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My opinion

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even there is a gruesome story about gaozhicheng,  does it represent the overall situation of human right in china, does the incident of racial of problem or the treat of victims of new orleans submerge  in hurrican represent the situation of american human right?

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Rodney King! Guantanamo! Rosa Parks!

Sheit happens anywhere, and we'd better look at isolated cases and refrain from drawing too generalized conclusions. Not every American cop is a savage racist who likes beating people. The same goes for other parts of the world.

A popular western slogan goes: "He who hath no sin casteth the first stone". As an atheist, I think this old christian saying has some merit and real substance.

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Originally posted by chrissun at 11-1-2006 07:38
We have a long way to go, but I am optimistic, human rights records are improving with  the fast  economy increase.

I'd have to disagree. After some "positive steps" a few years ago, the government has back-tracked (e.g. press closures). Really the problem is that it reserves the option to withdraw or ignore rights as soon as it is convenient. Until the people in charge stop being tempted to do that nothing will really change in that area.

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I second that. Western papers are normally very short-sighted about China, have a narrow and typically Western perspective, and the journalists are very often not educated about China. It is easy bashing a few of the common phenomena which are controversial, but putting it into context is much harder, and is seldom done in the West. I would say most Westerners are misinformed about China. I know I was when I came here.

The government is not a monster. The government is made up mostly of good, smart and able people with the best intentions for their fellow countrymen. There is an obvious sincerity in most of the things done. And although some of the measures taken seem illogical to a Westerner, it is the way it is done in China (for instance regarding everything about issues on "tudi", land).

The Western view on the government is a principal one, and it is based on history, experience and reality. We know for a fact that a government as an entity can become monstrous indeed, even if it consists of the best of the best of people. The Chinese usually say that Laorenjia (Chairman M.) was 70% good and 30% bad, but at the times he was bad there was no way out of the misery. In the West, this would have been corrected sooner.

China is sky-rocketing to the top of the world, and most things are great indeed, but there will be a day when the growth ends, when people are getting poorer rather than richer, a time of cesession or standstill. This happens everywhere. What will China do then? When that day comes, the principles of the West and those of the East will have to meet face to face. Then the Chinese government and the people face the question: Where do we go from here? How can we improve our nation further? Should we go forward or backward?

When that time comes, China will have to make the choice, I believe. The choice between being a monster or taking some very tough consequences.

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Reply #20 liangzai's post

The government is not a monster. The government is made up mostly of good, smart and able people with the best intentions for their fellow countrymen.

I know you will talk about good intentions when you don't know how to explain the reason for what happened or what you hear or see. People will talk about good intentions of those in the leadership. That is Chinese characteristic. If the they do not have this last resort of talking about good intentions, what could they do anyway?

In the West, they see things as they are and seek a reason and a deeper meaning for what happened, and even say that good intentions are the gateway to hell or the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

But for the ordinary Chinese, they have not much a desire for the truth, they will be satisfied with the thought that the people high above have good intentions and as long as they stay obedient and be "good" they can depend on their good intentions. That's not slavish, that is just about being Chinese, don't get it wrong.

The blissful Chinese!

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