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My son's 14 and he LOVES getting gift certificates. Being that teenagers are picky, this is a good fun route because they like to choose their own things, and it's like money. Get one to a clothing store she likes (also maybe for CD's?) and let her go on a mini-shopping-spree. You don't even have to go, let Mom & daughter go together.

Heck, get them each a small item so they have a "thing" to unwrap, which is always fun, and give them each a GC for the same clothes store as their bigger gift. ...Or the store plus lunch at a place nearby - a lady's day out. That'd be fun if I was a mom - oh wait, I am.

Ok,ok, this is getting better... are you saying their b-days are together? Give them one box that says "ladies only" or "Girl's Day Out" or something cute or clever. They will open the box together, and inside is a small separate gift for each, a generous clothes GC for each (same place if possible), and a lunch GC or cash for lunch. What else..... I don'tknow how rich you are... maybe a box of candy for them to share, a simple but inspiring book they might both like, or one for each (those Chicken Soup ones? or a little book about how great it is to be a mom or wife...) or maybe small book store GC's too, just enough for one book each if youre' giving the other stuff.... I think a joint gift (or part of it being joint) might be nice so that they can feel that you respect their bond as mother & child who were together before you came along. I know you're a loving family now together, but as women and as mother/daughter it would be fun and good for them to know that they can still have their own bond as well, and that you respect that space and their love for each other.

OR.... *sigh*gotta type fast... do something for mom & yin, AND would it be weird for you to do something just for you & yin? A father/daughter afternoon? You can do a "guy" thing, like let her pick out something for that car you're gonna fix up for her, and also do a "girl" thing... uh... I don't know what. Or just a guy thing. And maybe slip your wife a little ~love coupon~ on the side when yin's not looking... a free massage sorta thang....

ok enough thinking out loud. Keep us posted! Oh, and Happy Birthday! (ya get any senior discounts yet? LOLOLOL!!!!!)

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 1-6-2006 14:35
My son's 14 and he LOVES getting gift certificates. Being that teenagers are picky, this is a good fun route because they like to choose their own things, and it's like money. Get one to a clothing ...

I agree with freakyzqi, spritrace.  Slingshots, etc, are out now.

Kids are picky...get the the wrong CD, the wrong style shirt, etc, you're never gonna hear the end it.  It's a girl, so she's going to want someting that makes her feel pretty....let her decide brother.

Not to mention it gives the purchasing power to them...ahhh, empowerment.  She will thank you. :)

BTW, spiritrace, how's the weather up there?  It's hotter than Sunday shyte down here!

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Normal gift get special effect

Sample Text
Women are always pay more attention on details. I think you should try to find out what she does really need or something she wanna have for a long time. You don't need to buy much expensive present for her. Just try to make her happy, perhaps sit around and do nothing but accompany her whole day is greatest!

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in my mind

In fact,in china,especially nowaday,it is hard to compare them.who is the most important one?I believe that kid's birthday is most important now.

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Father and Mother!

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All you guys and girls have some really cool ideas.....

Weather? Colder than a well diggers butt.......about 15-20 F every night. That's about -10 to -8 C for the metric people.
The gifts in a box idea is really them. They love to rat through all my stuff. A box just for them would be natrual for them. Ah yeah, momma was looking at diamonds a few days ago..... Hmmm  we shall see on that one. Daughter has clothes that she doesn't even wear now. But she is aSpongebob freak....

Getting suprises for these two is hard.... They opened their Christmas stuff a week early..... I picked up a double German Chocolate Cake to freeze and it's half gone already. Our daughter swears that if you don't eat that kind of Cake as soon as you hit the door to your house it will disintigrate and go bad very quickly in  Minutes! It must be eaten right away..... So I guess I will bake a Cake for them on their birthdays two cakes apparently. Lots of Chocolate....

Funny you mention Jade, I have literally thousands of pounds of Jade and a lot that is already made up into Jewelry. (I had a little jade shop) They have enough jade to pay off the national debt.(they both prefer silver) I had some choice leftovers from my shop. I made a lot of jade jewelry. I told them to take what they wanted. Should have seen the looks on their faces. Like a girl in a Cholocate factory.....

You are all giving me some good ideas. One or the other is always with me and it's hard to get things for the for suprises.

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I'm a choco-holic too at times. My b-day's coming up if ya got any extra jade laying around... (heehee, actually it's not coming up at all).

Keep us updated on what you end up doing, now that you've piqued our curiousity. (Well, mine anyway!)


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