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The danger of religious freedom in modern china [Copy link] 中文

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All I can say is... bring in the Muslims.  This will make China a happy place!

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Why "tens of millions of bibles "coming to china?

Here comes the Zionist-Christian alliance, the new Crusaders

The Chinese government has limited the number of registered churches in
Beijing and other cities, millions of other Christians worship underground.
On a visit to Shanghai last year, I wandered into a registered Catholic church
and witnessed nearly 1,000 Chinese participating in Mass -- one of three
Masses held that Sunday, to keep up with rising demand. Believers listened
raptly to a sermon, and prayed fervently in unison.

In part because they believe that Christianity can transform Chinese politics,
American, South Korean, Taiwanese and Hong Kong evangelical groups
have made China a top priority for proselytizing. Tens of millions of Bibles
have been delivered into China in the past decade, and many foreign
missionaries have sneaked into the country, often posing as English
teachers or businesspeople

If Aikman proves correct, and China one day has hundreds of millions of
Christians, groups like Eastern Lightning could have tens of millions of
disciples. By then, these extreme groups could foment change -- but not
the kind of change liberal reformers envision.

Joshua Kurlantzick is foreign editor of The New Republic. ... 26?language=printer

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Religion is good. Hamas is good. The Taleban are good. The Christian crusades were good. Iranian stoning of women to death is good. The mandatory Afghan bhurka dress for women is good. Religion is exciting, just look at the Middle East, always firecrackers filling the sky! The burning of "witches" in medieval Europe was good. USA is good. Iran is good. Iraq is good.

What would we do without religion?? Live in peace and progress...

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You must be sarcastic. However, the Chinese are in real danger of such religious invasion when people have no idea about the true identity of these western religion(s).

Ask, how many Chinese understand the history of Christianity, and ask how many wars they have been fighting in the past 2000 years.

Ask, how religions have been used in this recent global war on terrorism.

The questions can go on and on...

Chinese now embrace western religion like embrace Christmas, kind of fashion. That's the problem.

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The bible is the #1 book of the world

We come with Peace and Love in our hearts.:)

The good book is to make people good not bad.:)

Invasion by Christian this can only bring good.:)

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This is only one of the results of your 'Peace and Love', and of course 'democracy' deep in your heart,

And it's the good result coming from your good book that your 'English teachers' preach,

Just like you, the smelly fish, your English teachers also support this bloody killings and war in Iraq.

More than 100,1000 Iraqi civilians died of your 'good heart and good work' !

You are comdamned

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I recognise this guy....

He was in that square the year of 19*89.

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