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more activities besides subjects-learning...

A sport meet is held once a year ---- about every Nov. / Deb
school basketball / football ... team
various interest groups:   drawing/ art group, biology group, chorus , science group   etc.      

These activities are very  popular in high school.

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Good ideas!

Originally posted by hearthome at 2006-1-16 12:10
ONe idea--

As for the credicts to meet the need of the high schools of America, why not try distantlearning for high school in the USA?

I am not sure if you have such kind of distant learning ...

I agree with hearthome.

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Also a good idea... I will look into it, though some diatance learning can be as expensive as real school!
I'm so thankful to all of you who are giving me ideas and advice. it's really helping, and of course if htere are any more ideas out there, I'll gladly welcome them!


Oh - Do you think the chinese schools would allow me to put him in for half a day? If the schedule is like above, then maybe he could come home at "noon break" and study in English from lunchtime until I get home from my classes.... that wouldn't be so bad.
I wonder if they'd have a problem with that.
I am not rich.  :L

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I am not sure if the chinese schools would allow  to put a kid in for half a day.
Some high schools provide the dorm for the kids but not all schools.

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If BOKE had a child ...

If BOKE had children

they would never go to school.

Of course, he'd clone them.  

Some children are born

to "exceed" society.

Depends on their fate.

What does the son want

regarding time in China?

What line drawn so far?

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i am a  teacher. i think you should talk to your school.I am sure they will help you,maybe sponsor you for your child`s education or give you some is very good publisity for a school to have him as a me.they will work with you.

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Your son is in a tough spot!

Things can be turned out good, bad and ugly.... don’t know anything about your son.... the following are just hypothetical consequences.

Good.... if the Chinese high school cooperates.... students and their parents cooperate.... your son cooperates.... all system go without a hitch.... bravo.... you got it made.... congrates and count yourself lucky.

Bad.... some work and some don't.... students would love to help but lack of patience (after the initial honeymoon period roughly 3 months).... teachers would love to help but lack of resources and time.... son would love to cooperate but losing interest in running a communication obstacle course.... with his head banging against the wall.

Ugly.... People get extremely frustrated.... temper flares.... problems everywhere.... son feeling isolated and wanting his old hometown friends.... bugging you (the mother) constantly.... on the other hand, you have your job to do and your life to live.... headache.... headache.

I earnestly don’t want to see the “Bad” and “Ugly” happen to such a nice girl and mother like you…and I would like to say something really nice to you…. one year is a long time for a kid (your son)…as I said before…. I am totally ignorant about you and your son…Maybe due to some supportive and facilitating factors that I have not foreseen, you and your son come out to be the A++ winner in such a difficult situation…I hope that would be the outcome for such a kindhearted Freaky…however we are talking reality here…not wishful thinking.

Have you contacted your local university…level of language is important to your son’s cognitive stimulation…he may feel bored dealing with levels much lower than his own…local university may have programs linking the community that you are going to teach…a long shoot anyway…I wouldn’t count on it!

No matter how things turn out, I wish you and your son a successful year staying in China and have a pleasant experience of a lifetime.

No risk no gain! is full of surprises....hopefully they are all pleasant for you.

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