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Stuff I made

Left to right....

Black Jade with platinum crystals freeform....

Nephrite Jade with Quartz inclusion sphere.......

Dark Nephrite Jade sphere with sterling necklace........

Amethyst sphere.........

Spear point Black Jade........

A lot of Chinese Jade is Jadite which is basically aluminum silicate whereas Nephrite Jade is chemically actinolite or a form of asbestoes........No not the exact thing.

Nephrite is considerably harder than Jadite. Some prefer one over the other.

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My first piece

I made this when I was 6 years old.....

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I meant more than "wow". Don't hit enter in the subject line.

That's pretty darn good for a 6 yr old. Basically all I did was buy two pieces of stone (don't remember what kind, but one red & one blue for a korean "yinyang") that were already smooth. I picked out ones that looked like they'd fit together nicely after shaping them. I used diamond bits on a dremel tool and dremel'd my little heart out on the porch for hours, several times, until they were each the shape of half a yinyang & they fit together. Then I carved a groove around the outer edge and held them together with a strip of silver. Wish I had a picture.

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It is the effort and desire to make something beautiful that is important.

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Yes, absolutely. Here's what happens to me:
- I get an idea to make something.
- I make it. It's challenging, I totally completely enjoy doing it, and usually turns out really well.
- A few people see it & like it and ask for one, or say I should go into business with it.
- I make a few more (or no more) but it just ain't the same.
- I am bored of it and do nothing, or something else.
- Repeat. Many times.

I have sculpted with clay, weaved a couple baskets, embroidered, crocheted, painted & drawn with various media, banged into soft sheet metal to make a design, macrame'd lots of different ways, made a lamp out of a beer can, edited video, printed my own photos in a darkroom, dabbled in calligraphy, done beadwork, made a formica topped school desk, made a small table with a tile & slate top (you can write on it with chalk), made clothes, greeting cards, origami, papercuts, hmm... what else? I have done all these things ONCE. Ok, some more than once, but not much. Am I bragging? NO because I QUIT them ALL!!! LOL!!! I am a quitter!!! (no I don't really think like that)
I love trying new things, I love the challenge, I love the feeling of accomplishment... but then when I know I can do it and get bored of it, or if my spirit is not in it (like if it was my *job* and I was being *told* to do it) it's just not as fun anymore so I move on.
My spirit is into it if:
It's new
It's challenging
I'm doing it for someone as a gift
I'm learning
It's for a special reason.

What of the other side of the coin? What *if* I did these things for a living? Is it possible to still have it be fun and exciting? Am I too .... impatient or selfish?

Does anyone out there do these sort of things every day and not get tired of it? Sometimes I feel guilty because I know I am capable of such things, but I only use my ability in small ways. I use it on special occasion, or only for myself or my family. Well, one job of mine does include doing a craft with other people about once/month or less. That's good I suppose, but it's not much.  

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You are right brained...........Who says women can't do things.

It is not a question of sex, it's a question of desire to do so.......Anyone can do anything they want if they have the desire.
You are the kind of woman a man can appreciate.

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