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Let's make distribution of national wealth among people !!! [Copy link] 中文

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by making them earn enough money via productivity improvements, skills be able to spend on consumer goods and services....

and that'll make your rich richer also..

ha ha ha economic pyramid..ha ha....but the poor guys will be contented with their lifestyle and family.....while the rich guys probably will live in very congested cities and have very stressed lives...ha in Tokyo, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore or New York....and that'll be very fair....indeed.

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<There is no mistake here - THE WEALTHY COUNTRIES lives "stressed lifes", trying to keep ahead!>
Make no mistake on the MEANING OF RICH!


Green DRagon
Home Guards

<at least we have prepared the MALAYAN SINGAPORE BORNEO federation from all the nonsense>

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Here's my break down...

There will always be poor. You always need poor. Just how many people need to be
poor that is the question.

"and that'll make your rich richer also."

If the rich are getting richer at the same pace the poor are getting richer than we have a

Me thinks that :

20% - Poor
60% - Middle class
20% - Rich or upper middle class.

The middle class is very important. If not enough middle-class than this is a great
risk to the rich.  The middle class is a buffer to the rich. To small of a buffer and someone,
somehow, might get a sucker punch in on that rich guy.

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Please don't negate Communism.

With widening gap between haves and have-nots, some short-sighted guy negate the system of Communism.Which is none-sense and worthless.As we known, the key assignment of our nation is developing,kind of problems appears with the process of development, just then,if you stop walking ahead,you are really failure.
The widening gap between haves and have-nots is a temporary phenomena,Pls see through it clearly and then go ahead bravely.

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Face reality or Dream Eutopia.

60%middle class

Seems like a decent social diamond to me.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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eyeofstorm, you said:

60%middle class

Seems like a decent social diamond to me.

I guess this would depend on which group you were in, right?  I mean, if you were in the bottom group, would you really think that this is a "decent social" system (diamond)?

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Originally posted by yschoe426 at 2005-12-27 02:01
All nations have to tackle the problem of income disparity between Urban and Rural population. This is an age old social problem for mankind.

One of the solution was implementing Communism for d ...

Why do you possess distorted opinion to our current socical phenomenon, I am not sure? The economic development difference between costal city and hinterland really exist, it's normal, and is the necessary result driven by China current policy, deepening and expanding reform and open to the world. Most of fortune belongs to minority, just like capitalism society.  We cannot  fall back, just go on

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A great man once said....

"to make the rich richer..... have to make the poor richer.....
....can't u guys figure out that logic???????......

think! think! think! " in Trickle-down economics.:)

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