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CBS News: Zion's Christian Soldiers  Close [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you wchao37 for your comments.

Learning is always an interesting process for me, and I enjoyed sharing with other forumites here.

The process of learning not only involves collecting information but also requires analytical mind to process  the information. That's the beauty of science, geopolitics too.

Posting is a good way to invite discussions and learn from others. Sometimes when someone gives me a hint, even if it's just a name, that could direct me to a vast pool of information. That's a lot of fun.

I have never thought such a process would come to a mine field -- the  topics on Israel or zionism. Once on such topics, an army of smearing personal attacks will come down on you like cluster bombs using all kinds of tactics.

But my inquiring mind simply couldn't stop, and nothing should stop me from searching for the truth.

I enjoyed collecting information on the 1418 maps so much, and I still have more to post, I will need some time. See, from that thread I have already had a brief idea how European maps looked like and how Chinese maps looks like, the sea exploration histories, both east and west, lives of ancient people from different continents, then Jayzee introduced me into the topic of human origin which is another interesting topic that I wish I could start a thread someday.

So it's such an interesting experience. We know geopolitics pulled all of us to have a careful look of the mideast conflicts, its roots, and the current Christian zionism alliance. How they became an alliance has been a question on my mind for quite a while. And reading this article is really an eye opening experience for me.

Well, winter Olympics is about to start, I also have some beautiful pictures of pair figure skating to share as time permits..

I wish I have more time to read other forumites threads and posts, I have noticed there are quite a number interesting ones...

More time....please....

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Still the same smell

Did you smell what I smelt, shanhuang?

Dead mouse or dead rat?  Which is which?

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Reply #9 wchao37's post

Yes, my nose is extremely sharp.

Don't worry, I will take care of LGK when I have time. Just tell him, be patient and also tell him that his post is everything but substance.

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Since the first day you met me in this forum, you have never spared a chance for personal attack on me. Do you remember i was totally silent iin front of your vicious attacks for months? That's all OK, after all, it was you who was banned. I hope you will learn something from it.

If you truely appraciate freedom of speech, you should allow wchao37 to talk to me. Read your post again, it's very offensive. What is wrong if wchao37 talks to me or I talk to wchao37?  We have had many interesting exchanges, debates and idea exchanges, nothing about you. What's wrong with you?

Calm yourself down, and respect others' opinions. This is basic civil manner. Now I will take care of you in the next post, OK?

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Just watch the rodent virus when you handle a dead mouse -- it is only a shade less virulent than an avian virus.

And watch the rodent droppings when you leave.

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Freedom of speech is not the unbridled and untramelled hatred of a race or religion to the extent of causing misunderstanding and viloence.

Correct, it's perfectly fitting you to describe you on your classical attacks on Chinese people and Chinese nation in defence of Japanese war criminals in this forum.

I beleive yor concept of freedom of speech shows a pattern of unrelenting hatred against the Jews, Chritsitans and the US.

Your belief is wrong and baseless. You need to deliver ORIGINAL POSTS OR THREADS to quote what I have really said in this forum to prove your accusations, otherwise, you are an dishonest liar.

My pettern is to search for the truth, voice for humanity.  

Your stand on this ground is convoluted and warped that people reading you are rather disconcerted and uncomfortable

I am against Iraq War -- the killing of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, and I am against the brutal treatment of Palestinian people; and I am against neocon zionists who have been using all kinds of names to take advantage of ordinary Jewish people -- making them the ultimate victims of the racial and religious hatred. The neocon zionists and Christian fundementalists' have been waging an imperialist war against the world. Nothing complicated.

The evidence stands that, together with two others in this China Daily Community, you espouse an anti-Semitic cause. You have been unrelenting and zealous to the extent of bigotry in demonising the Jews, stemming from your pro-Arab agenda.

The truth is that there is no such so called evidence as you claimed. You can never deliver it as I said in the original form -- my original posts or threads.

In contrast, you have been actively advocating your dislike of Arabs as a people as shown  in your recent post on the Cartoon issue. You have also intimidated us by saying that your son in-law is a Jew, watch out what we  say.  Do you want me to quote the original?

Your defence of your position sounds hollow. We are without doubt your reporting of Jews or Zionism has been warped, seeking out all the negative parts just as you similarly distinguish yourself in China Daily Community in the same pattern  with your anti-US politics.

Are you saying the article above is hollow? Are you saying my stand against Iraq War is anti-US? I think you have a warped mind.

I have no difficulty if you just do not tell us you are not anti-Semitic or ant-US when any intelligent person can discern you are one.

Also, you are unabashedly anti-Christian.

It's your problem if you have difficulty to face the truth. The truth is that I am not anti-semite or anti-US or anti-Christian. I am anti-imperialist colonialist and neo-fascists. You need to have intelligence to see it. But if you fail, that's your problem, not mind.

Let me ask you a simple question:

Do you agree with Liangzai on his statement "No. Normal people don't use the term "Christian-Zionist alliance", only anti-Semites." or not?

Do you agree what described in the CBS 60 minutes' article about Christian zionism alliance is true or not?

So, what's left there with you? Nothing but pure smearing, empty hollow as usual.

Do take a deep breath and get some rest. Truth will never be defeated.

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Reply #15 lau_guan_kim's post

See, you have already ruined your credibility even before my taking care of you by posting yourself as a dog, LGK.

It's really your problem, not anyone else.  I have more interesting thing to do here.

Take good care of your old body and old mind.

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