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it deppends

Originally posted by hearthome at 2006-1-20 16:44
I am not sure if the chinese schools would allow  to put a kid in for half a day.
Some high schools provide the dorm for the kids but not all schools.

i think different schools have different principles, so thats not definite.
u can try some schools, but im in shanghai so i dont know how about beijin..
and i also think many international schools are unworth to the high tuition cost.
its a good idea to put yr son to a pubic high school if they could accept him cos yr son could learn more there and he would meet many chinese students, they could help their languages each others...

goodluck and happy spring festival

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just my opinion

i just graduated from high school last i'm a freshman in uni. the following is just my opinion.

if you put your son in a public school, i'm sure that the students there will be more than glad to help. i think communication will not be a problem for them because high school students in beijing can speak english, i cant say very well or fluently, but at least they can understand each other.

in my opinion, the culture difference is the biggest problem. i mean if you just live there for a year, then go back,i guess most of the courses that your son will learn in the public high school are useless in the future. there are huge differences between the school systems in china and in usa. plus,though communication is not a problem, your son still  has to take the tests and pass them. all the books and papers there are in chinese, and there is no possibility that they will make a special one for your son. and i think one year is much less than enough for a kid to learn chinese then use it to take the tests.

i dont  know anything about your son, i dont know whether he is interested in china as much as  you do. and how much he knows about china and the ppl here, especially the young ones. the more he does, the easier he will be in the public high school and the better he will get along with others. if  you want to put into the public school in china, i suggest you teach your son a little mandarin first and tell him as much as you can about china. make he be interested in it. i guess it will help a lot. just make sure he is ready for this.

honestly, as a student in china, i suggest u do homeschooling for your son, the public school here all concentrate on basic courses in china.and your son may will not get used to them easily.sorry, i'm in shanghai, so i dont know if it is the same in beijing. but i guess it will be very similar. here are some of them: chinese (incluing the classical one,i dont know whether your son has to take that too), maths, english, physics, chemistry, history (including chinese history and world history, and i guess the part of 30s-50s history about china will be a big problem for your son), geography (just the summary, not details, it's not kind of an important course, just need to pass it, and it depends on which grade you will put your son in, maybe  he wont have to take this course), and another course we call it "思想政治", it includs philosophy, politics and economics. but all are just very basic theories. each one for one year, all for three years in high school. besides, there should be some selected courses, those can be about all kinds of course.just depends on what  the teachers there can offer their students. and also, there will be some clubs. pretty like selected courses, but  in the charge of the students themselves. i dont know whether your son will be gald with such education system.

whatever you choose,good luck to you and your son.enjoy your time in china.

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Thank you Harriet, I really appreciate you writing so much to help me. Your view is very helpful, and I will show it to my son.
To answer some questions from everyone:

Yes, he is looking forward to going to China. He knows he will miss his friends & family, but on the other hand he has told some of his friends he'll be living in China for a year, and apparently they think it's neat. I have told him what I can about it, and when there is an educational show about China on TV we watch it together. Last night there was a documentary about the Emperor of Qin and his tomb. Very interesting! I also took him to the Chinese New Year Gala, a show in New York.
He is not as interested as I am, but he's a little bit interested.

I'm not fussy about this part. I am homeschooling him now, so following the US schools is not an issue. My goal is to prepare him for college, which means focusing on math and English. Other than that I don't care what he learns, as long as he learns something useful. I let him learn about whatever time periods in history he is interested in. This way he enjoys it and remembers it, rather than forcing it upon him, only to be forgotten after a test. He needs to learn more science, we are having trouble doing that at home.

I am learning Chinese, and he can count and say hello, thank you, etc. He isn't interested in learning Chinese, and as several people have said, he will not learn enough in a year to allow him to understand those courses. I'm sure the Chinese kids can speak better English then we can speak Chinese.

The reason I asked about a half day is because he may have a chance of learning something in some of the classes  - math (if the tests are numbers, and he can do the math, he can pass). Maybe he can learn something from science. But some classes, where he has to listen a lot, and write Chinese for tests... I think those classes will be useless. I would like him to be among other kids though. So a half day would be ideal if he could take the classes he may understand a little bit, and for the second half of the day, go home and work on his homework. I don't want him to be home alone all day while I work.

1 - If he takes all the classes and fails them, what will the school do? Will they care? Will they kick him out of school? Would he be punished in some way?
Here in the US, some schools will not allow you to play sports or join school clubs, band, etc, if your grades are too low.

2 - Will they allow me to write his homework for him, if he tells me what to write? If he starts to understand some things, or friends help him understand, but he still cannot write hanzi, can he write pinyin or can I type it for him, as a translator? (I know you cannot answer for sure, but maybe someone has seen it done)

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I am not rich.  :L

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something more

about the courses, i guess your son cant just take what he likes, i mean, take history for an example, as far as i know that some european students can choose some particular periods which they are interested in, i dont know whether it is the same in us, but here, in china, it's not that way. you have to learn whatever in the history book, no choice. though there is some selected courses, but there are a very small part, and no more than two classes a week. less choices, that's one of the problems.

and i think science will still be your son's problem too. i mean i've graduated from high scholl, but my knowledge about science is still very limited. we dont have such course called "science", i'm sorry i cant understand what kind of science you mean here. we have some experiments for physics, chemistry and biology, but most of the time we just sit in the classroom and listen to the teachers. to take some selected courses or join a club may help, but as i said, those are still very limited.

about the half day, i think it's not very feasible. as someone has told you that each school has its own timetable, and every class has its own class schedule. all the courses are at the particular times. you cant make sure that all the courses you want your son to learn or your son wants to learn are all in the morning. i dont know whether you know that, in high school, we dont have the chance to choose the courses we learn, and the time as well. the school will organzise them all. may be he can go to one class to learn one course then go to another class to take another course, but i dont think this is a good way to fix the problem.

about failed and being kick out, i really have no idea about it. if a chinese student failed in the final exam, there are some rules. those are complicated and i cant explain it here. but the worst is to stay in the same grade for another year. but that rarely happens. it means that the student really did very bad in his study, and failed at least three courses. about your son, cant say anything, he is different. totally no idea. may be you should talk to the school about this before you put your son in it.

about translating, i have no idea too. it never happened before. i suggest to talk to the school too. we cant help about this. sorry.

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Thank you again.

By "science", I meant chemistry, physics, biology, etc. We often say "science" or "the sciences" to include all of those. We also have a class called Earth Science, where they learn about clouds, volcanoes, earthquakes, the layers of the earth, etc. That is usually required in the first year of High School (grade 9). The other science classes are different according to the school or what the student selects.

When you say "middle school", what grades or ages do you mean?
I am not rich.  :L

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i dont know what exactly middle school means, i guess it includs junior high and senior high. usually junior high is from grade 6 - grade 9,  then senior high is from grade 10 - grade 12.

and what you call earth science, we learn those from geography.

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Freaky: Happy valentine day.

Happy Valentine copy.jpg

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