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whether or not give money to beggars [Copy link] 中文

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Don't give money to beggars. Some beggars are forced to become disabled people and to beggars by someone behind. They are very pitiable. Usually the beggars make a lot of money by begging, especially on the busiest streets, in big cities, but usually the beggars only get a little money for food, most of the money are taken by those who control them. It was said that some even could make about 30,000 yuan a month at best. Some lazybones  want to make money by taking advantage of big number's Chinese sympathy. Just because most chinese don't care for small money, or changes, they throw them to the beggars randomly, which brought about many beggars on the streets in big cities. I still remember one day at railway station in Shanghai in 2003, I saw many little beggars, most of them is under 10 years old. Some of them are clean and beautiful, They should be at schools, but why they are there, doing such things? I still don't know the answer. Anyway, I hate this phenomenon.

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Originally posted by hollychou at 2006-4-6 09:44

Am i  no longer compassionate? The more beggers i saw, the more
cold-hearted i became! It seems that i have fogetton how to show sympathy any more.To me ,those guys turn out to be ch ...

Sometimes I have the same feeling with you, and I still puzzle whether I should give them money, but I honor those who give begger money.

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Let them eat cake~
I once gave a beggar food and he rejected it and wanted money. Talk about giving one an inch and they want a mile.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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I agree with eyeofstorm.

Many of you are missing the point.  What if, instead of helping beggars - by giving them money - you're actually hurting them - and others, too???

When you give money to a beggar, even "one or two coins", you are creating MORE beggars.  Is this what you want?  Because this is exactly what happens.  

If you really want to help a beggar, you've got to STOP and give them your time.  Find out where they live, what is the origin of their problem, etc....

Then, if they don't have a home, you've got to take them (yes, truly helping someone is going to take real time) to a shelter.  (I've done this so I know of what I speak.)  By the way, fear not, most of the beggars you meet don't want your help, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!

In fact, only twice have I taken beggars to shelters.  ALL of the other times I've been told "NO", just give me some money.  One of the two times was on a very cold night, and the shelter was already closed, but I persisted and the workers finally came to see that both I and the beggar were serious about getting him some help.


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Keep your money in pocket

Keep your money  in pocket and be careful .

when I was student in Senior high school , I once gave money to begger . But  I stopped giving now  .You don't know where the beggars come , what the way of their life  is .   I believe there are a lot beggar  organizationn in China . and Beggars' bags are bottomless.

I met a laughable situation ago .
I walked with my classmates on street , and one child  followed us to beg ,  and a kind girl of us  gave one yuan to him ,   afterwards ,
a gang of  children-beggers  emerged from somewhere and stopped the kind girl  , holding  her clothes by hands,  and said :  " give me one , sister "
My classmate replied : " Let me go ", but no child listened to her .   At last , she beat their hands and escaped  .

It is better to have  a kind heart  , but  you never know if  the beggar deserves your kind.

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in fact,some people really need help and they are disable to earn money.but someone else just take advantage of mankind's compassion. if you give money to a begger,even though a coin ,others will realise that they can get money in the same way ,and this is a very  effortless way to get money  so , more and more children are compelled to become beggers.what we have to do is not giving them money ,but helping them get rid of controlled and helping them to find a way to live.

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they're everywhere; sometime back, in Chicago midnite, black lady, freezing weather; i emptied my coin purse; then in San Francisco, white man, hand-out; i went to find a burger for him;  over here in Shanghai, poor man sitting at bench by roadside, i went looking for some food for him, but he was gone.

not just those who put their hands out; also those who didn't; so it's not about begging. it's about needs.

the problem however is this: we don't know how many are really in despair and how many are professional beggars; even girl asking for help in wangfujing.

what to do?! what to do?! heart is heavy again; if one has in the pocket money that one has earned, it is so easy to ignore the likelihood the person is not for real, and give anyway, because the response is not to the asking, but to the fact that the person has to stoop to that situation to do it.  

in some countries, they're rounded up, but does this address the root of the matter?

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