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My anti-smoking thread ... [Copy link] 中文

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Another non-smoker saying hello!

It DOES affect others:
When I was little I lived with my grandparents who smoked like CRAZY! Every year I got bronchitis (a respiratory illness), which required an antibiotic and missing up to a week of school. When my father got remarried and we moved out of my grandparents house, I never got bronchitis again.

The last car I owned was owned by a smoker before me. I didn't know this, and didn't notice until winter came and I turned up the heat with the windows closed. Every time I turned on the heat it STUNK!!! Yuck!!! I had to let the heat run for a few minutes with the windows open until the odor cleared, then it was ok.

My grandfather died of emphysema (from smoking). See? A little girl could have had her grandfather around longer if he didn't smoke.
I am not rich.  :L

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No crying!

Welcome freakyqi to the clean air thread :) Cheer-up simba!

For the car I suggest Neutradol which seems to kill smoke odours. I actually insisted on a car which had never been smoked in when I bought my last used car.

I hate that post-smoking stench: especially in cars and hotel rooms ... In the gym this evening some smokers came in (not smoking I hasten to add) and the stench was awful

However, just to bring a little amusement to the thread: there is a gym in the UK where people smoke behind the counter which is next to the weights area ... Where is my "throwing-up" smiley?

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather and your health freakyqi. Hopefully your story can change the attitude of others.
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Yes, it was aimed at the smokers, no crying allowed simba!

Anyway, I'm healthy now, and from that experience I learned of some very good reasons not to smoke.
Actually, I tried smoking for about 3 months in the 8th grade. After a while I thought, "this costs money and doesn't even feel good, why would I do this? If I'm gonna pay money for something that's bad for me, it better at least be really really fun." Hmm. I'll stop there before I let loose all my other bad, short-lived habits....

Most of my friends smoked and I was the proud non-smoker sitting among them. They didn't like me any less for not following the crowd, they got used to it pretty quickly without a fuss.
I am not rich.  :L

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A nasty pic ...

I have more questions for smokers:
- If you (as a smoker) contract a fatal disease as a result of smoking will you expect sympathy or just say "oh well, that's life"?
- If you (as a smoker) smoke in your car or hotel room do you give any consideration to the next person who will occupy that car or hotel room? Do you care that they might be a non-smoker?

This morning I was waiting outside my bank before it opened. There were at least 5 smokers nearby but each of them was over 10 metres away – I could still smell the smoke. As I have said before: smokers often do not respect the rights of the non-smoker.

Here is a picture of a lung from a lung cancer sufferer - resulting from smoking ...
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ok, I'll try to answer your questions

Why do you smoke? to put it simply, I'm addicted and it's bloody hard to stop.

Why did you start to smoke? hmmm.... that one is hard to answer.... perhaps I thought it was cool (sounds silly I know) perhaps the fact that my parents and peers were smokers had an influence on me.

At what age did you start smoking? about 16.

Do you realise the harm that smoking is causing you? yes, I'm fully aware of the harm smoking causes.

Do you respect the rights of non-smokers? I would say so. I avoid smoking around non smokers and I give my friends a hard time for smoking around their kids.

Do you wish you could quit smoking? sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. for a non smoker that may be hard to understand, but when you're addicted to something that's bad for you, you develop a sort of love hate relationship. it's enjoyable to satisfy your addiction, even though you know it's causing you harm.

Do you like the after-smell of smoke on your clothes, in your hair? as a smoker you become a bit desensitized to the smell, nevertheless, I acknowlegde that it's not a good smell. I usually smoke outside to avoid stinking the house out.

Do you want to have yellowed-teeth and bad skin? well I think the answer to that is pretty obvious...

a bit more on addiction....
I also started smoking pot when I was about 16... whether or not marijuana is addictive is still debated. either way, I can say from my own experience (and the experiences of friends) that it's possible to develop a strong dependency on the drug.
for about four years I smoked pot heavily and when I say heavily I mean from the time I woke up to just before I went to sleep.  in the beginning it was something I enjoyed, but towards the end I started to suffer  from anxiety, mild depression, mood swings and I became increasingly more withdrawn from my friends...
for a while I struggled with this...  I hated the way my personality was changing and I was long past enjoying the feeling of being stoned. even though I could clearly see the detrimental effect pot was having on me, I was so addicted/dependent that I just couldn't seem to help myself.
anyway, after struggling with these feelings for longer than I care to admit I finally decided enough was enough. ripped up my plants, threw all my bongs away and stopped cold turkey. the first few days were difficult to say the least... I became even more depressed and getting to sleep at night would take me hours. it was about three months before the desire to have a smoke completely disappeared. these days I have no desire whatsoever and I can sit in a room with other smokers without a problem.

there you go... another piece of the puzzle falls into place. perhaps now you'll all be able to understand why I seem a bit nutty at times...

and as a final note, yes I have tried to stop smoking cigarettes and that was even more difficult! maybe it's harder to quit cigarettes because one doesn't notice the detrimental effects of tobacco immediately... if you can notice the damage a drug is having on your mind/body as you're taking it, you would probably have a stronger desire to stop. unfortunately by the time you feel the damage from cigarettes, it could already be too late...

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Thanks otis!

Your answers are very interesting - I hope others can add their views.

Now, how can we help you to stop?
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