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Should we allow Christianity to make penetrating POLITICAL inroads in China?  Close [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2007-12-11 07:40
You have chosen some very interesting articles.

Yes, if one sentence can summarize it all, it's this:

True Believers have sanctioned the use of force as the best means to resolve conflicts, a ...

What else to do with ALL THEIR BOMBS STOCKPILES which is eating up interest rates ..............they gotta do something with those hot balls on their balls...
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2007-12-11 07:40
True Believers have sanctioned the use of force as the best means to resolve conflicts, and all their religious and foreign policy initiatives focus on optimizing such efforts.  ...

Yes, this summarize the articles. Without the concept of heaven/ hell, this religio-political machine won't scare so much souls, as Nietzche's.

They have the FORCE and power to press other to follow their way, hijacking/ using their own god.

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Like I said, these articles you had picked (including the one before this) for us are very interesting and thought-provoking.

Originally posted by caringhk at 2007-12-11 09:

What else to do with ALL THEIR BOMBS STOCKPILES which is eating up interest rates ..............they gotta do something with those hot balls on their balls...

"The myth says that the good guys are supposed to win every time, because they are good. When the myth does not get played out in reality, people start to complain."

That explains it.  That's why WWII was the last time they felt completely at ease and vindicated.  I visited the Pearl Harbor Museum one time and they are so proud of what they did -- and rightly so!

Look at this submarine which was on display:

Note:  If the image below fails to show up properly or is skewed to reveal only one leg, try clicking on the link above the photo to see the original one that was taken.

I mean a link like this one:

Image Attachment: Hawaii WWII sub on display.jpg (2007-12-23 22:05, 447.5 K)

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Hawaii WWII sub on display.jpg

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Raise your level of understanding and see the truth

I think that your understanding of the situation is getting close to the truth but is not there yet.
Chris Churches,the management level of those Churches are all wicked.If Jesus were to come back tomorrow, he would turn his back on all of them.They exist for financial and political control of the masses.
The spirit of what Jesus taught is alien to them.However, they know how to USE his teachings for rotten purposes.I agree with many of the things you said.I have seen what the catholic church has done to HK society after having being allowed a free hand in HK for so lonng.They are like a cancer in society,they are the proverbial wolf with sheeps clothing on.They pretend to do good deeds and in some ways do carry out some programs of deceptive charity work,appearing to be there for others and be there to help but the reality is that the bulk of the catholic church wealth does not go into these projects and the purpose of the projec ts is to act as a cover for the political and economic work they are engaged in.There are many large church groups sitting in HK and Macau,,Korea,Japan and Phillipines,training priests,pastors etc and sending them into (or in the case of chinese seminary ) sending them BACK into China to recruit more and more unsuspecting Chinese.The Mormon Church is not as gungho as others but they work on high levels influencing USD Chinna Policy in Washington and elsewhere.John Huntsman Jnr was rejected as a candidate for Ambassador to China due to the Chinese Government objecting to him so Bush chose another man.This indicates that the Chinese Government is aware of the Mormon danger aswell.Reverend Moons unification church front, the "International Education Foundation" was shut down and blacklisted last year,again showing that the government is onto these creeps.But the Jesuits (,Opus Dei and mnany other catholic cults (operating under the pope and the jesuit general) are doing plenty of work in chinese universities that remains unseen and unchecked by the government.My opinion about fart-lan-gong is that it was specifically created to act as a distraction so that the government would have it's hands full dealing with the protests,multi million dollar media conglomerate that flg set up overnight and other oddball activities they carryout around the world.All of these groups are there for themselves,some are more urgently making noise and the biggest,strongest player is the catholic church who have been trying to crack this nut (china) for over 500 years.What seems to be happening today is that the 3 patriotic church has taken a leaf from western church management operations and is setting up bigger and flashier churches around china, probably in anticipation of the day when the government does a deal with the devil and allows "religious freedom" in China. That will be the beginning of the end because the forces that are involved are all powerful and WILL erode the power of the government eventually.The best option is to never allow them in and in that way the Chinese Government IS DOING GODS WORK, is stopping the FALSE PROPHETS and HYPOCRITE CHURCHES from coming into China.There are 1.3 billion hearts and souls in China that should be protectected from the hypocrite churches,from the lying and thieving,pedophile priests and womanising,drug and drunk pastors (pastas) But there are other things seeping in that are just as rotten, have you looked at vidoe game rooms that are all over your country now? They are full of children learning how to kill,how to shoot guns and send blood and guts all over the place.There are south korean tv shows teaching young women about cheating on marriage and being cheated on by husbands with lovers.These are all intendedd to assist the call for churches to "help" fix up evil society.But it is all superficial and it does not lead to a better society.Religious freedom, true religious freedom is in the heart and in the home.In the family and then extends to your good deeds as a person to others.Ultimately,if we could all lend a helping hand to strangers,if we could care about greater society and not just have hollow slogans,then that is part of Jesus' message coming into being.There is nothing wrong with the ideals Chrisity and Socialism,it only brakes down whern it is implemented by selfish men.Chrisity came to China long before westerners brought it here.Look at the nestorian stone tablet that the catholics stole from xian,it dates back to AD, look at some of your own history about the eastern church in  before the s came nad burned all the Bibles.Also,if you get time, read some or all of the Bible.But don't get hung up on the western way which is reading the Bible and speaking the Bible out at sermons but try to imagine that if the spirit,the message of the Bible were to be put into actions,then there would be no more hunger in the world.No more war.No more hatred.AND THOSE HYPOCRITES in MOST (not all) Churches, would be OUT OF BUSINESS.Thanks for opening this debate,I really enjoyed seeing that there is intelligent awareness of the situation but if I have not offended you,please try to spread the word more and maybe the government (whom i assume will read this) will stand strong and not let those wolves in EVER.God Bless China!

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This is unbelievably good.

Should have separated into paragraphs though.

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