, Love and, love and I
we are all in one.
Force one is our name and
our name is Force one.
We are the only holy father, son and holy, love and I

would never parted and never died.
always be true to each other
forever and ever. Amen.
              ----The Song of a Silly Bird----

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Between love and money, it's gonna be money for me. Love is just an emotional imbalance. I don't trust emotions, so I don't trust love.
舞我手中霓裳。 "

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To find true love is much more difficult than getting money.

I think most of us humans really never find true and totally committed love. In comparison money is easy to get, you just work to get it.

I have known and do know wealthy people and their wealth brings both pain and joy. I wonder to my self if I would want that kind of life. Most of them worry about loosing their money in some way or another. When they become sick their money often does not save them.

In comparison I would rather spend my last minutes with the one I love.

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