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The danger of religious freedom in modern china [Copy link] 中文

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Interesting discussions here. I am learning.

Any religions being used for political purposes or ruling classes are DANGERIOUS. That's why we separate religion from government. We thought our human society has come to such realization after the medieval Age. But obviously not so. Europeans have a better understanding due to its long history(?) but not so for the young USA.

China is special. In some sense it's like a vacuum open for invasion, but in other sense our culture is a very practical culture, full of ancient wisdoms, so it's not going to be too easy to fundamentally change us, but, the potential danger is there.

By the way,  for the first time, I have something to agree with Liangzai. Funny.

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How does theist look at atheist? I'm curious about that.

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If one know the 5 great shans(mountain) of China, he must know religion.
There is a saying, who misses Huang shan misses China.

Add a little To Liangzai's
bascially saying that all religions strive for the same thing and believe in the same creator.

Buddha dose not answer any question when or who asks about the creator.
He says, when you have a poison arrow in your body, do you pull it out immediately or ask about who shot the arrow. Is he short or tall, dark or fair?
Do one have the time to save his own life?

He says, when you are like me, you know the answer.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Buddhism and various other Indian religions are precisely the reason to why India will never be able to seriously compete with China. India is entrenched in religion, while the Chinese are down to earth and mostly unbound by religious forces. That is not to say that there isn't religion in China, but that it is not permeating society (unless political hoaxes are counted as religion, but this also seems to wane in favor of reason and enlightenment).

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Yes Liangzai, the 5 Great Mountains are there to see.
Chinese knows, they see but seldom talk about it.
Seeing is believing.

Yesterday, there was an article in CD that few monks(including Taiwan)
will trace Ven Xuanzuang journey to India ~1350 years ago.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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religion and government

I don't understand " The danger of religious freedom in modern china".
I believe in God,So  my family ,relatives and friends do.We believe in Christianity .
As for me, i seldom think of the relationship between religions and government.we have freedom to believe it.
and every time we go to church, we pray for ourselves,for church,for motherland ,for world,for everything.we don't like to see the war or hear the you know,people are surfered from diseases like SARS and Bird Flu and so on,the air is short,the world is worse and worse.
but there are still many people trying to protect it.God would save his children.
and now, you would see that more and more people believe in Christinaity.So i believe that God is fair,a great  creator.
Due to chinese special background,Relions is impossible to interrupt the politics.because,you know ,the features of Communist Party determines ite figure--- atheist.
For Jewish,God love them,and from Bible,you would find they beliieve in God deeply though some of them may lost their way later.God still don't give them  up.I can't express clearly. in a word, as long as you believe in God,your world would not be as it was.

So ,may sometimes religion have influence on the government,but not a decisive influence 。

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Religion WAS politics in Europe for more than a thousand years. It still IS in the Middle East. And if Chistianity sees an opportunity to influence society, it WILL.

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