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what is your blood type [Copy link] 中文

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i am AB,hehe

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Originally posted by nokiadsj at 2005-12-18 09:06
my grandpa,grandma,father,mother,they're both "O".so I have no chance to be others.hehe~~~~~~~

but i don't know which my blood type is.

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easy job, Ybtlover

if you can tell me what blood types  your parents' are, i can figure out some choices for you

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I think mine is O positive

I think my blood type is O positive.

Blood typing is an interesting aspect of human evolution.  Race is analogous to breed in that reproduction between humans of different races can occur like dogs of different breeds can have puppies togeth, while reproduction bewteen species like apes and humans won't work.  However, the commonality of humans falters in the need for identification among humans in blood type.  If we are so similar genetically that blacks, whiles, asians, and others can all reproduce new humans together, why is our blood so dissimilar, and dissimilar between racial categories within the human population?  All humans have the same heart, lungs, and kidneys, but not the same type of blood.

I'm not positing an indicator that Darwinism fails to explain blood types.  Do primates and reptiles have blood type groupings?  If humans cannot swap blood universally but can reproduce universally among races, then can some blood types between humans and animals be interchangable even while humans and other species cannot reproduce?

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mine is AB.
I don't like it that people consider the group of people with blood type AB eccentrics.
sometimes when people apply for a job, the interviewer asks the interviewees' blood type, and then judge the their personalities by it. I don't  like the bias.

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Cheer up, Otily5

According to my observation, Candidates of AB type  are very popular when they apply for a job
Dont worry about that, but surely i agree with you. Bias of any kind is disgusting

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otily -

Are you serious??? Employers ask your blood type??? Oh no! What would they think of me being O negative? What does O negative say about me?

matt -
Interesting points. Actually humans cannot always successfully reproduce because of blood type.

positive blood means it contains the rhesus factor.
negative blood means it does not contain the rhesus factor.

If the rhesus factor gets into a person without it (a negative person) their body will make antibodies against it, which will cause problems. For details, look it up, that's all I remember, but here's what happens:

I am O negative, so when I was pregnant and the father's blood was positive, there was a chance the baby's blood could be either positive or negative. If it would be positive, and he is in my body, there is a SLIGHT chance that his blood might get into mine (through certain test procedures, trauma, freaky ways, etc). So when I was pregnant (or right after) I got a shot that took care of any antibodies my body may have made.

It seems pretty rare, but it is possible that a "negative" mother can have problems because of breeding with a "positive" male.

positive mother: not a problem
negative mother with negative father: not a problem
negative mother with positive father: maybe a problem
I am not rich.  :L

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