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Could you share your New Year plan with us? [Copy link] 中文

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promising year

I was so lucky to buy my own house nearby the future 2008 Olympic National Park with not so high price in 2003. Within one year i paid off my mortage.

I plan to buy a car this year, of course oil price is also my concern. As for a trip abroad, i wish to go to Europe, for me, money is not big problem, but time, still time.

If our boss give us more holidays,  i think everything is ok. To hit my target as soon as possible, hard working is a must.

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yes, a year of bumper harvest, but not on those things, hehe

Sadly, I haven't achieved any of these in the past year: buying a house, a car, or going abroad for a trip, but these three things will top my schedule in 2006, especially a trip abroad, or maybe a training program, hehe. A widened horizon is most desired for me now.

My excuse for underachieving is that 2005 is the year of rooster -- my recurrent year, which is not suitable to make big moves according to Chinese superstitions, haha

Good luck to everyone

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so many cute dream!

House? car? no, no, no, I have none of them~~
But, 2005 was still a "harvest" for comparison with 2004, I learnt  more skill and got enough experience at work, I am going about my new daily work, I have a sweet love with my BFday after day, our parents are bursting with health and vitality, that's all of the harvest !
2006 is a hopeful year for me! The biggest aspirational thing is that, I would like to be a pretty bride sitting in a new house of ourselves! No car is doesn't matter, subway is ok. So, earning more amount of money and saving a lot of mony are all necessary.
Anyway, I wish safety, health and happyness go aroud my family, my friends and me!

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see China's economy is galloping, like a horse

China has revised its 2004 economic growth rate to 10.1 percent from 9.5 percent following the recent completion of an economic census, the National Statistics Bureau reported Monday.

China's gross domestic product grew a feverish 9.8 percent for all of 2005, the official Xinhua News Agency reported earlier, citing the National Development and Reform Commission. That estimate, issued just after the New Year, likely will be revised when official data are released months later.

China had reported in December that based on the census, the size of the entire economy was about 20 percent bigger than previously thought because it had underestimated the services sector. Since then, the government has gradually released figures for various years.

The figures show the economy growing even faster than expected, resisting government efforts to curb growth that has strained energy supplies and transport systems.

The estimated size of China's economy in 2004 was revised upward by 16.8 percent to 15.988 trillion yuan ($1.98 trillion, from the previously reported 13.688 trillion yuan ($1.7 trillion), the Statistics Bureau said in a report posted on its Web site. The bureau also revised GDP data for the years 1993 to 2003.

Based on the revisions, China's GDP grew by an average annual rate of 9.6 percent between 1979 and 2004, 0.2 percentage point higher than originally reported. The fastest expansion, 14 percent, was seen in 1993. The slowest was 7.6 percent, in 1999.

Strong exports and massive flows of foreign investment have helped support continued robust growth, despite efforts by regulators to rein in spending on excess factory capacity and real estate development and other construction projects that they say could lead to financial problems.

Retail spending and other forms of domestic consumption, meanwhile, are playing an increasingly important role, the China Securities Journal reported Monday, citing a National Statistics Bureau economist, Yao Jingyuan.

Yao forecast steady growth for 2006, noting that the relatively low level of inflation in recent months, about 1.8 percent, was encouraging domestic demand. Such demand is seen as crucial for China's continued strong growth, given the potential for downturns in foreign investment and export demand.

Rising car and home purchases have helped boost demand, the report cited Ba Shusong, an economist with the government-run Development Research Center, as saying

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In 2006, I expect a continuing drop of the housing price in Shanghai, Beijing, and etc.

so I am not in a hurry to buy a bigger house.

I once bought a car, but sold it, because overused ..

trips abroad, all business trips,  family leisure trips not yet...

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Originally posted by chinadaily at 2006-1-10 11:39
As the lunar 2005 coming to an end,  can I launch a thread to acquire our dear forumites'  "harvest " of the year?

Did you buy an apartment? on mortgage? How much is the monthly repayi ...

Yeah, it's time to take stock as the Year of the Dog (on Chinese lunar calendar) is knocking on the door.

What did I achieve in the Year of the Rooster? It's hard to define since I did none of the three mentioned in this thread, but I should have done something, for sure. What's it then?

In 2005, I managed to pay the last installment of my housing mortgage and now wait for the process of getting my apartment owership certificate. This should be the biggest news for me and my family. I bought the apartment, subsidized by my employer, five years ago, and joined the rank of "fuweng (indebted guys). I'm now pretty relieved when I no longer have to say: Christ, when can I pay all these debts?

But, without subsidies from my employer, an apartment would have been out of my reach. We know, housing price in Beijing is insanely high, and still rising. Whenever I read a housing advert nowadays, I'm shocked -- how come the housing price has gone so high? The government must step in and bring it down, so that most of wage earners as me could afford an apartment, though small.  

Driving a car is convenient, but it could be troublesome too. Fuel price hiked, I felt the pinch. I had to pay about 20% more than I used to. Other costs and fees included (insurance, maintenance and road fee, etc), it is a fairly heavy financial burden on me. Let's pray for a lower gas price, but I know it's unlike to happen. It's good that my old compact car (bought five years ago) does not consume that much fuel.

In the year of the dog, I hope I will have a chance to take my wife and son to a vacation, not necessarily to a foreign country.

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