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Will China follow USA "way of life"? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by willysierens at 2006-1-11 19:32
China is following an ultracapitalist development route now. The advantage they still have is that in the name of their "communist" ideology, they still reserve the right to interfere wit ...




What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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The question asked here is quite redundant as already every problem that exists in the lives of Americans is
becoming a problem is Chinese lives as well.  A few examples:
- the levels and number of people who are obese is increasing
- the quest to escape the realities of life, ie through the use of drugs (whether they be illegal or alcohol and
  cigarettes is a major problem)
- the divorce rate is increasing rapidly
- the number of unwed mothers is increasing
- the number of youth honoring the past culture of China is decreasing dramatically
- the number of youth asking "why" is increasing tremendously
- the number of youth accepting the "controlled way of life" in China is decreasing very fast
- sexual promiscuity (although it has always been there) is coming out into the open
- homosexuality (which I don't consider a problem, but many do) is revealing itself more and more
- gambling's popularity is exploding (it's such a myth that there is no gambling in China); if you don't believe
  this one, you should take a trip to Macao and see what is there and what is being built
- more and more people want firearms (don't believe this one - look in a internet cafe, they're not reading or
  sending emails, they're playing games with GUNS; which is the most popular game at a fair - not throwing
  darts at ballons, it's one where people are allowed to shoot a gun; which is the most popular toy for a young
  boy - not a truck, but a gun - if you don't think that little boy will want the real thing when he grows up, you're
  blind);  I have a Chinese acquaintence of mine who knows that I am a firearms enthusiast who asked me to
  his home the other day to show me something.  I was quite curious, as I had never been to his home before
  that.  He took me into the lower level of his home and took out from hiding seven "handguns" that he had
  built himself.  I questioned him thoroughly about this, because I was amazed by his "courage" because if he
  would be caught, he has so much that he has worked so hard to get that he could lose.  It has always been
  a real wonder to me that the Chinese government, in it's quest to totally control the populace, allows that
  populace such free access to gunpowder in the form of fireworks.  The homemade "guns" that my friend
  showed to me that day displayed the force of many handguns in my collection back home.
- the crime rate increases (I anticipate wholeheartedly a backlash on this one but please factor in the reported
  crimes and the ones that are overlooked, ie prostitution and gambling, by the police and the ones that the
  police participate in themselves)
- the gap between the haves and the havenots is increasing steadily
- the "material" attitude of the youth
- the individual debt is increasing
- individual automobile ownership and desire to own is increasing dramatically
- aids and other stds are increasing
- the number of children taking care of their elderly parents is decreasing
- the number of children wanting to follow their parents as farmers is decreasing
- the elderly population is growing exponentially
- the peoples trust in their government is decreasing

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Embrace Change

The world always changes.  Change is not to be feared, but should be embraced.  China's continued reforms are bringing hundreds of millions out of poverty and giving most citizens many more choices of literally everything in their lives, and that should be celebrated.  

New institutions will come into being, new relationships will form.  Life is full of hope.  The glass is more than half full.  The chance comes but once every several hundred years, and China must not miss the boat - it is time to charge full steam ahead and gain as much advantage as possible, so that China and her citizens can the nation back to her rightful place in the world, a position China occupied for most of the last 5,000 years of human existence.

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countries come and countries go

according to the great MARX's theory, country is just a tool for ruling.

so, rich man chooses a rich life and poor man chooses a poor life.

don't connect everything to country, native,...........

all depend on MONEY

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if china becomes richer, oil will be more expensive.

then only a few people can enjoy luxury life STILL.

so this thread is nonsense.

all chinese should do is hard working, HARDER working!

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crude oil is under the control of america.

so if america wants chinese follow his way of life, and chinese can follow...

if america don't want......

o, god.

damn USA

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