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Let's make distribution of national wealth among people !!! [Copy link] 中文

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big gap between rich and poor

the gap between the rich and the poor is wide and continueously widening!
the rich makes money easier and easier but the poor lives harder and harder.
i was born and brought up in the rural area. and i felt farmers' life has changes greatly from 1994-1996 under the booming of chinese economy. however, farmers' life become much harder since 1996 even though chinese economy continues developing.
sure, farmers don't  have to worry their shelters, clothes and food (no starvation). but they have no money. they have to be worried about the money used for next year's farming, their children's schooling, marriage,and houses.
yeath, chinese economy is developing rapidly esp can produce very cheap products. who benifit from chiniese manufacturing? we chinese or foreingers who are always shouting antidumping, raising tarriffs. they get cheap commodities and don't appreciate us but complaining. who does't chinese government care about its own people's wellfares?
the big population also can make big consuming powing.

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to make the rich richer..... have to make the poor richer.....

....can't u guys figure out that logic???????......

think! think! think!

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The wealth gap will forever be there.... is present in all nations...

don't chase your own tail....this is the ECONOMIC escape from the RULE OF NATURE......

it is always top 10% will be 10x wealthier than the bottom escape whether communist, socialist, jewish ....or what other stupid name you call it.....


The CORRECT WAY, the way of the to make life of the bottom 10% excellent!

eg. giving Patani people 2 hectare of land to plant rice
       do not block them from building nice homes on their own land.
       do not take away their land....

etc. etc. etc........

and the China, it can get ridiculous, only mountain people can get those idiots the British conned into rebellion!

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka, Tokyo. Taipei and cannot even afford a car...not the price of the car but there is no roads, no parking live in cramped places and spend half your career paying off the housing loans.


our society is well protected by ANGELS and their helpers....


Cheeky Green Dragon

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Sun Tzu Antisocialism

The economic wargame cannot be escaped without changing human nature which is extremely unlikely, but you can teach everyone to play the game better.  Accounting is nothing but some 700 year old 5th grade arithmatic and should be mandatory for every child, but what nation does this?  Most accounting books don't even contain a good diagram of cash flow.  Like this:

Or a basic training manual: ... icwargam179613.html

Kill an economist for KKK
Karl, Kenneth & Keynes

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The Cause of Corruption....

Originally posted by yschoe426 at 2005-12-27 05:06
Capitalism is not the pancia for all. it is not one size fits all. It must be defined within the current situation of and cutural
charactisitc of that particula nation. Another  words, modified C ...

yschoe426, unfortunately, one of the main causes of corruption is the preponderance of laws.  Allowing the free market system to function, via the respecting of property rights, is one of the fundamental aspects of the Rule of Law.  (Of course, another is that ALL MEN are to be treated equally under the law - WITHOUT respect to their position or power.)

The fact that men are greedy is a basic human trait, no different than eating.  Every additional law, expands the opportunity for corruption.  It's comparable to putting more food in front of a fat person, and then not expecting him to eat it.

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Black Cat / White Cat....Altruism Vs. Own Self-Interest

Originally posted by greendragon at 2006-2-15 12:46 have to make the poor richer.....

....can't u guys figure out that logic???????......

think! think! think!

Green Dragon, thanks.  That makes a great quote!  One great quote deserves another:  

After WWII, "Americans had to spend their resources on the improvement of other peoples in their own interest..."  

You can read the full article here:

When the rich people begin to, in greendragon's words, think! think! think! then they will see that it is in their own self-interest to help the poor.  Their motivation will still be their own well-being, but 'black cat or white cat', as long as the livelihoods of the poor are improved, who cares what their motivation is?

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The question is how

" have to make the poor richer....."

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