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Do you own a car in China? [Copy link] 中文

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come back when you finish high school

So the 17 year old high school student from Canada drives a four cylinder Toyota.  Congratulations, you have
our respect for that but as an older high school student you should know to provide proof.  I find no credibility
in your word that the majority of cars in the US or Canada are four cylinder.

Your excuses for not riding bicycle are very, very lame.  If you knew anything about China you would know that
even though there are a lot of bicycle lanes, life for all bicycle riders is much more dangerous than in North
America.  Also if riding bicycle in North America is so dangerous, the obvious question is, what makes it so
dangerous?  The answer to that is, the drivers of automobiles!  I don't know about the traffic laws in your
homeland of Canada but in the majority of states in the United States, bicycles have the right to be in the
same place on the road as automobiles (except on freeways) and enjoy the same rights also.  In regards to
your silly comment about bike helmets, they are not required by law to be worn in the United States and even
if they are in Canada (which I doubt)  wah wah wah, you poor thing!  The far majority of Canada is north of my
home state of Minnesota and nowhere in Minnesota is it too hot to wear a bicycle helmet even in the
when students are not going to school!  As far as your ridiculous statement about "showers", do you think
the vast number of Chinese students who ride bicycle to school, take a shower when they get to school?  Of
course they don't!  They get along just fine.   As a matter of fact, the sale of deodorant is less than miniscule
in China in comparison to the West and I guarantee you that the Chinese youth enjoy social and sex lives
just as healthy if not more so than their Western counterparts!

"why bike when I can drive"  If you need to ask this question, I truly feel sorry for you.  Then you have not
ecological basics in all your education.  The use of internal combustion engines is one of the biggest
ecological problems in the world.  The internal combustion engine is a dinosaur that needs to be put to
death!  The sooner people realize this the better it will be not just for your generation but for the generation
that you are likely to help produce.  Try to understand this if you can - the amount of fossil fuels in existence
is limited.  The sane thing to do would be to realize this and begin to plan for the time when the supplies run
out, not to wait until that happens!

"You'd drive too if you were me"  Here is where you are dead wrong.  Although I have owned many vehicles in
my life and driven thousands and thousands of miles, the amount of miles that I drive today is very, very
small.  I take mass transit whenever that is an option (much more opportunity for that when I am in China
than when I am in my home in the States) and I wholeheartedly encourage my way of thinking whenever I am
talking with anyone who I have influence over or who is willing to listen to reason.  I am ashamed of the
amount of the world's resources that my country and the West in general wastes in relation to their
population.  I am ashamed that the president of my country treats the Kyoto treaty with such disdain.  I am
ashamed that my country goes around the world taking resources from other countries without putting
anything back into their economies.

In regards to China and greenhouse gases, that is a very subjective analysis.  Even if what your "source" says
is true (which I don't believe) there are many reasons.  One is that China has four times the population as the
United States is a land mass that is smaller.  Another is that China is very, very dependent on coal, which is
one of the dirtiest energy sources, for it's energy.  It has to be as that is a fuel source that it has of it's own!
Also, if you knew anything about China (which the majority of North Americans don''t) you would know that a
lot of Chinese live in climates without any heat in their homes or businesses in the same climates that North
Americans bask in overheated buildings.  An immense amount of fuel could be saved in North America if
citizens would be satisfied with having their thermostats set at sixty degrees and put on a sweater but of
course they don't.  Many Chinese would love to just be able to have heaters that would keep their homes and
businesses at fifty degrees!!!

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What you said is true. You win.

I'm still driving though.

So whenever you see a piece of information that does not support your own views, you deem it as "not credible"?

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What you said is true. You win.

I'm still driving though.  

says the pot to the kettle.

What gives you the position to even remotely speak of China or other country as greenhouse  gas emitters if your contributing to the problem. If you are part of the problem then you are preaching the wrong gospel.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Because the government of China has taken on the stance that the environment should take a back seat to economic developlement, where as the government of Canada is doing all it can in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of tighter emission regulations and newer technologies.

China will continue to rely on coal as its primary source of energy. Chinese automobiles do not have to conform to the same emmission standards as automobiles in other countries. etc. etc... China is not bound by the Kyoto Protocol because it is classified as a developing country.

Chinese energy-related usage produced 3.541 billion metric tons of CO2, while the U.S. produced 5.796 billion metric tons. Considering the fact that 70% of China is rural, what would happen when China becomes a developed nation and everyone in China produced the same amount of greenhouse gases?

You can read about the hypocracy here:

If you have to drive, the least you can do is to make sure your vehicle produces as little emissions as possible. I'm doing my part by having my vehicle maintained so it passes the government emission standards.

Here's a Chinese truck:
Here's what they do when they are driven:

Read this too: ... p;objectid=10362980

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to "yanyin" - I have no idea what you mean when you write "you win".  My purpose in writing what I did was
never to "win" anything.  It was only to engage in reasonable discussion.

No, whenever I see "a piece of information that does not support your own views" I do not deem it to be "not
credible".  On the other hand when "a piece of information" is posted and I don't agree with it, I will not let it
go without a challenge.  I have searched and searched for facts concerning the amount of vehicles of
particular cylinder size but I have been unsuccessful.  However I still do not believe that the majority of
vehicles in the West are 4 cylinders.

"Canada is doing all that it can"  That is your opinion and not a fact.  You must learn the difference.  Many
people (especially in third world countries) would disagree with your assertion.

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don't worry about it

it is not necessary to worry about it. i have chat with a car saleman,he said that the car manufacturers to depress the car price through choose to use some cheap fittings,so your car is worthiness.:)

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I am absolutely looking forward to own a private car all over my life

but the wealth earned by hard wording  is too little to purchase a car
in the other way ,I don't abandon the possession  by the low price of car
but my money was losing in the globalism which brings RMB to rise

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