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9.9% Growth? Their Economy Not MIne [Copy link] 中文

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Lest We Fall Behind, Again

First I do not believe that Golden Shield is as extensive as China4Life presented.  There is no known database that has the personal info of 1.3 billion, otherwise it'd be reported all over the place.  Secondly,  of course I wish it exists.  That'd be a great firstt step to China's national database, one based on the smart national ID card, that can greatly increase China's efficiency and competitiveness.  

I wrote a piece a few years back on the concept.  I have reopened the thread under Talk to Chinadaily, and you can take a look.  But more relevant is the most recent report on how our Asian neighbor is already taking the lead out of  of the block.   Note how the Malaysians salivate about "60 ueses of the database"!!

If China can adopt a well planned system, linking together the vast resources already existing, we can give the Malaysians a real run for their money.  If they can do the smart card for $3 apiece, there is no reason we Chinese cannot do it for half.

Malaysians invest in smart ID cards

CLEVER: Unlike their counterparts in the UK, Malaysians are all for their new smart IDs, as they believe the cards will help them out economically

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2006,Page 12

In multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multilingual Malaysia, the new national ID card is a tie that binds. While Britain's politicians wrangle over the issue, many Malaysians see their "multi-application smart card" as a unifying sign of national progress. It is also a tool in a high-tech fight for economic survival in a globalized world of encircling superpowers.

As well carrying a photograph and personal biometric data, the card serves as a passport, driving license and direct debit or credit card. It provides an instant "gateway" to the bearer's health records in case of accident and can be customized, for example, as a workplace security pass. In all, it has 60 possible uses.

Nicholas Shariff Collins, head of marketing at the government-licensed Multimedia Development Corporation in Cyberjaya, Malaysia's "silicon valley," said the smart card cost each individual about US$6. Britain's project could cost up to US$900 per card to make, a substantial part of which would be passed on to the individual.

Firewalls had been built in to prevent misuse of personal data, he said.

Shariff Collins said the card technology was being adopted by neighboring countries in South-east Asia and beyond to facilitate business, trade, security and travel. And that, he said, was part of a bigger struggle.

"Malaysia has 23 million people. It simply cannot compete with China, India and Indonesia in low-tech, labour intensive industries," he said. "We have to invest in people, improve education, build up human capital and compete more effectively through niche industries. The smart card is a way of helping do that."

The looming challenge -- or threat -- posed by China and other developing Asian powers, much discussed in the West, is far from an academic question here. It is already happening on Malaysia's doorstep; the effects are tangible.

"China's phenomenal industrial growth ... poses an immediate threat to our manufacturing-based, export-driven economy," said Manraaj Singh in a study by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies in Kuala Lumpur.

After years of impressive growth in high-tech sectors, Malaysia lags far behind China in attracting foreign direct investment. State-backed, flagship businesses such as the car maker, Proton, are struggling while traditional tin and rubber exports have declined.

But one possibly beneficial side-effect was rising Sino-Japanese tensions, the study said, noting Tokyo's recent decision to favour south-east Asian countries over Beijing as long-term investment destinations.

China's rise is changing political calculations, too. Malaysia's foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar, stressed the two countries' historical links. "China has never dominated us, never colonized us ... A strong China is very important in a unipolar world," he said. "China's growth will contribute to our wellbeing as we develop niche business areas."

He also praised Beijing for not aggressively pursuing disputes in the South China Sea, although he agreed that such problems -- and the Taiwan standoff -- were a potential source of regional friction or worse.

"Our policy cannot be dictated by worries about what China may do to us," Albar said. He noted that Malaysia, although officially non-aligned, was not without friends.

"The US presence in the region is necessary and legitimate. It provides a certain comfort level," he added.
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Link to the article...............

I just stole the informaiton from another site...I won't post it becuse it will just get erased...but here is the link if you want to read the article in full..........i'll PM the link instead.....

very interesting.....

CENSORED BY MY OWN SELF...............AFRAID THEY WILL...........You know Censor and block the site.

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sniff sniff...

I smell a troll, and its name is china4life.

It certainly is strange times when dissidents wrap themselves with "patriotic" names.

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So you are a troll if you are not some Flag Worshipping Blind Nationalist Robot?

If you speak against those in power you are a troll?

Actually i don't even know what a troll is....Is it some hip trendy internet Forum slang?

If a troll speaks out against those that abuse power....Then yes I am a troll..

If a troll believes in Unviversal Human Rights then I am a troll.............

if a troll belives that all governments are evil...........Then sure I am a troll.................

Seems like everybody is an Apologist for the Status Quo....................


R. Repressive

L=LIVES-------------------------------------> Trolls that speak out agiant Authoriive Control UNITE!!!

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Internet slang

Troll = Someone deliberately posting prevocative messages on forums to elicit an response.

It originated from fishing, as in baiting.

In other words, your posts are not intended to start an rational discussion, but are intended to start an never-ending arguement.

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So that is what a troll is..

I was thinking of those troll monsters that live under bridges and eat people when they try to cross.

No..............But that is interesting how you descredit sombody by calling them a "TROLL"....

Same tactic that is used when every sombody wants free health care in America.. They call the A "COMMUNIST" descredits what they say, and makes what  one says appear to be "irrational" or untrue.....

When in fact it isn't.........................I

TROLL it is used by  those who want to descredit and apologize for the status quo..............

Doesn't anybody see how "economy" is used to keep the people blind to other problems and to keep them hard at work making the rich richer?..........................

Am i the only one that yells at my TV set evertime the mention the word "ECONOMY" which they mention every 5 or 7 seconds.....

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