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China + India [Copy link] 中文

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China support India's bid for a permaent seat in UNSC

When talk about something, pls learn the fact first of all.

Fish, Do you konw your country, US also object to the four countries asking for veto power ?

NEW DELHI, APRIL 11. China today came out in support of India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations' Security Council as the two countries upgraded their ties to the status of a "strategic and cooperative partnership." They also agreed on a set of 11 political parameters and Guiding Principles to resolve the boundary dispute.

The New York Times

By Joel Brinkley

Published: May 15, 2005
WASHINGTON, May 14 - The United States has warned four nations campaigning jointly for permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council that it will not support their cause unless they agree not to ask for the veto power that the five current permanent Council members hold, senior diplomats and administration officials said.

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Stop bias yourself against China. US doesn' t support Germany's bid in UNSC,so US's friendship with Germany is only skin-deep?

Originally posted by mencius at 2006-2-19 21:31

So China's friendship with India is only skin-deep then, I guess. That's a real shame, but I always thought China wasn't really serious about having India in the UNSC.

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yes, hearthome

China+India =Super tiger!

And we support India's bid to the UNSC. Why are 2fish and mencius getting your facts wrong? you two owe China an apology, here.

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Don't ever let it be said...

...that I do not learn things on the CD forum.:)

I do not concede that China wants to bring India into the SC club as I have seen the Chinese politicians
talk out both sides of their mouths before.

As I do go on with my education here on the CD forum, please answer my question:

Who does China like more - India or Pakistan?

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Okay... the Chinese have learned a lesson...

"On several occasions in the past two years India has lost significant bids to China, including in Angola, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Burma. Chinese oil firms, meanwhile, are reputed to have made several deals in which they overpaid for energy assets. Last August, CNPC paid $4.18 billion to acquire Canadian oil company PetroKazakhstan. India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) had bid $3.9 billion.

“The Chinese have learned,” said Aiyer, “that if we constantly compete, they [often] have to pay more than a billion dollars over [the] ideal price. As it is, the assets they acquire are often of uncertain value in risky countries.”

...but that does not mean China will give up the veto power to India in Asia? Methinks China has used the
"Nanjing" card to keep Japan down and quite successfully I might say but India... no more border
disputes, is there anything China can bring up to stop India from getting in?

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India better bring on their A-game

"India is going to need this extra leverage over China, because judging from China's aggressive energy
policy, it's hard to see much win-win stemming from the cooperation India signed on to in Beijing. Before
the ink was even dry on the Beijing agreement, Indian oil ministry officials found out that Myanmar had
agreed to sell natural gas from a field partly owned by an Indian company exclusively to China." out for the Chinese...they are very crafty indeed.

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2fish, you are rather ignorant

2fish, go back to the library and learn more about Confucius, before you speak ignorance about China, and Chinese people.

even my son knows that keeping fairly good relationship with both India and Pakistan, is in China's interest. A war between the two former arch-rivals not only bring diaster to the two peoples of India and Pakisan, a fire at China's doorstep will certainly hurt China's stability, and the stability of the Asia region as a whole.

As a responsible and rapidly growing country, China needs to keep the peace between the two. And that is a positive role chinese people willing to play.

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