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India's Dalai Dilemma [Copy link] 中文

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Buddhism exists in a syncretic form with Hinduism in Nepal , although a Hindu majority country , Nepal nonetheless is an amalgam of Tantric , Vajrayana , Vedic , Shakti , Shaivism and Mahayan Buddhist concepts . It resembles the India of 5 century AD . Most Nepalese consider themselves both hindu as well as buddhist.

Brother Caringhk may have a problem with the dual hindu -buddhist character of most Nepalese , but as i have observed and having been to the Kathmandu valley countless times ..........i know for fact the Nepal has this very particular syncretic characer to its religions , the Newars are an interesting people who imbibe this unique feature , they worship both hindu dieties and pay obesience to the Buddha and other Mahayana dieties as well. Most Mahayana ieties will find their hindu counterparts in Nepal as well.

A veryinteresting aticle is written about this syncretic nature of Hinduism and Buddhism by Mr . Ram Swarup an emminent intellectual from India . Hinduism ( Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Way ) , Jainism , Buddhism and much later sikhism form the contituents of the 4 Dharmic Religions of India

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MKung - We have many Nepalese working here with me.I asked them and most
70-80% says they are Hindus. 20-30% says they are Buddhists.

I know a monk from Nepal whom i saw this year, he is T i b e tan but his families lived in Nepal&India for few hundreds years. He tells me to ask him anything about Dharma.

Yes, Buddha did learn from the 5 Hindu teachers but sort his way as he knew there is something higher than what they know. Jainism was competing with Buddha but many went over to Buddha after hearing his sermon. Sihkism is more in Bengal. Yes, i know India recognises all the religion as can be seen from the protection of those holy places.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Hey Mr. Caringhk....

i thought Punjabi were sikhs...
and Bengalis..moslems..or hindus...

i am getting mix up here...
can you like help out.....

oh, like religion of the traders...right?
beside hindu, buddhist...great Indian religions....

Green Dragon

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"and Bengalis..moslems..or hindus...???"

Remember our locals we call bangali lang, mainly sikh.

Think Bay of Bengal? I think those living there are called Punjabis.

Not sure of the Jains-traders!
But Punjabis are mostly traders.

The rest of Indian religions are small like SAi BABAs, BAhai's......
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by lobsang at 2006-3-17 20:49
.... from Szechuan to the Ti betan Autonomous Region, .....gradual change in  demography, ....., one finds a large number of people, equally at ease in both Hanyu and the Ti betan language. .... and there is a good deal of intermarrying between the two nationalities,...... because it is not based on the caste system. Everyone is equal and one can marry the other without infringing religious principles. ......blood ties, with family members who combine the best of the two nationalities ......

..... that separate the Ti betan plateau from the plains of the south. .....To the north, live the Mongoloids, and to the south, the descendants of the once upon a time  Aryan conquerors, espousing a religion which is heavily based on caste, although I speak with tongue in cheek, not unrelated to in some ways to Bhudism.  There is no intermarrying at all ..... Indeed, because they are vegetarians, the Hidus consider any meat eaters, which includes Ti btans, as canivorous and therefore filthy. ...

Check the language of Lobsang, all set up to create a divide between the Tibetan buddhists and their southern neighbours, and to minimise the differences between the Tibetans and the Han (as they flood into Tibet).

Well I'm an ignorant whitey, and I sure as heck can tell the difference between a Tibetan and a Han.

Interesting about the emphasis on caste system and other negatives about India/Hindus.
Of course we all know that India has legislated against caste prejudice and introduced policies to assist those from disadvantaged castes. These Indian Govt. policies have been practiced for years, yet China only recently started to remove the entrenched discrimination against rural citizens. Only yesterday I read in CD how Urban Chinese would object to their children marrying rural Chinese.

Now there have been, in years gone by, prejudice or mistreatment of parts of the Indian and Tibetan population, but all countries have had these bad habits too. May I suggest that routine castration and foot binding falls into that sort of category.



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The Nepalese, Sikhs and Bengalis

CaringHK is right that the Nepalese are mostly Hindus, with a small minority espousing the Buddhist religion, and can be easily identified by their surnames: the Gurungs, Sherpas and the Tamangs. Just ask them to count 1, 2, 3, their mother tongue, and they will count exactly the same way as one would in Ti bet. It is obvious they are of the Tibetan stock and are Mongoloid by ethnicity.

The Sikhs are from Punjab espousing a religion born out of Hinduism and Islam. If you look closely at some of the pictures of the foreign troops at the time of Young Husband's military "expedition" into Lhasa in 1904, you will see that the troops were mostly made up of these turbaned Sikhs. I was told these people tend to act as  mercenaries and would work for anyone who pays them. Some one jokingly told me that there are Sikhs even in the Israeli army. I met a Sikh gentleman  in Hainan Island who told me: Jaha Alu Hoga, Waha Sardarji Mileyga,.i.e. where one finds potatoes (representing earnings), there one will find the Sikhs.

The Bengalis are in two categories. Those in the west are Hindus and those in the east Muslims. Intellectually, the Bengalis are very active people and they are very proud of the beauty of their language: something  which Tagore proved by winning the Nobel Prize for literature. The Bengalis were at the fore front of the Indian independence movement and started that saying now seen around the world in different forms: When Bengal sneezes today, India catches cold tomorrow.

All I know about the Jains is that they tend to be very successful and rich people with a faith which I hear is quite akin to Buddhism. The Jain priests do however appear to live on an intellectual plane way above the ordinary, because they actually walk the streets with bodies painted in ashes, wearing nothing other than beads, without showing any signs of embarrassment. Takes some high thinking to do that.

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Dorji Shugden

For those following up on the news of the holy monk trotting around the world in his Gucci shoes, it might interest you to find out how dissents are dealt with within his Gelukba Sect that he heads. Just key in "Dorji Shugden" into Google and find plenty to read.

As for that gentleman who calls himself a Whitey and tries to put in a word edgewise, may I suggest that you learn (really learn) a few more foreign languages and understand the topic before barging in like a bull in a China shop. My short response to your irrelevant observations can only be: 像你这类头重脚轻、根底浅,嘴尖皮厚、腹中空,不学无术、头发胡子一把抓的言论,有识之士,只能嗤之以鼻!Find out from your students/ friends what it means and don't pretend you understood it all by yourself, that proclivity you exhibit from your other postings.

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