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whether or not give money to beggars [Copy link] 中文

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something new 's happened here these can easily find the little beggars at the age of  8-15 sitting near the crossroads. when the cars stop in front of the zebra cross, waiting for the green light, the kids go ask for alms , each of them hold a piece of paper, saying how tough and how poor he or she is.  

whether or not give them money????? someone says,the kids are controled by a group of people. if they cannot "earn" enough , they may get hit. what is more, while you see their dirty faces, the weak bodies. you cannot help givnig them money.  however, to be frank, the beggars destruct the image of the city. if the beggars can earn money to support their lives, they will turn to it and continue doing this "job" , which will cause a vicious circle.

how do you guys think about it.

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Don't make gangsters richer

For a long time, I did that in Hong Kong. They were crippled people, helpless, down and out, slipped through the non-existent safety net.

My Chinese friends and relatives advised me that mainland Chinese gangs kidnap and maim children from early childhood to make beggars out of them. In mainland China, life is cheap. These gangsters play on the heart-string and sympathy of the people and collect the profit whilst their true victims, the maimed beggars and children, are the ultimate problem.

I hope one day, Beijing would suddenly notice these scums and bill their relatives for the wasted rounds of 7.62   These gangsters deserve worse.

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It is of course a good deed to help people in need. But one needs to be very careful about this, because there are so many people who will take advantage of others, like the gangs you are referring to.

It is also something degrading about giving charity. This is common in the US, and I don't like it at all.

I am of the opinion that it is the state that should provide the very basics of those who are unable to support themelves. This includes food, shelter, medicaid and basic education. This is usually done through redistribution of taxes in advanced countries, and by definition in socialist countries (no, China is not a socialist country, never was).

On the other hand, if a country is poor and can't afford this service, the average citizen needs to step in and help others, if possible.

But China is getting richer for every year that goes by. China used to be a receiver of food aid, now it is a giver. China has the largest cash reserve in the world. China is benefitting from one of the continuously fastest growths in the world. Thus China slowly needs to start looking over the needs of the very poorest who are the unfortunate but inevitable victims of the transition to capitalism.

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I toss out a buck or 2.
舞我手中霓裳。 "

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There are more beggers in the street  in  recent years,some are little children  with dirty  faces.some are disabled persons,some say that they met  unexpected circumstances,for example have been is a good thing to help the people who in need, it  is a fine tradition of our country, but now begging  becomes a profession, many strong persons make use of our sympathy and live on begging, so  I  think we should not  leave it alone and contintue to give them "help",although  some of them are really in  them ,I think the goverment should do something for them

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i never.
if the beggars can earn money to support their lives, they will turn to it , which will cause a vicious circle.and in fact, they could do something what could earn some money for their basic life if they had tried to.

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Rewarding beggars only creates more beggars.

In fact, most of us give to beggars to relieve our own feelings of guilt.  If someone really needs help, that means they need your time, not your money.  

Again, the basic economic laws of Supply and Demand are what control social behaviors.  When a beggar receives a donation (pay for his work - yes, begging is work), the market correctly interprets that to mean that the market likes beggars and the result is that there are soon more beggars.

If you doubt this, then try this very simple experiment.  Get a group of friends and go out and sell some ridiculous item.  Set the whole thing up, where your group would, one by one, approach the single seller.  WIthin an hour, or two at the most, you will see competition (additional sellers).  This is the basic law of Supply & Demand.

Giving beggars money only creates more beggars.  If you really see someone in need, and you care, then stop and give them your time.  This will ultimately cost you much more than money, but if you really want to help, that is exactly what it's going to take.

For me, since I can't just go around helping people at random, I schedule my 'charity giving', for example, spending 3 hours a week/month visiting a social welfare center.

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