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Ladies, watch your language! [Copy link] 中文

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well, you can see as many mistakes as you like in china, however...

Well, it's interesting to hear such funny stories. as matter of fact, many english learners--including me--or those english users are making such mistakes unknowingly for the lack of probing into the original meaning of english phrases. Undoubtedly it is dangerous. Try to
open a website of an chinese local enterprise for its english version and take a look, well, what do you see? I am sure it's sheer torture for you to try your best to catch the real meaning of  what's putting up there.

I remember once I saw on a website the word "化肥" was  translated as "chemical fat". Really fat. I am wondering whether they are trying to murder themselves instead of english?

However if we come to  CHINGLISH,  I don't think it's necessary to smirk at it. Language is alive, language is evolving, as I ever mentioned, cross-pollination also applys to the evolution of language. It's irreversible that with the booming of china's development chinese is exerting increasing influence on english and other languages. We are lucky for we are experiencing this history of dramatic turning.

---If you want to force it, do it as you like---but keep in mind in a correct way--- (forgive me for being rude)

You're doing great job by helping to pinpoint  false expressions and false ideas in english learning.(Ricky)

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most isuues were incurred by lack of strict attitude against words we used

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Right, it's an attitude problem.

Just watch how I post.  

I use proper capital and small letters in the right place.  I put the correct punctuation marks as best as I can.  I even make a habit to put thoughts in a paragraph only.

Space is a very loud punctuation mark.  It speaks a lot without words.  Readers can follow your thinking process.

Most of us do not pay any attention to the strict rules of the language.  Once a bad habit is formed, it's not easy to change.

Why the listening skills of most mainland learners are so poor?

You are learning an international phonetic system which is meant for linguists.  To me, you confuse yourself by learning a third 'language'  to learn a second language.  

Most mainland teachers cannot do the pronunciation properly.  The students are so used to the incorrect pronunciation and so when someone comes along and talk to them in real English, they have a  real problem picking up what's said.  PHONICS instead is what you have to learn to speak English.

English language in mainland is taught for passing examinations.  It's not meant for real world communication with English native speakers.   Chinglish is being used amongst Chinese.

Ponder on what I just covered!

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I hope you really  mean what you say and will not get upset for a suggested re-write as shown hereunder:-

I found the story funny but I couldn't laugh.  

I am no genius with languages.  I had not spoken English often in the past because I didn't want myself to become a laughing stock.  I just stood there and listened in.

That way I would not make any mistakes in public but I became more ashamed of myself.

I do understand that if a language is not put into use, we will forget about it soon.  So now I encourage myself to speak it out.

Please I urge you to point out my mistakes so I can learn from them.

Good morning and have a great  Valentine Day!

Originally posted by apple37 at 2006-2-13 09:48
I don't laugh,althought stories are so funny! I am lack of genius to language. I seldom spoke English before,because I was afraid of being laughed at. I just stood by and listened. I didn't make an ...

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