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whether or not give money to beggars [Copy link] 中文

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Have a hart people

Nobody wants to be a beggar. I always throw a little money to a beggar , it doesnt hurt my lifestyle and it makes me feel good about myself so why not .

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In New York City you might be at a traffic light in your car, and someone will come up and clean your windshield for you without asking, then they put their hand out for money. Or help you carry your bags at an airport even though you tell them not to, then want money.

A man once helped me bag my groceries at the food store - I kept telling him NO, I can do it, but he kept helping even though I kept telling him no, that's ok, I don't need help. I really didn't need help, but more than that I didn't like his vibes and he was very pushy and just grabbing all my stuff without asking. He asked for a dollar after, but I was mad at his pushiness so I said no. He had already snatched one of my bags by then without me noticing! He would've stolen from me AND taken my dollar! The jerk. Get this - the only things in that bag were 2 bags of cookies (I noticed it when I got home and checked the receipt). I wonder if he really wanted the cookies or if he just grabbed a bag without knowing what was inside. If he was really hungry & poor and just asked, I would've given him something healthy like some of my bananas or a can of tuna fish, not the cookies.

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I am not rich.  :L

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frothow, because

when you do this, you are CREATING more beggars.  At least you are honest with yourself.  People give money to beggars because it makes THEMSELVES feel better.  It does nothing - really - to help the beggar.  If you really want to help someone it takes your time, not just your money.

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do'nt give them

Giving them money will only creates more people disliking work and encourge the beggars  to lead an easy  life without work.

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two suggestions: 1. teach them how to save, 2. teach them how not be poor.

1. one time i told a persistent black beggar who camped outside my favorite chinese restaurant in oakland that i ll give him as much money as he can save up until the next time he catches me.  when he caught me again after a long time,  he showed me only 8 dollars on him, so i pleasantly matched the amount.  and i never see him again.
2. another time in shanghai, i made any one who begged for handout to run around the block.  10 yues per block.  it teaches hardwork and trust.

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if he was old or a child ,i will give

if he was an old man or a child ,maybe i will give them some money,no matter whether they are controlled by another guy~~~~~~~~

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In our Malaya Super center...
at our main shopping street at BUKIT BINTANG STREET...

we have 2 or 3 professionally crippled individual...
likely from Thailand....begging in our street.....

i can see that the person has backbone broken by an incision in the waist... know that is such a sad situation in Thailand....
i still give...but hope that the local government in Kuala Lumpur....arrest them and put repatriate them back to Thailand to discourage such HORRID CRIME....

Green Dragon

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