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Discussion: What action will Beijing take against Chen? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mencius at 2006-3-2 05:38

Did I say I represented most people? No. And people do not equal a government. You guys should know that well enough, considering how much Britons object to the war in Iraq now. If my countryme ...

Taiwan issue is complete different from Iraq War. Does Iraq belong to US? Taiwan is part of China, which is a precondition. Most countries in the world admit the fact, that is the point.  We have the right to reunify the land which belong to China. Anyone who doubt the truth like you will not change china's resolution to make Taiwan back.

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reply to iluv2fish

Please stop trying to make rules for me -- I don need yer stinkin' rules!

You really know nothing of these complex people, do you?

Check it out -- betcha the Chinese President don't come to see the Bushwhacker after all -- and I betcha you are cluless as to why not.


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Chen is the mother of all losers !

So the spoilt brat is doing a song and dance because he didn't have his way. He can see his number is up comes the next election. He throws a tantrum, spits the dummy and cries " foul play ". This juvenile behaviour is normal for juvenile intellect and maturity. What is surprising ( but not unexpected ) is for the likes of mencius , and of course fish , to unfurl their flags of myth re Taiwan is a democracy and a wholesome government etc etc. The violins are in the background providing a refrain to this sob story about " poor misundertood Taiwan, just wishing to be democratic, providing law and order and liberty ". The humbug of these apologists who have one eye towards toadying towards Uncle Sam.

Of course Taiwan is none of the above. This political prostitute would dress up to whatever form it takes if it can get the attention it does not deserve ; and the sympathy of the more gullable of the American senators.

China is doing the right thing in ignoring such childish behaviour. Chen is already planning his retirement in the States , hoping to bring his loot in suitcases when he leaves anyway. Let him have one last hurrah and be done with it. Spare your time and breath gentlemen ( and ladies ).

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I wonder if Chen"s last act...

...will come in 2006, 2007, 2008?

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