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How important is 'Face' (Mian Zi) to everyone? [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Mark!

I have never been to Anhui and it is really not fair for me to comment......
i have never survey the location, don't know about the problems.....
really cannot say much....only an Anhui brother would have knowledge of economic, practical knowledge of business flow....can be a better help...

One thing for'll need logistics, cheap logistics to prosper
then you need to develop natural resources of the region.....
take advantage of great market place in our great centers of commerce....

and take advantage of lower land cost in Anhui....
and lower cost of living....
condition can be very good....otherwise just emigrate to a another region....
and build up business networks from help back the brothers at home...

look at the Sichuanese, Fujienese....look at the Cantonese, Fujien, Zhejiang diaspora in our world.......spread out like a web around the world....
they took advantage of the Shanghai, Guandong markets....
form great business networks....and eventually find ways to benefit their home provinces....

i am sure all other province can get same benefits...
Central government can only act as a "ABOVE THE FRAY, BENIGN JUDGE"....
It's the people that must "chin up"...."gather the brothers"....and make progress...


Green Dragon

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gather GOOD SCHOLARS from all province to study in KEY UNIVERSITIES and POLYTECNICS.....continue with working in the many MNC, large SOE, large Private Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya and Guangdong...

..find niches of business that can be profitably started in "less well located provinces"....such as Guangxi, Henan, Hunan, etc. etc.....

example.....MICROMOTORS assembly....logistic cost is almost "nothing" due to high price, low weight/volume of the item....take advantage of lower labour, land cost???

how about.....FLASH MEMORY assembly...import flash component from Toshiba, Samsung, Intel, Legend, Acer, .....and do assembly to these "light item".."high value" items.......logistic cost isn't so important?


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Example of Ipoh, in Malaya.....

It was very rich, in fact the richest area in ASEAN due to high concentration of ALLUVIAL TIN was great times in the 1880 - 1940's

Then the PRODIGAL sons of IPOH brought back niche industries that can be profitably done in IPOH, example casted engineering parts, unique fruits pameloes, roasted peanuts, unique cookies - chicken biscuits, tao sar pien, semiconductor production, even manage to attract mecha assembly....

got the central government to approved a RAIL BASED inland that logistically it became cheapers...

then we had some dometic development, cement plants, construction materials factories such as pipes, roofing, chipboards.....

you just need the BASIC INCOME GENERATING EXPORT to other province...then it is your local service and real estate companies that will provide more economic prosperity....

if entrepreuners is non-existing..then get local governments to form partnership to gain knowhow from other regions....

Green Dragon

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Can we please stay on topic?? I am seeking answers and perspectives, not people to hijack my thread with pictures,  personal-interests, and issues. That, can be discussed in another thread with it's own topic at hand.

And I do mean to be rude...if I was to say "I don't mean to be rude" then im being dishonest =).
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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"Face" (Japan vs China)

Originally posted by markwu at 2006-3-16 17:16

The japanese concerned with 'face' is concerned with their OWN 'face' only.

The Chinese concerned with 'face' is concerned with what is RIGHT for the situation.

A very clear distinction ... perfectly framed. Thanks. :)

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Than you are NOT giving Mian-Zi to Mark Wu and us who i think are your seniors!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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succinctly said, caringhk.

and thank you, greendragon - the people of Anhui appreciate your ideas;  there're some education centres in the city outskirts; hope they'll all do well in the coming years.

and for eyeofstorm - my greatest concern for China is not whether she'll be able to face the changes of the future; of that i am sure she will come through swimmingly well not just for herself and her peoples, but also for the rest of mankind;  my greatest concern is more about how her youths will grow up, especially when most of them are single-child's who do not have the benefit of sharing parental affection with other siblings; it would be tragic for the future of this earth if too many of these youngsters grow up with only single points of view regarding anything; no doubt their sense of right-and-wrong is sharp, but sometimes, not all things are black and white; in this topic of mianzi, that could be an important assertion. You know there's this restaurant in Shanghai where before dinner, there's a short presentation of maskface-changing superbly performed by another youngster.  In the end, which face is the real one? All of them? Or, none?  For behind this topic on mianzi, is a long road to humanity.  Caringhk's photos, greendragon's concerns and markwu's ramblings are part and parcel of the fabric of that humanity.

i write this for ruotong.

ps: greendragon - i understand they export container loads of what you call 'white-coffee' to the USA from Ipoh?

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