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Americans ready to quit Iraq, Government says "no way." [Copy link] 中文

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New public opnion poll shows Americans want out of Iraq.  That will never happen.  Babies born today will likely see military service in Iraq and Iran.  Iran is the next country where America will establish a peace-loving Muslim democracy.

The continuing instability in the Middle East only serves to deepen the American military commitment to the fight.  High gasoline prices and raging Muslim anger combine to assure that Americans will never leave Iraq.  The reason why so many want to quit the Iraq invasion is that it looks like the simplist and least bloody solution.  There is no way out.  Soon America will realize that, and then we can mobilize for full scale conquest of all the oil lands.  We will have troops in Iraq, troops in Afghanistan, troops in Iran, troops in Kuwait, and troops throughout the Saudi Arabian penninsula.  We will even have troops in oil-rich Russian Georgia and our ships will rule the Caspian Sea.

America, the glory of war awaits you!

Majority of Americans Believe Iraq Civil War is Likely
Washington Post-ABC News Poll Finds Sharp Decline in Optimism About Iraq War

By Richard Morin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 6, 2006; 7:09 AM

An overwhelming majority of the public believe fighting between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iraq will lead to civil war and half say the U.S. should begin withdrawing its forces from that violence-torn country, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The survey found that 80 percent believed that recent sectarian violence made civil war in Iraq likely, and more than a third said such a conflict was "very likely" to occur. Expectations for an all-out sectarian war in Iraq extended beyond party lines. More than seven in 10 Republicans and eight in 10 Democrats and political independents believe civil war was likely.

In the face of the continuing violence, fully half--52 percent--of those surveyed said the United States should begin withdrawing forces. But only one in six favored immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.

The new survey reflected a sharp decline in optimism sparked by the sectarian violence that flared in Iraq since the bombings of a revered Shiite mosque two weeks ago. Since then, deadly confrontations have occurred between Shiites and Sunni, who are a minority in Iraq but were favored under the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The poll found that 56 percent also say the United States is not making significant progress toward restoring civil order in Iraq while 43 percent believe that stability is being reestablished--a 17-point drop in optimism since December and the most pessimistic reading on this question since it was first asked in June, 2004.

And the country is split down the middle over whether the United States is moving ahead toward establishing a democratic government in that violence-torn country. Nearly half--49 percent--say the U.S. is making progress on the political front, down from 65 percent four months ago. And just as many--48 percent--say the U.S. and its allies are failing to make progress here, either.

Over the weekend, pressure mounted on Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari to give up his bid for a new term, a move that would add to the political turmoil currently engulfing the country.

A total of 1,000 randomly selected Americans were interviewed March 2 to 5 for this survey. Margin of sampling error for the overall results is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

More results from this Post-ABC News poll will be available at 5 p.m. at

© 2006 The Washington Post Company

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yeah, i agree....

people that used to support the war and bush now want out and rightfully so.

We got their president and we've dismantled their country as ever being a military threat again for a long time.

If the ethnic groups don't want to untite (mainly the sunnis and maybe kurds it seems) then we need to get gone!

americans are still dying over there of course, but the insurgency has given up on hopes of seriously injuring our military and are now resorting to killing their own.  Let them...and when the sunnis are all done killing the kurds and shiites, we will put up another no fly zone. lol

party's over, time to come home...maybe setup camp to ensure iran does not occupy iraq, but let's get out of there this year.  

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The Americans know it is beyond the reach of their president bush to manage the mess in afghanistan and iraq. so they want the troops out to save lives.
The invasions created the chaotic situation in the two countries. poor iraqis, who could possibly help you out of the mess?

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It will cost their more lives if they still stay there

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If we abandon Iraq now, we will do the same as in Afghanistan once. We know what happened after that.

No, we need to tame Iraq fully, and also set Teheran on fire, kill the priesthood and establish democracies in all of the Middle East. When we are fairly certain these institutions work there, we can go home.

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Head they win, tail you lose.

Walks like a quandary, quacks like a quandary, looks like a quandary, it must be a quandary ( or a quagmire ). The Yankees are stuck up the creek without a paddle; staying on means more pains and casualties, leaving means loss of face and oil !  Where are the cheer squads of  the likes of the dancing and singing Rumsfelds and Rices? The " cakewalk " seems to have turned into a bed of burning coal.

It is surprising that even with the latest poll , just less than half of the American public still do not or refuse to understand the illogical and illegal invasion was a mistake. There is still strong sycophantic cheers for staying on till final ' victory '. These are mainly from those who have no personal or family involvment in the war; the chest thumping chicken-hawks. The ones who treat this war as a football spectacle willing his side to score and win.

Civil war in Iraq is not a possibility; it is a reality. It is ON! This would have been apparent before the war. Saddam was the only lid able to keep the three tribes from each others' throats. Uncle Sam removed the lid without any suitable replacement and is shocked that the genie got out !

Solution?  Not sure. Hang in there for as long as it takes to spin a good porky yarn that milk and honey are flowing down the main street of Baghdad while the rest of the roads are paved with gold; and surrepticiously slip out by the back door. Do I remember " Mission Accomplished " in some dark and murky past ? What was that about again ?

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America can lose Vietnam but will NOT lose OIL.

OIL, yes it's OIL

Some said America was not dependent on OIL, those a-s-s-holes!

The TRUTH is America is deficient without OIL

Make or Break!


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