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Angelina Jolie is just like a man,I don't like man,haha

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I love animation. Ice Age and Shark Slayer is my favorite.

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Angelina Jolie


Born: 4th of June 1975
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Father: John Voight (Actor)
Mother: Marcheline Bertrand (former actress)
Brother: James Haven Voight (director)
Husband: Billy Bob Thornton (actor, director, writer)
Occupation Actress
Height 5' 7''
Eye color: Blue
Natural hair color: Black
Sign: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries
Education: Attended Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and New York University (majored in film)


1982 Lookin' to Get Out
1993 Cyborg II
1995 Without evidence
1995 Hackers
1996 Mojave Moon
1996 Foxfire
1996 Love Is All There Is
1997 Playing God
1998 Gia
1998 Hell's Kitchen
1998 Playing by Heart
1999 Pushing Tin
1999 The Bone Collector
1999 Girl, Interrupted
2000 Dancing in the dark
2000 Gone in 60 Seconds
2001 Tomb Raider
2001 Original Sin

Angelina Jolie is the daughter of Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, and former actress/model Marcheline Bertrand. Jon Voight separated from Bertrand when Jolie was 1, and remained in California while the family lived on the East coast. "He was the perfect example of an artist who couldn't be married," she says. "He had the perfect family, but there's something for him that's very scary about that." Jolie, is her middle name. Ultimately, she decided to use it because, she says, "I love my father, but I'm not him".

Angelina began training and performing at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute at around 12. She was seen in several stage productions at the Institute. She worked as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles, and has also appeared in music videos for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Meat Loaf, Lenny Kravitz, Antonello Venditti and The Lemonheads. In addition, she has acted in five student films for the USC School of Cinema, all directed by her brother, James Haven. She landed her first feature film starring part in HACKERS, about a group of high school computer hackers. Previously, she had roles in independent features Gathering Evidence and Oh No, Not Her.

Angelina was married to her co-star from Hackers, Jonny Lee Miller. The marriage took place in May of 1996 where she wore black rubber clothes (although they are now divorced). She has an extensive dagger collection and has several tattoos (one is the Japanese word for death on her shoulder). Today Angelina splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.

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Except for Mr. & Mrs Smith, I also like Original Sin.

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my favourite movie

recently.I have just seen a movie called <King Kong>.I'm sure many people have seen it.I fell very sorry  ab- out gorilla's persistence for love and human being's brutality.Of all time,there are always bad people who can do anything for money.It's amazing that woman is in love with the monster eventually,I admire her and her courage.
  There are still many pretty things except money.I hope everyone can be nice and contribute his love to everything around him,including animouls ,flowers and trees,especially people who love you and you love.
  Please be kind and nice for the weak

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To my19826

I have seen King Kong. Yes, it's a nice movie. Here's a blog to share with you.
荒岛上的历险极具视觉效果,那阴森诡异的森林,巨大的恐龙,吸血的蝙蝠,还有那些不知名的身居湿地的虫兽,让电影院里的尖叫声此起彼伏。但这一切都只是配角而已。King Kong才是这里的王。感谢Peter Jackson和神奇的特效,把金刚塑造得如此得惟妙惟肖,并极为细腻地捕捉了它的愤怒,勇敢和悲伤。


Q1:King Kong和安之间到底是什么感情?安只不过是岛上的居民献给King Kong的祭品而已,她和之前的祭品区别何在,以至King Kong初见她就对她着迷,并誓死守护她?是因为她的美丽,还是因为她会给King Kong表演杂耍?导演可能是想传达前者吧,否则最后也不会来这么一句台词。“是美丽杀死了金刚”。虽然我很怀疑King Kong也会像人类一样为美丽所诱惑,但是既然导演安排它这样,就姑且认为是这样吧。

Q2:King Kong是如此之大,在他们用安做诱饵,把它制服后,他们是如何把它运回New York的?他们的小船肯定不能承载这个重量。派一艘大船来?但是他们是在雾中迷失了方向才误撞至此的,其他船能找到吗?

Q3:King Kong的毁坏力之强,在它的New York处女秀上,怎么可能用这么脆弱的手铐和链条锁着它,至少也要机关重重才行吧。导演要让它大闹New York,多得是办法让他逃脱,还可以安排一个美女救英雄,不是更好。

Q4:在New York寒冷的冬天,安穿着一身薄薄的吊带私裙,不冷吗?导演或许是想表现她寻找King Kong的急切心情,但也不能这么让美女挨冻吧。

所以我更愿意把它当作一个特效片来看,至于King Kong和安之间所谓的爱情(如果能称之为爱的话),我只能说是导演想赚人眼泪续的貂而已。但是不得不承认爱情的力量真的伟大。因为爱,Jack孤身历险,从King Kong手中营救安。因为爱,King Kong被击中致命弱点,以至深陷牢笼,更大闹New York,只为找到她。虽然电影是虚构的,但是爱情确是真实的。

电影中还是有一些镜头让我很是感动。King Kong和安在荒岛中一起看夕阳的时候,安用手轻拍自己的胸膛,告诉King Kong,夕阳是如此的beautiful。最后他们在帝国大厦一切看朝阳(不确定是朝阳还是夕阳)的时候,King Kong用手拍着胸膛,告诉安这一切是多么的美。这一刻是感动的,也是导演传达King Kong的感情最好的一次。但最让我感动的是利欲熏心的导演利用安把King Kong制服,在King Kong被麻醉剂麻晕前,它把手伸向安,眼神中充满着悲伤。如果换上周星驰,他肯定会说,“世界上最远的距离不是生和死,而是你在我的面前,我却不能拥抱你”。咫尺天涯,是不是就是这样?

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Just now I downloaded the Legend of the Fall. Yes, it's a nice movie.

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