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The reason america will always be a superpower [Copy link] 中文

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No way ,the chinese economy and exports are driven by cheap labor . America will always grab the talent of the world besides theirs no
room for anyone to go to china not only that but America is a better place to live as far as the environment and weather.

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More Moronic Froth From the Land of Thickies

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America took over iraq in two weeks

Its only dealing with gang problems at the moment don't you remember the first conflict with iraq ? not a single US plain went down from Iraq's useless russian plains . Americas military force is by far the best in the world

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...from a proud should never be too cocky.

America is and has and hopefully will in the future be a good leader in the world. We do
have it good here compared to alot of place in the world.

DO you think that you work any harder than the Chinese here on this site? Do you think you
work smarter than the Chinese on this site? I don't think I do and I doubt you do. Our
generation has been blessed and with hard work, good plans and luck and what our
parents before us did.

Understand that we are on the top of the world (in my  opinion) but take this not as a
given but as an opportunity. Life throws all kind of curve balls at us and we should be
optimistic but cautious at the same time. Staying on the top is no guarantee.

As far as China and “has accomplished in the past twenty years" has been incredible
but there again comes the saying......"what have you done for me lately". Just because
China says we did really good the past 25 years it does not guarantee them that they
will do good in the next twenty years. China in my opinion has done great but they have
many obstacles in their way the next 25 years.

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I'm not cocky its the other people here that a very cocky in there opinions of the the downfall of america if you read some of these posts
you would think America is the worst thing since the Yugo!

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One thing for sure, Mr. Frothow's......
Historical fact quite recent history (Russian Federation)......
you cannot survive on a fraudulent dollar.......

Mr. Flotsam is a MODEL BRITISH MINORITY.....
He is trying to SAVE BRITAIN from allying to America's destructive policies....

and you should listen to your own MODEL MINORITY like Mr. RaymondUSA....
..who is trying to save America from doom......

That's what model minority people try to do for their country!!!!!!


Green Dragon

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Froth...I know what you mean...but

...remember...they are trying to get where you already are.

What else can they do?:)

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