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in UK, do you have to report to police first?

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The Chinese police

are not a bunch of arses like in the US -- they would rather allow things to find its own solution and with the ever patient Chinese culture they will wait and watch for a bit before jumping in and getting all involved -- after all, penalties can be rather severe.

Ugly drunk Americans ought to be deported! And, there certainly are cases where this has happened!

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Originally posted by arthur at 12-2-2006 14:22
can you protest anywhere, anytime at your own choice?  Can you protest before the Downing 10 or the Bumingham Palace?  From 8 am to 8 pm?  will police escort the crowd?

I am not exactly sure how it works because I have not organised a protest. But I think the answer is as follows.

I can start a protest in most public places whenever I want, such as near a building site that I might object to, or outside my local council offices. When I have been to London I have seen people protesting outside Downing Street (the street itself is off-limits to everyone for security reasons). You can't block a road though - you will be cleared out of the way, though not necessarily immediately. There have also been protests outside Buckingam Palace.

If I wanted to have a very large meeting I would need to organise it, have volunteers to "steward" it and it would probably be polite to inform the Police so they can provide a little security, though they don't necessarily have to agree to the meeting. One very obvious example of this would be political parties holding rallies during elections in town centres, etc. They can meet somewhere with prior agreement from the Police, but as I said it's normally good form to let them know so they can have some people standing by in case anyone tries to cause trouble.

The difference is if I wanted to have a demonstration that walked along a road, etc then I believe the Police can veto it if they think it will lead to violence. For example the Police in Northern Ireland sometimes stop Protestants from parading into Catholic areas. But if you had access to the BBC, you would have seen some very intolerant Muslims marching down London streets recently (as opposed to the civilised ones that did the same thing yesterday). So really a march has to be extremely dangerous and intolerant to be stopped. There have been lots of anti-government marches that have not been objected two in London - the "Stop the War" campaign was perhaps the most publicised one in recent years.

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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the last protest i was at

was freaking huge
and the best part is that paramilitary weren't sent to kick our arses...nor tanks for that matter, we were protesting john howards industrial relations changes

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thanks, mencius

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Your freedom cannot limit others' freedom!

Why don't you stop them since they limit your freedom? You have power to stop them. One of the reasons that foreigners think Chinese are oppressed is that we don't know how to protect our freedom. If everyone try his best to keep his freedom, how can person like that break others' freedom?

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rascal rubbish should be sent to prisen and gotten a huge dressing down

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