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Nobody Wants to Buy Crap Amerikan Arms [Copy link] 中文

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Tanks struggling in terrain that light trucks navigate with ease?? Are you well?? Have you seen tanks run at 45-60mph over terain that you would have trouble walking in?
How about the Persian Special Forces??
You guys seem to think that an aircraft carrier on "wartime footing" is a sitting duck. You are obviously living in a dreamland. They are nigh untrackable let alone accessible by fvggin frogmen. They are protected by a fleet of faster and smaller boats and a sonar array that picks up dolphin farts from miles out.

You are seriously reminding me of Setyap these days GD.

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japan actually miscalculated their amunitions, warships, planes & armies...and didn't know how big america was, but thank god einstein gave the US atomic bombs to finish the job.  china needs to have advance weapons to retaliate accurately & fast response & also to eliminate the use army force.  germany was okay for what they did at the beginning but then getting too greedy at the end by invading too many nations...and other nations taken side & finished up the nazis at the end.  lol

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The german defeat had nothing to do with becoming to "greedy".
The crucial point was the invasion of the USSR that failed miserably but this operation wasn´t done out of greed.
The Third Reich and the Soviet Union were ideological enemies and they were doomed to try to wipe out the other. Hitler did the only possible thing - attack as quickly as possible because the soviets were getting stronger  with every passing month, but even this surprise attack  wasn´t enough. (Blitzkrieg does only work  when facing an enemy with a somewhat limited amount of land.)
I really don´t like Hitler but if germany had waited much longer then the defeat would have come even quicker because the red army would have been prepared for an all out attack.
I think that you can say that germany, despite it´s well trained soldiers and good weaponry, never had a realistic chance to win the war. The allies speeded up things but even if they didn´t participate at all germany would still have been beaten by the SU because of manpower shortage.
I guess i´ve gone completely off topic by now cause this really hasn´t anything to do with american weapons,
sorry for that:)

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Mr. Tran!

Japan was "forced" to go to war!
It had an "embargo" for vital commodities.
The nation was "slim down" for lack of commodities.

They took a gamble, and invaded Taiwan, Korea to increase their commodity resources. With that gamble, it created a chance for the Amerikan Regime to unleash a possible clash between the British Empire and the Japanese!

When we look at history, Mr. Tran...
We look at it from a STRATEGIC point of view..

The Amerikan Regime has been fighting the British Empire for so long...
They had battles over Canada, over resources and access to commodities in the British Empire.....

Japan was nothing more than a CHICKEN to be sacrifized in world power struggle to be no.1!

Green Dragon

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Germany lack soft power, like what the Russian Federation faces today!

Green Dragon

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Eh! Mr. Tek?

gone PRO AMERIKAN regime!
Have you forgotten that 2/3 of blacks in America is dirt poor?
Too much R&B, and mind numbing chants by the Jewish media? (paid by the Baptist WASP)

ha ha ha

The turbo power M-1 Abrams is powerful......
But it needs to be refueled by lowly tanker trucks....

Special Persian Forces - with snipers, sappers and gunner....will destroy this first
before "hammering" or capturing the Abrams....
Afterall, long logistic lines does not favour fuel guzzlers!

Green DRagon

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Don't you think that the U.S knows that it's logistics trail is vulnerable? I'd imagine that they'd heavily escort this part of their war machine which makes them vulnerable. As for weapons superiority, there are merits for many weapons of different countries manufacture, but time and again, it has been proven that the U.S reigns supreme in weapons development and tactical deployment, not to mention their many "black" programs......we know they exist, but we don't know what they are so it's quite erroneous to say that their weapons aren't superior, just as much as it's wrong to say that they all are. All we know is that, for the most part, the weapons they have now far outperform 99% of other modern available weaponry. Let's also remember that the weapon doesn't really need to be superior, how the weapon is employed and the training of the user, along with motivation, is what counts.

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