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The relationship between China and India is very complicated. I know about 40 years ago, a war took place between the two countries, and till now some borders are still not clarified (both counties claim the rights). Although, India is an Asian country, it used to be a Britian colony and one part of Commonwealth of Nations. In addition, the official language there is English. So, for some, India goes closer to West than to other Asian countries. As for the ambition to be a both economic and military superpower in Asia. For a long time, India will play a role as a rival rather than a collaborator to China. And considering the competition certainly  will deploy all sides of economy, politics and military affairs (since the situation  two countries face is so similar, Both are 3nd-World countries with large population.) Therefore, standing at the point of China's interest, it is not difficult to understand why China oppose India to be permanent member of U.N. Security Council now.

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Chinese Logic

I am amazed at how China treats her friends.

India  - China says it wants to be India's allay but it shuts India down when it comes to
joining the Security Council.

Taiwan - China says it wants reunification with Taiwan and wants to be friends so what
does China do?....points 800 missiles at them.

Nepal - When India banned weapons to Nepal because the King took the power away from
the people, what did China do?....supplied the weapons to the bad King.

T1bet- Although China came to help in this country initially....China never left. The people
of T1bet is time to go home China.

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hi, iluv2fish. Although India, Nepal you listed above are friendly countries. i don't agree with you that China treats them badly.
I think you might misunderstand the meaning of friends on the global political stage. Actually, no real friends exist in this practical world. Friendship depends on the same interests, which shared across the two countres. In such way and only in such way, those two countries could maintain the friendship. Once their interests conflict, the friend tie breaks up.

Here, China and India, now, have the same interests. Because they are both developing countries with largest population in the world. They can collaborate in economic, politic, energy resources, etc. fields. Frankly speaking, the two countries clearly know that neither of them has enough power to negotiate with Western world. So the only way is collaboration. And the collaboration doesn't mean sharing all they have to each other. They have their own interests too. Though complex and confusing, it is what politics like.

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Mr. Fish....

a bureacracy which is FRUGAL and WORKING SYSTEMATICALLY....
a Nation of MULTIPLE strong and independent local governments.......
a Nation of THE MOST PRACTICALLY FREE PEOPLE in the world.......

Chinese do complaint, and mostly directed at the local governments over corruption, harsh handling, unfairness...
And refering to the MERITOCRATICALLY ELECTED central bureacracy for JUSTICE....
Because the CENTRAL CONFUCIAN MERITOCALLY SELECTED and limited tenure....and FINAL COURT OF is easy to be FAIR when you are ABOVE THE FRAY......

and because CENTRAL GOVERNMENT is 9% of the GNP, it is also the BIGGEST GANG...with a LARGE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX......
maybe later on..we might need to have an ELECTED ADVISORY BOARD...elected from an alliance of provinces to give advice to the CENTRAL INDEPENDENT CONFUCIAN ORGANIZATION back by the SCHOLARLY and BUSINESS MINDED TAOIST GENTRY.....

...say goodbye to PORK BARREL POLITICS, say goodbye to CORRUPTION (serious corruption), say goodbye to harmful politics (religious, tribal,)......



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Now USA is piggy-back riding India with Nuclear

to wedge Pakistan and China!!!

So much for pork-barrels.......
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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i wouldn't be that worry about the India card.....

..just think about it Mr. Caringhk.


Green Dragon

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"i wouldn't be that worry about the India card....."

Want nuke deal? Vote against Iran: US to India

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 1742 hours IST
Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 1021 hours IST

New Delhi, January 25: Just a week ahead of the IAEA meeting on Iran issue, the US on
Wednesday made it clear if India did not vote against Tehran’s nuclear programme, the
fallout on the Indo-US nuclear deal in the Congress would be ‘devastating’ and the initiative
will ‘die’.


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