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Saddam's trial prosecutors say he killed 148, not 148,000. Just 148. [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, you keep saying it was all about Israel. I keep waiting for you to provide the proof. Something tells me I will be waiting a looooooong time.

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Your "proof" demand is really stupid. Will the Israelis be honest
enough to admit it? This is an opinion based upon the fact that
the CIA knew about the "Israeli connection" also the undisputed
fact that Saddam had no WMD and was not a threat to the west.
The "45 minute claim" was another lie, an Israeli newspaper
admitted Israel misled  the USA  lol   .It all points to Israel.

Not only does it all point to Israel, there is no other
explanation for the attack., just waffle. *

Perhaps the fact that I have used a few extra full
stops in my 2334  posts and may have made 2 or 3
minor typo errors  gives you Zionists enough reason
for the attack. It sure sounds that way  to me.
I think people are realising Israel was behind the attack.

It was not an "American led attack on Iraq" it
was an Israeli led attack on Iraq .Here is
a sample of the comments which would cover
a foot ball field indicating who the real lying
culprits were

So here comes the  Zionist waffle reply, so what's new.....?

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Thanks for filling in all that.  My stand remains unchanged.

I remember I was in or about the region then .... and cursing and swearing all the way as Bush appeared almost everynight on BBC and CNN news threatening a war.

Will prices at the pump ever drop below $2 a gallon as you hoped (or cheating yourself and us?)?  I don't think so, NOT with the Americans in control, NEVER!

Americans should LEAVE Iraq and reckon their DEFEAT.


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I have to admit my written English (but not my English comprehension) isn't very good but OIL is certainly the reason or an important reason for the American unwanted presence in Iraq/Middle East.

Now, who's the joker here?

I am not joking.


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Some parts are missing in your attachment.

How do I read the rest?


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Whampoa: I never denied oil wasn't an important reason. So I guess we have nothing to argue about.

Chris: Same old stuff from you, still no proof (of course). I have already stated MANY times that I think most Israeli's were glad Saddam was ousted, he did launch missles at them on more than one occasion. This is not evidence that the attack was primarily FOR Israel.

Iraq and Israel don't even share a border - I dont expect you to know this since you have demonstrated a complete lack of basic geographical knowledge in the past. Iraq and Israel only exchanged fire on rare occasions. You are just so quick to blame Israel because you hate the Jews. Whatever - It's not like you're alone in that department. My point is that you are totally useless as a source of credible information when it comes to discussing geopolitics, because in your peanut sized brain just about eveything that goes wrong in the world is because of Israel and the Jews.

You say over and over again

'Israel caused the Iraq war'
'Israel is responsible for the terrorist attacks in London'
'Israel controls the United States'
Blah blah blah...

Yet you can't prove ANY of it, for the simple reason that it is totally false. All you have managed to do is dig up is the OPINION of a FORMER agent, who claims Israel was ONE of several reasons why the US invaded. Do you really think if this guy knew what he was talking about the government would have let his testimony get published?

Why are anti-Semites always so stupid?

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jonathan85, I'm not convinced that christopher is so stupid

I've read some of his posts.  He seems to have one issue that he favors, but I've never seen him say anything about whether Israel has a right to exist.  I've never seen him say that Jews in America or anywhere else should be excluded from positions of power because they're Jews.  I haven't seen him say that Israeli intelligence does anything that other intelligence services don't do.

I don't share his view that the Iraq invasion was all about Israel, but people are entitled to have their own beliefs.  Sadly, some of the worst abuses that Jews have suffered through the ages are repeated by those who believe they are helping Jews.  But that's not a problem I or anyone else can solve.


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