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serve money, or serve love. you can not serve both at the same time.
choose this, lose that; or lose this, choose that. i suppose there is only one answer, no multiple options.

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it's a difficult question.
All people will say "i will choose love" at first, but ....easy say, difficult  to do.
if you're so poor, and you really wanna doing sth. special but no money, maybe that time you will choose money first.:)

i'd say: nowadays society is very reality, and people too.

if you're a poor man, people will look down to you.  and don't wanna make friends with you, say nothing of love.

but if you're a rich man, people will flatter you,  and it's easier to find his/her lover.

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just be kind

to everyone as much as possible.

Kindness (compassion), not love (for someone) or money, should be the main consideration.

Love for someone is good, but life doesn't obey anyone, only itself.
Money is useful, but life doesn't pour it everywhere, so value it.

Between love and money, the third person, kindness, sits quietly in the background, watching
this couple (love & money)  quarrel between themselves, and asks itself, "why do they quarrel?"
when i am the one which can guide both.

This, for, caringhk... (and.....

ruotong (sigh).

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the a girl deserve my love ,I give up money

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love, definitly!

but i have done sth. , hurt someone...
sorry -----to that person

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love and con't buy the real love ..every body knows


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May I tell a story?

Originally posted by ggg_scorpion at 2006-3-22 13:40
Between money and love, which one will you choose if you have to lose one?

Stroy #1

Money and love

I had done something terrible in my past lives...I was a greedy but loving person.... so gods sent me to an eternal love life with no chance of getting a penny in my hand (as a punishment for my greed and reward for my love)....

I had no money but abundant and endless love...after a thousand years living my life with over-spilling love, I was truly sick and tired of it...

I thought of riches and money all the time...I was suffocating from having too much love and no day gods had pity on me and offered me a choice, they said...."between money and are free to choose one"...

I was starving for money and strangulated by love, so I quickly decided to have money...I was so glad to get rid of love. It was the happiest moment in my life....

but not for long...unknown to me...gods had played a cruel joke on me again....

for a thousand years I had riches of the whole galaxy but no riches sucked the hell and heaven out of me...

I longed for the day that I was loved and I was dreaming again about swimming in an ocean of love…I begged for love…I longed for love and I wished for love…

”no love for another thousand year”…gods told me, for that was how I pay for my unspeakable crimes in my past lives.

End of the story:)

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