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Adventures in Grandma’s Village [Copy link] 中文

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Living in a small town, I was annoyed by peddlers’ shouting as well as  butchers’and groceries’ smells. Therefore, ever since my childhood,  fresh and peaceful atmosphere in countryside was my dream. That was why I was longing for visiting  grandma’s village and considered it as my paradise. As soon as I got the visiting forecast, I immediately counted down the coming days with my fingers. The excitement really was no less than village children to down town for movie  or sightseeing.

My grandma was my mam’s stepmother. She got two daughters again for my grandpa after her remarriage. Perhaps, it's the tough nature for stepparents to satisfy their adopted young ones or due to her occasional negligence to settle a conflict; we strongly felt the estrangement between my mother and my grandma, even though, nothing happened to them before. Therefore, when we talking about her, we never forgot to add some modifications, such as “step-grandma”, “the second grandma”, “latter grandma” etc..

“Oh, my daring! my heart! my honey! It is so nice to see you here!” grandma was excited by our visit and always rushed at the dinning hall to meet me with her fingers combing her messy and gray hair. To such laud and fervent welcome, I shouldn’t have any suspicion, however, I was so deeply affeced by the story of “wolf grandma”, that I never came out from its shadow, and always considered her any action as on purpose.
“Grandma,” I faltered to her with an obvious reluctance. Then, passed her my gift bucket and run away from her house, just like a gust of wind, to find my cousins.
My cousins were very happy for our reunion at all time. The most ceremonious reception was to share a countryside practice, ride on cultivating buffalos.

“Wenzili, Wenzili, we are coming!” a cheerful hail together with a herd of massive and muddy buffalos toward to me, where my friends were brandishing reins and galloping on. Some excited fellows even lashed up the beasts’ tails loudly. The immediate reaction was the buffalos’ madly running, which caused me a great scaring. They scattered to surround me and took no care to my panic. By sudden rein-tightening, the buffalos were askew heads and howling to me for my unexpected coming. I was very frightened and almost cried out. On the contrary to my cowardice, my friends agilely grounding from the backs and emulatively passed their reins to me, just as swift as a herd of groundhogs. They eagerly want me to ride on their “sedans” and scooting around. Facing on the dirty and unattainable beasts, I had no idea, but manage to hide my scaring.

One of my friends promptly showed me the way. Firstly, he gently said something to the beast. The buffalo was $$ely lowlihead with sound breathing and dull eyesight to its little master in front. As soon as its head was low enough, the cowboy, with a pair of bare feet, prompt stepped on its calvaria between two horns. To my surprise, just like an excavator, the beast slowly rose its head up. When it reached to a proper height, the little boy bestrode on its neck and rapidly climbed to the back, then, revolved his body with hands’ support. Just like a acrobat, he had steadily riding on the buffalo already. With his triumphant whistle and proud rein-waving, he joltily ran away, then came back again, then firmly passed the rein to me. In this way, I wanted  but had no reason to refuse his kindness. However, I had an emulative nature from my childhood and always unwillingly to drop behind someone else. I had to boost my courage and held the rein bravely. The cowboy shouted to the buffalo to avoid its wildness to a stranger. Sure enough, the horns were also approaching to me. Staring these sharp horns, I immediately associated with the scene of Spanish bullfighting. The bull horns fiercely charged to matador’s private parts and made his blood spout to the red rug. His screaming was still resounding around my ears. I could not help to shivering. Finally, under several hands’ support, I’d managed to ride on buffalo’s back. With a slight lapping on its bottom by a little boy, the beast started to walk. Since no pedal on my feet, nor saddle to support my seat, only a ridgy back bone against my vertebra and periodically generating pain to me. For several times, I was almost fallen by its alternant movement of bony rids. With my friends’ powerful support, I finally completed a hard trek and arrived at the another side of a small rice field…….

It was late autumn after a harvest, when the field lay waste. Only remaining rice stubbles were curling up with cold wind. “ Let’s jump to a fire” someone suggested. “Ok!” the others answered at the same time. They all rolled down simultaneously from their buffalos’ backs and were walloping around……

The remaining rice stubbles were very dry and easy to pull out since the roots had rotted already. Just a moment, a pile of stubbles were as lofty as a hill. Then, against the wind direction, they lined to block the wind and fired a match skillfully. Immediately after its igniting, a cloud of smoke raised to the sky and uncountable flames came out from the stubble pile with constant sounds just like bursting fire-cracks.

After an enthusiastic hailing, one of the oldest boys suddenly shouted out and was swift charging to the fire. As soon as he reached to the needfire, he jumped out with his leg’s open, just like a brave monkey. He got success and proudly returned back with a complete black face and a pair of white eyes blinking. His heroic mettle frightened me a lot but largely encouraged the other cowboys. Without any mobilization, they all rushed at the fire with loud crying. Occasionally, might someone jump with an improper posture or less strength, he fallen to the fire and got his clothes on fire. With a fanny looking, he immediately rolled over the ground to put the fire out, then tried it again in others fleer……  (To be continued)

Extracted from< A Dedicating Dream> written by Wenzili with all rights reserved

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The most amused thing was such acting up wildly, but the most embarrassing event was the reception dining. All my relatives were very poor. Whole year round, they could not afford to spend money on meat, except in some festivals. However, since a coddle guest’s coming, my grandma, aunts all spared no afford to buy a cube of pork to host me. It must be a long time for them not to taste meat. Therefore, only fat could satisfy their craving for meat. They firmly believed that fat must be good to everyone. Consequently, hosting me with fat meat became a common practice during my staying in grandma’s village.

