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Should we allow Christianity to make penetrating POLITICAL inroads in China?  Close [Copy link] 中文

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That was SteveO


You should have been able to see the question "Quess who this is?" or else you might need a new pair of glasses.

Maybe I should have said "Guess if this is SteveO?"

But since SteveO is not here too often nowadays the question would probably have gone unanswered.

What I am trying to do is to upload some of the more constructive posts from the original thread.  I hope you won't disparage the writers before you have read the posts in some detail.

Thanks for the comment.

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I have heard enough Christian lies.... is always the same old s-h-i-t, there is probably no need to read it at all.......

....probably the same old s-h-i-t-t-y arguments......

The WAY of the MYSTERIOUS CREATOR..shalll remain a MYSTERY.....he lets YEE MINIONS to guess and guess........

..and ALL THE PEANUTS will create new and newer creative ways to play the GAME...

only the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM have been able to simplify all this gaming......

..if only you knew....

ha ha ha ha ha

by the way, i am just "s-h-i-ting" badly up there....ha ha ha

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Calimero had a few interesting comments

Why is it that you have to refute the teachings of christianity by referring back to the teachings of christianity?

Why do you have to refer back to the bible to show the bible is wrong.

I think the same is done in islamic countries. you there cannot simply say: stoning is wrong! you have to say: stoning is wrong because it is written in verse 22.4, 34.5 and 54.4! You have to accept the mindset of the islamist to refute anythin by these islamists.

You don't stand a chance of convincing anyone if you know nothing of islam. The same here, I am relatively ignorant of the bible, never having read it. So I cannot refute anyone by calling to attention this or that verse.

I only can call to your attention my own moral code - a moral code superior to anyone's as it is mine, if I feel your code to be superior then that becomes mine. This code says: if christianity says something bad, then christianity is backdated. As it is not in  congruence with my moral code.


Not accepting the existence of any god, how can i then prove to you that the bible was written by man and not dictated by god, knowing nothing of the content of the bible?

I can't say the bible is contradictory, because then i would first have to accept it was dictated by god and secondly: read it.

So, how can i prove to you god does not exist?

Should i tell you about darwin?

Isn't that in the bible? god created this and that in 7 days. darwin refutes this claim. how do you handle that, steve0?

the big bang, also happened, maybe god created that?

and how old is earth? i think someone computed from the bible it must be about 8000 years. there were a number of people around before that date, civilisations too.

homosexuality, what does the bible say about that? in my world-view that's a genetic variation.

Maybe these are all misinterpretations of god's word. maybe those people writing the bible and the koran just didn't understand what they were hearing. i don't know. all i know is i don't need a god to explain a load of things i don't understand. like, why is the earth flat? why does the universe rotate around earth?

i find it difficult convincing you, and i don't want to! but so many christians want to convince me! or the chinese, i now read. i just  meet christians, or buddhists, or whatever they are, in the street and they say: have you met xxxxxxxxxx yet? i just wave them of. but i read they are gaining prominence in china.

What's wrong with that? Christians have said the earth is flat, they have said the universe rotates around earth. They have said it is wrong to sin, and it took some time, it took some extended, concerted effort to make them see the fallacy of their ways.

But what's wrong with thinking earth is the centre of the universe? what's wrong with thinking homosexuality is not right?

What's wrong with then imposing your religion on others? what's wrong with not liking those who do not adhere to your beliefs?

isn't that the fundamental fallacy of christianity? i'm just thinking out-loud here, but wouldn't it be better if they just said: here's my religion, there's yours, and that's the end of that. i won't try to convert you if you won't try to convert me.

we won't start a crusade if you won't.

we won't kill homosexuals if homosexuals won't kill us.

we won't kill witches if witches won't kill us.

we won't kill muslims if muslims won't kill us.

why is the bible god's word? if i said, today: "i am getting some info here, i hear a faint murmur... someone is trying to speak to me!" "i think i'd better write this down!" And then when in five years i'd have ready some very compelling literature, dictated by god, as i say. would you believe me?

Do you believe all those cultleaders?

Why do you believe the bible? I cannot understand why, just because something is 13.000 years old you believe it. why would god talk to clergy 13.000 years ago and not now?

do i make sense to you?

am i already past one page?

why is what is written in the bible god's word?

because the people that wrote it say it? where's their proof? where is the flash of lightning every year at teatime to mark the publishing date?

lastly: how could noah collect so much animals from everywhere? how could he collect so much animals on his own that even today biologists haven't rivalled him, they don't even know of all species yet. How did he go to canada and pick up a pair of buffalo's, first catch them and then bring them to his ark, halfway across the world?

well, enough questions for now. if you've answered them steve0, i'll think of some more...

By the way, I like canchin's post more than mine, so if you doubt which to answer. Choose his, steve0!

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Don Quijote's quibble

<i>Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand. </i>
~~Mark Twain

<i>Often it does seem a pity that Noah and his party did not miss the boat. </i>
~~Mark Twain

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There have been pleas here to be logical and substantive. Instead, we have seen long winded attempts to forge a debate. The point here is simple: It is impossible to rationalize the irrational! Any religion requires a "leap of faith" and anything beyond that is pure poppycock. I am saddened to see Christianity making inroads here in China. I am happy to see posters like wchao37 trying to do something about it.

     Religion is and always has been a form of superstition, the sooner we can rid ourselves of this "evil"(hehe)  the better off we will all be.

     It is appropriate that this post is found in "World Conflict" as religion has been and will continue to be one of the major causes of world conflict. Please don't try to tell me that religion helps us all get along and has done wonderful things...Nope not buyin' it. Reminds me of the old adage, "Hell is paved with good intentions"

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88 summarized

I will not add too much of my own hot air to this, because Canchin and Calimero have pretty well summed up my thoughts as well. Where are you Steve0?

I have a cousin that is an ordained minister of sorts from one of those southern divinity colleges, he really didn't have any much further to add in a rebuttal either.

To take a religion and its writings literally, I think, binds you to the time and the moment at which its precepts were written or stated; this is difficult to defend and understand from a modern perspective of reality.

We are all paused for the rebuttal -- someone? Wendy? Chairman? Steve0? Canadaguy? Tsupasat? Markwu? ... someone please give us some guidance!

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Dobridan fired a salvo

Nobody volunteers , so I have to do it

Thos , you hopeless sinner.
You will be boiling in a big wok full of liquid tar in the centre of hell.
And you will be watching me having some fun with female diabolos in front of your wok. I'll be drinking cold hell lischt beck and......
I leave the rest to your imagination.
You know my PM, you've got a chance to confess you dirty sins.
In nomine Patri ,et Filii ,et spiritus sankti.

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