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To defeat a chinese man [Copy link] 中文

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is this some fight between man's right and women's right

i can understand that chinese man is a little strange to most forgnrs.  i think it maybe because of  culture different. but korea and Japns is even worse, they r totaly confused. =)th

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You got to use force or wit!

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And since so many men lack wit....  they resort to force!

(just kidding guys here, I know you're all witty, I've seen you write) but it's true in many cases, unfortunately.
I am not rich.  :L

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Chinese women have to be smart to survive.

Many Chinese men do not only think they are smarter than Chinese women or women in general, they think they are smarter than all non-Chinese too. This arrogance is clearly visible to most foreigners, and they don't even try to hide this arrogance. The foreigner? Well, he/she just pretends to be as stupid as the opponent believes, then waiting for the moment to strike the final kill (i.e., presenting a contract making the Chinese make shoes for a buck an hour, later to be sold for 80 bucks).

In general: Are men smarter than women? Yes.

Consider this: Einstein, Newton, Schr?dinger, Bohr, Edison, Bach, Beethoven, Trotskii, Dostoyevskii were all men. Women like Maria Sklodowska-Curie are exceptions. Almost all geniuses ever alive have been men. And this has nothing to do with societal structure, because today women have the same opportunities that men have, and the pattern remains.

In general: Are men dumber than women? Yes.

Consider this: Most criminals are men. Men are responsible for the most stupid acts. Men routinely score less on exams.

So what gives? Men have another Bell curve, another normal distribution, with much wider tails. Thus, men have a greater span of IQ, having more geniuses but also more idiots. Women's normal distribution is narrower, meaning there are few geniuses, but also few idiots. Women are more uniform in their intellectual capacties.

And on average, men and women are equally smart.

And on average, men and women have different smartness. Men are logical (just look at me!), women are verbal (just look at Sinfulangel!). Men tend to prioritize material production (farm the land, build a computer), women tend to prioritize social production (raise babies, arrange meetings, make contacts).

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To defeat a chinese man

try boxing next time, takes less effort that way...
舞我手中霓裳。 "

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They are arrogant indeed and this arrogance from their ignorance.( I mean most of Chinese men and I know them ,but still some men are smart and pleasant.)

Men are really smarter than women? No !

In a sense,men are more self-centred but women scatter their love and attentions to different things. That makes the difference. Men are more likely to concentrate on something which makes them more successful, compared with women.

But women is more nature and sensitive.

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I absolutely agree there are innate differences in men & women, but where did you hear the part about their IQ range being wider? I'm not saying it's not true (yet) I just never heard that anywhere in normal life.

But there's something I do disagree with... from what I can see, the reason there are more men "geniuses" in history IS societal. And although equality for women has certainly come a long way, it is NOT just as easy for women to get as far as men these days. I was just watching a documentary on Einstein, and he often turned to his wife to bounce ideas off of and to check his arithmetic, presumably up to a calculus-or-so level (?). So she was CAPABLE of doing what he was doing, but just didn't share his brain and therefore didn't come up with the same ideas herself, but that doesn't mean she wasn't as smart as he was. She was also spending her time cleaning the floor and cooking the food, etc. This may be an example that's hard to prove, but it's just an example, food for thought.

Women today, even in the Americas & Europe (where we are supposedly all free), are OFTEN, I repeat VERY OFTEN kept down once they get near a high position. Not always, but very often. Just because a few women manage to somehow get through the glass ceiling doesn't mean all women are perfectly free to do so. I have seen, in my own life and from observing others, that many men treat women as if they are not as smart as men, and therefore they (these biased men in higher positions) are more likely to choose male candidates for jobs, listen to male opinions over female's, give men more credit than women for the same results. IT HAPPENS. A LOT. I'm not just a whining feminist (I'm much more), I do agree there are differences, but there IS definitely discrimination that goes on, which does keep women with lower pay and less chances at high positions.

White men don't rule the free world because they're smarter, they rule it because they're arrogant stupid jerks. (HA! I said it! )
(I know you didn't say they did)
I am not rich.  :L

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