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Taipei is China's 2nd most competitive city [Copy link] 中文

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HK, Taipei lead in competitiveness
By Zhao Huanxin (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-03-21 06:22

Hong Kong, Macao and five Taiwan cities beat most of their mainland counterparts to join the leaders' pack of China's most competitive cities.

Beijing was ranked fourth in overall competitiveness of 200 major Chinese cities, behind Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai.

But the capital shot up to the second place on the mainland, overtaking southern powerhouses Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The findings were released yesterday in an annual report on urban competitiveness published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

It was the first time the top government think tank included cities outside the mainland in its annual analysis, which has become a reference for city planners and investors since it was first released in 2003, according to senior researcher Ni Pengfei.

"We have broadened our research horizons ... to cater to readers' needs, so the rankings of some mainland cities slid this year, but that does not necessarily mean their absolute competitiveness declined," Ni said.

Ni and his 100-expert team factored in economic growth, market share, productivity, environmental resources, the level of technological innovation as well per-capita income to compile the list.

Except for economic growth, cities outside the mainland are more competitive than the mainland cities, according to the report.

The researchers discovered a clear geographical pattern to competitiveness the islands and the eastern seaboard were the strongest followed by the central areas and the western regions, Ni said.

Except for Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang, the mainland's most competitive cities are on the east coast while cities in central and western China rank low on the list.

But on the whole, the competitiveness of mainland cities has grown dramatically in recent years, a sharp contrast to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

For example, Ni said, in terms of economic growth which is a key gauging factor for competitiveness Chiayi City in Taiwan posted negative growth two years in a row, and Hong Kong ranked 198th among the 200 cities.

The report proposes that the government help East China bolster its global competitiveness, while supporting central and western cities build up their competition capacity.

Based on its survey of 6,000 residents in 60 cities, the report concludes that in the years ahead, Chinese cities should give priority to medicare, education, housing and transport to improve living conditions and build more harmonious communities.

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HK's competitiveness is questionable

While HK has gone into service and banking purely, Taipei and Shanghai have developed into global R&D and innovation centers. I believe Shanghai will take over both Taipei and HK soon, with Guangzhou trailing very closely behind.

Had HK not been the crucial logistic keypoint linking China and Taiwan, HK would not have ranked this high on the report.

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It feels so good to see our Taiwanese brothers/sisters taking good care of
our property of us.:)

Thank you, TwChinese for sharing this information.

God blesses all,

Forest servent.

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Excessive pride toward one's own city will only result in causes of drifting apart from the goal of its ultimatum. So and so's city is the most competitive city in the country. I say "so what?" let's recognize that despite the cities its still all part of the central core (China). If notions and mentality of people transforms to competition oriented and emphasized, then the outcome is possible impoding of the country as a whole. Chinese people should all set the superordinate goal to override differences. Drop your pride and join together to strive for the same this case bringing equality and sustainibility to ALL of China NOT just major coastal cities.

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~All that which glitters is not gold~

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post above

Post above is purely rhetoric... it reflects the fact that the author doesn't know the CCP's strategy in leading China to prosperity. The fact is that China cannot and will not prosper all together.

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Post above is purely rhetoric... it reflects the fact that the author doesn't know the CCP's strategy in leading China to prosperity. The fact is that China cannot and will not prosper all together.

Rhetoric or not, TwChinese, it does reflect the truth.

I often look at economic race as a long maraton. At this point, I have to applause Macau, Hong Kong,
and Taiwan for leading the race. However, there is no Finish Line in site yet. Hence, it is not right
to claim victory. China is huge mass and cannot take off as fast as its contenders, but when
it get moving, the momentum is hundreds of time more than its contenders. Trust me, when we get
in to the long stretch, where everyone is exausted, China will catch all its contenders from behind
by simply rolling on its natural momentum, LOL.

God blesses all,

Forest Servant.

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Hong Kong has strong rule of law - something that mainland doesn't have. It's almost anything goes in the mainland, or so it seems. Money under the table and guanxi still rule business and government. That rule of law is not somehthing that will disappear overnight.

As for Eyeofstorm's comment about being too proud, that is a rather strange comment coming from a Chinese person. Just look through these boards. Chinese are obsesssed with their own country and being no. 1. in the world. I suspect the real problem is that Taiwan has acheived this position without the meddling of Beijing - despite misinformed mainlanders on this site harping on about how Taiwans's economy was going to hell. Despite attempts by Beijing to destabiliise and isolate Taiwan across every continent on earth, it is still doing very well, thank you.

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