I was a spoiled boy at home. I hated fat very much. Even a small piece of fat attached to lean meat would make me sick for a long time. Therefore, for sequent days, my relatives’ fat banquets made me suffering a lot. Up till now, I still clearly remember the scene hosted by my youngest aunty……

This aunty was the youngest daughter of my grandma. She was married by a young man in same village, and then became a widow at age of 28. As per Chinese virtue, she vowed never marry again. She endured all hardship to bring 1 son and 2 daughters up and miraculously sent them to schools. From my childhood, I never saw a single piece of her utensil new or in good condition. In her raggy cupboard all bowls and dishes were broken or with gaps on the edges. She never had any lighting from evening to midnight.

She was a devotional Christian. Every evening, she led her son and daughters to pray first, then moved her filature wheel to courtyard. Lit by moonlight and resonated by insects’ singing, she spun and spun until mid night. They used to have 2 meals a day. One cooked rice and one porridge. One year around, there were only self-support vegetables available on her table. It’s really seldom for them to have meat. Perhaps, she felt very pitiful for unable hosting her nephew by a delicious meal before; she sold out her spindles and bought a cube of fat pork. After an elaborate preparation, she was very delighted and kept saying:” Thank to my God, I got it now!”……

It was about 8 p.m., when my cousin awaked me to have a dinner. Without lighting, the dining hall was complete dark. I couldn’t find my way, only heard a warmly welcome came from everywhere. My cousin guided me to my seat. It was a new moon night, no moonlight available to my poor auntie’s family, just a bit flame reflection came from hearth, which cast red rays on our faces from time to time. Even with a strong smell of burnt straw though, the reception tea was specially boiled for me. The tea stuff was as coarse as to prick my tongue for its home made nature. However, it was a really luxury matter.

After a while, the dinner was ready. My aunty asked her daughter to borrow a candle from her uncle in next door. The brightness was befallen to dining hall. A cheerful heralding together with cousins gambol turned the atmosphere hot. No sooner, they all tearful and quieted for not getting used to the strong light. With ajar eyes, they had to turn their faces away from the glitter candle.

A main dish of steamed meat with pumpkin and rice flour was presented. An attractive smell with slowly upward vapor caused one more hail. “calm down, calm down, my dear.” My aunty told to my cousins seriously, “ Never forget it is for your younger brother, he is our guest.” She emphasized again with a kind smiling. In the mean time, she quickly picked up the fat meat to me one after another. To avoid my rejection,       she even deliberately put them deep into my bowl and covered by rice. For her such abrupt action, I had no way to defend myself but could not help to tear. “Aunty, I don't like the meat……” I whispered to her. “ No,  dear. It is impossible, no one dislike meat. It's your courtesy, I suppose.” Aunty firmly denied my explanation and attributed it to my mam’s discipline. She picked up the meat again as admiring her sister’s good breeding. I had no way to persuade her, but to beg her permission sincerely for sharing the fats with my longing cousins. She reluctantly agreed, but with the limitation of one piece only for each.

Obviously, the reminding fats in my bowl got no way to treat with. I had no idea and didn’t want to divulge my scandal of dislike fat. At that time, it was really a rebel against orthodoxy. I was so worry about the fats in bowl, that I started looking around to find my way. Suddenly, a staring dog beside the table enlightened me. I collected all fats together and deliberately put them next to the large gap of my bowl, as pretending to eat as waiting for my auntie’s further action. Sure enough, she came back and picked it up to me again. I feigned to avoid it and quickly withdrew my bowl. In the mean time, those fats, with the centrifugal effect, rapidly flew away from the gap. They all were received by the greedy dog, who drooling there for a long time.
“ Oh, no, no! ”found this fact, my aunty felt distressed. “My God! Do forgive my sin!”, she put down the chopsticks and immediately run after the piggish dog. All my cousins joined this interception automatically. As running, they never imaged this hoax was plotted and conducted by myself. At that time, I was in a complicated feeling, not only with a relaxation free from those fats, but also a regret for causing so much pain to my poor auntie’s family. I sat there stilly with a blank mind and endless remorse.

Several decades passed, my aunty had already passed away, but her painful cry and my cousins’ whoop    are still lingering around me and cast a shadow to my childhood’s recalling.
Extracted from< A Dedicating Dream> written by Wenzili with all rights reserved

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Dear Atu1981222,
Attached above a Chinese version for your reference. Of course, there much be huge discrepency between yours and mine. If yes, it must be my fault due to my poor translation from Chinese to English, but not yours. Thank you for your involvement and input!




    每次在外婆面前出现,她总是用手指梳理着花白的头发,风风火火地从厨房里赶来,冲到厅堂迎接我们, “哎呀呀,我的心肝宝贝,来了就好!来了就好!”其嗓门之大,称呼之热烈,实在是不应让人有任何疑心的。但或许受‘狼外婆',‘狠后母'等故事的感染太深的缘故,我们始终不曾摆脱这些传说的阴影。
    “外婆 ”, 我言不由衷地从嗓门中挤出这个字眼,便急急地放下礼品篮,风一般地跑出屋外,寻找年龄相仿的玩伴去了。照例是表兄弟姐妹们。久别重逢,自然有一番城里人不曾有的亲热表示,其中最隆重的当是让出自己的坐骑,让我们这些城里人开开骑牛的'土'荤。







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