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9.9% Growth? Their Economy Not MIne [Copy link] 中文

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So all the newspapers are always saying the same thing......Grwoing Economy this.. Growing Economly that.....9.9% growth......why is my wallet getting thinner and thinner?
My economy isn't growing...In fact it is going down.......

Who are the newspapers and the News talking to? YOU??

Just open up any newspaper.....the weather page, the world news page, the business page...Where is the workers page?

Workers of the world UnITE??? yeah right.....workers of the world continue to work for slave wages while their Economy grows while the factories leak poison into the water...........

GO! GO! amazing growing economy..............lets see it jump to 12% YEAH?? really does this mean anything to anybody?........................Seriously please tell me if this means anything to you....(9.9% ) why do they have to tell me and you every two days???

Stupify the masses with they live under the illusion that if they work hard they will get more money..I mean look at how much the average chinese person works and look at their is't going up..........

look at the divorce china going up because family's don't have time to spend together because they are busy working.........................No time to think..............No time for anything..............I mean look at the holidays the government had to make just to stimulate some growth of their domestic economy...........that is right THEIR's......................................

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Why Are You Bellyaching?

Why are you bellyaching?  What is your agenda?  Do you have a suggestion?  

Would you rather see Indian style 23-parties-to-form-a -pluarlity-and-can't-get-nothing-done?  Would you rather see 1% growth instead of 10%?  

9.9% growth means the doubling the living standard every 7 years (Rule of 72), and it shows.  Today China has over 600 million phone lines (fixed and mobile), today most rural folks have TVs, refrigerators, microwaves.  Today people aspire to own cars and flats.  It is simply a lie to say that the average Chinese did not see an improved life.  China is richer, with its 1.7 Trillion U.S. dollars in savings, and it shows.

Did you know that China imported over one million  tons of fruits in 2005?  Fruits, for Pete's sakes.  If lives were not improved, how can the Chinese afford to import exotic fruits from all over the globe? ... /content_515069.htm

Yes, some got rich first, and the rest are coming up not as fast as we'd all like.  But there is hope, and people are happy.  Chinese consumer confidence is consistently among the highest in the world.  

So if you are from outside China and you are here to badmouth the system, don't.

If you are Chinese in China, get off your lazy butt and go work hard and chase your pot of gold, if that's what makes you happy.  As Deng said,  being rich is glorious.

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GDP growth is on the whole a good thing, to a nation and to individuals as well. No matter where will the increment go, it means the nation is stronger and more generaous in making finance and taxation policies.

The growth does not necessarily lead to pay rise to individuals, but as a result, the government will have more money to build infrastructure, make massive investments, and buy advanced technologies from abroad, which will finally improve our individuals' life with better roads, better-quality products and so on.

Of course, every invididual hopes to directly benefit from the booming economy. We do have seen some changes, but not quick and obvious enough. Hope the government will take more measures to take care of its consumers.

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Microwaves and TV WOW!!

Yeah that means people are doing just great!!! They have tv's and can drink PEPSI? Then can choose either Mcdonalnds or KFC?

MY AGENDA? As what their AGENDA is................Who has the missles?? NOT ME!!......I am just an alienated everybody else...

I mention these things because everything has this Natiolist SLant.....They gotta get society ready to Work for them. Make them money......They need the social characther of the people of society to FIT THE MODE OF PRODUCTION..................

Dillegence!! Dillegence!!.....................Hard work!! Hard WORK!!

I hope they use the money to build infrastruture but evertime I read the papers the Millitry budget is going up 12% and Everything is privititized....Why are there Hopsptial advertisments on all the buses?? Everywher? Hmmmm WONDER WHY?? That is not tax money.. NOT THAT INFRASTRUTURE...........

But what is on the front page of the newspaper too?? A BATTLSHIP..............A MISSILE...............A god damm police officer jump roping with drug sniffing dog..............This is progress??

Mean while the working wage is 4th lowest in the world???? And the schools have like 80 students per classroom...

and their are farmers blowing themselves up in Courtroom and on buses???

Why am i stepping over people sleeping in the street on my way home? IN THIS AMAZING GROWING ECONOMY....................??????

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Here is an example of the chinese government buying "Technologies from Abroad"

Ever head of Operation Golden Sheild???

The Golden Shield project, for example, is an effort to give the nation’s police officers instantaneous access to a database that contains the work records, financial data, and law-enforcement histories of almost every adult Chinese citizen. The database is expected to include footage from surveillance cameras, the history of suspects’ Internet use, and the ability to recognize faces. Think Big Brother with a Blackberry. A new technology called Policenet is part of Golden Shield and currently operates in all but one of China’s 22 provinces. It connects officials of the Public Security Bureau—a national agency with local branches that handle security, immigration, “social order,” and law enforcement—to each other and to electronic records that store a wealth of information on every citizen in China. Exactly how the police were tracking Zheng is unclear, but in December 2004, they arrested him in the city of Yingkou, about 310 miles northeast of Beijing. He was charged with “incitement to subversion,” a serious but vaguely defined crime, and after a trial in July, he was sentenced in September to seven years in prison.


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golden shield

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