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Originally posted by flyingdance at 2005-12-17 15:19
I think it will be more effective to improve our English if we try to read news on English native website ,such as USA and UK.
But could you please recommend some good website of English countries ...

Instead of listing all the foreign newspaper sites here, I like to point you to again.  See what I found after putting the search words:- "newspaper sites".


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Apologies to China Daily

Originally posted by huang262 at 2005-12-17 14:56
Regarding mainland websites, the standard of English at China Daily, Xinhua, etc, is good but some bad English does slip in occasionally. (It happens at the BBC too, though much less frequently!)

I overlooked the fact that I am posting here in a forum sponsored by China Daily.  I should re-word my line like this:-

"We should make the best endeavor to read native English speaker country English newspaper sites, including our own English paper sites like China Daily."

I agree that from time to time we come across badly written newspaper articles.  One forumite here actually got lost when he picked up a bad one and raised a query in this forum.

I could only conclude that the paragraph was so badly written and the proofreaders/editors all failed to pick it up.   The South China Morning Post occasionally carry typos and errors, and these seem to have stepped up since an online version was introduced.

I talked to  a few persons about this.  The conclusion is that these mistakes creep in as they are now maintaining both a print version and a website version.  

What do you think?  Is this acceptable?

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Blogs maintained by native English speakers

If we are really serious about learning how to express ourselves in real English (as opposed to Chinglish), we can go over these blogs to see how English is being used to express ideas or relay things.

No pain, no gain!    Read, read, read, ...


Fri 16 Dec 2005
Personal Blog Now Back Up!
Posted by Richard Callaby under Internet

Well I have started my personal blog page again. After a brief break from the blogosphere I came back to it after the APress invitation to start a blog on their site. This got me thinking that I should really start my personal blog back up again and so I have. I will of course cross post as much as possible between the two, simply to reach the widest audience.

Anyways my personal blog can be reached at:

and you can subscribe to my blog here:

More to come soon! This weekend I just plan on writing some articles and posting them up as soon as I get them finished.

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I'd like more friends to read Martin's post...

I consider myself a disciple of the old young chap Martin(modoinit), here's the story between him and I:

Roughly three years back, I was very much frustrated with my own English learning. Although I worked hard, I didn't see myself making any noticeable progress. Under tremendous pressure from my parents' high expectations and my own desire, I nearly crushed down and decided to give up learning for some time and get some air out of the campus.

So I skipped classes and played cyber games in an Internet cafe not far from the campus. I played day and night but still don't feel relaxed. On the one hand, those who were around me were truly 'beatniks' of my generation. They smoked heavily and shouted dirty words when playing CS (a bloody and violent game). I felt out of place among them. On the other hand, I got bored playing games online.

Finally I found myself reading on an international English learning forum. A member raised a question about how to do fast-reading, so I keyed in a few lines as suggestions and left. The next day, I logged into that forum again out of curiosity, say, I wanted to know how things went on after the others had read my suggestions. What I saw indeed changed my life -- a member named Martin replied my suggestion in the following words that I would never forget:

"Steven, your English is absolutely not acceptable by my standard. Your English is simply Chinglish!"

I was enraged by his words because nobody criticized my English like that! My English at that time might not be good enough but that was all I got, I couldn't bear Martin's harsh criticism.

However, I noticed Martin also added a very long essay following that topic. Guess what? That essay was a rewrite of my passage! He offered his way of putting the same idea and that was amazing! My anger was replaced by joy, I read his rewrite again and again and for the first time I found how interesting English writing could be; sometimes simply changes the order of words can make the expression much more idiomatic and readable.

I then tried to contact Martin and kept sending him my compositions. He turned out to be a very gentle and cultivated businessman living in Hong Kong SAR. He, as a proficient user if English, was glad to help a serious English learner like me and rewrote all my compositions. As you can imagine, I benefited a lot from his unselfish tutoring.

Thus, whenever my friends or schoolmates approached me and asked for my way of learning English; I told them the above story, and encouraged them to start writing in English. I did so because I want to pass on Martin's unselfish spirit and I certainly did everything within my capacity to help my peer learners.

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Steven Lee living in Dalian~

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