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Chinese table manners...? [Copy link] 中文

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Recently someone posted a list of "western" table manners. I was wondering if someone could do the same for Chinese table manners, or just tell me some. I have some questions to get you started.....

1 - I have heard Americans say Chinese people eat like slobs, and I have heard Chinese people say Americans eat like slobs. In both cases these were the reasons: "shoveling food into their mouths", and "eating with their hands". I found that funny, that both say the same thing! Of course their are slobs in every country.
QUESTION #1: In China, what foods are ok to eat with your hands? Please think about all meals, including desserts and snacks. Also think about the situation - in public, at someone's house, etc.

  2 - In America, when being polite (maybe not at home) there are small things to do or not do. We put our napkin on our lap. We wait until everyone has been served before eating. We try not to make too much noise while eating, or talk with our mouths full. We are told not to rest our elbows on the table. Are these things true in China? What other ones are there in China?

3 - CHOPSTICKS - I heard there are polite and impolite ways of placing your chopsticks when you're done, or if you put them down briefly. What ways are ok or not ok to place your chopsticks?

4 - What if food is too big, like a big dumpling or bok choy? Is it inappropriate to pick it up with chopsticks and take a bite? Someone told me not to do this.

5 - I've heard of serving food with the big end of chopsticks. What if there's now sauce all over the ends of your chopsticks? Do you just leave it there? Or wipe it off on your napkin?

Some of these may be silly questions, but thank you for answering them, and please add anything else... maybe about when a guest comes over, or you are a guest in someone else's house.

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Freaky, there are some websites that address your questions.

I would highly recommend practicing with the chopsticks.

We have a Chinese/American household and at home they rules can be broken. Like stabbing food with a chopstick..... Still not nice to do. I stab with one chopstick and hold it with the other so everyone thinks I am doing it properly. I learned that one from my Chinese daughter.

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Reply #1 freakyqi's post

Look at CD Home page under Living in China.
I think it is do and don't. the chopstick and teapots mentioned!!!

When or who taught you Taichi???
Number of steps?

I find it refreshing after doing 37 steps in about 10 minutes every morning!!!
Keeps me strong for the whole day!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Hi Guys,
I did a search for chinese table manners, but many were very short and incomplete... after a dozen+ sites from google, and learning many things, most of my above questions were still not answered. The chopsticks questions were answered, but I didn't read anything about my other questions.
The page you mentioned (caringhk) is for western table manners, but thanks!

So I'm still hoping for some replies!

[CARINGHK-I do 24 & 37, I learned 48 but I never do it so I forgot. My teacher here in the US is from Shanghai, I've been with her for almost 10 years. I don't do it enough. I make excuses about not having enough time, but I know I'm lying, I could find the time! I did taiji on vacation in Xi'an, there is a picture of it under "pictures", page 4 or 5 maybe. Do you only do 37? I found that in China many people didn't know 37, I was surprised. How long have you been doing it?]

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A few don'ts

Don't stick your chop sticks up your nose and make a sound like a walrus......

Don't use your chopsticks to scratch your butt.........or an itch inside your shoe......

Don't use your chopsticks to swordfight with the person across from you..........

Don't curl a chopstick under your nose with your lip to make it look like a moustache......

Don't stick them in your hair in the back of your head and act like a martian.......or insect antennae.........

Don't tweak a girl's ..........nevermind about that one.........

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Ohhh!!!!! Those are ALL the things we do with them in america!!!! Darn!

(wait, stick them up your nose? Please! I'm not that rude - I stick them between my upper lip & teeth for the walrus impression)

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what about spoons....
In college alone and I am loving it. ^^

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