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Stop using Japanese goods [Copy link] 中文

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Japanese Goverment is our enemy!

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Originally posted by vegas_chang at 5-7-2006 06:19
Japanese Goverment is our enemy!

From your tone, I would suggest you are an enemy of the Chinese people for saying such stupid things.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Chinese need to stop blaming Japanese for all the SELF-INFLICTED problems brought upon themselves these past decades.

Self-examination is greatly sought for the entire Chinese race often perceived as FILTHY PEOPLE,NO SELF-RESPECT,and LACK OF SELF-EXAMINATION ON BAD CULTURAL SHORT-COMINGS known around the world.

It's STUPIDITY to purchase second-rate S Korean made products to despise Japan or JAPANESE.

Most S Koreans do not like Chinese people,mercilessly bad-mouth Chinese for all imaginable undesirable cultural behaviors they can think of.

SPINELESS Chinamen need to stop acting like " SORE LOSERS ",for it's quite embarrasing.

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right right right ....very right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are right,i agree with you!!!
we should always remember the histroy.
and we should alsyo always remember that the japanese never can be the kind real human.

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Cultural differences are insurmountable

Japs are born warmongers. WW1,WW2, and WW3?
Amerikan cowboy are crude and rude. Cowboy culture never change. They will want to make war and kill to get what does not belong to them, in the same way they killed and took from the Amerikan Indians.

It is culture. It is cultural differences that divide the war into civilized and cowboy behaviors.

Chinese ought to be proud of superior Chinese culture that teaches patience, honesty, peace, humility, kindness.  China was on the good side during WW1 and WW2, and will continue to be on the good side in WW3.

               Be Chinese, be smart and be proud.  Keep Your Chinese Values and Use them Wisely

Chinese culture teaches moral values such as humility, honesty, diligence, hard work, respect for the elderly, peace, self-restraint, and so on.  In my experience the Chinese cultural and moral values are closely similar to the teachings of major religions that promote good virtues.

The American culture with a short two hundred plus years of history is quite different.  American cultural values developed from its short but brutal history.  First of all, it started with land grabbing and the nearly genocidal killings of native Americans.  Secondly, it was the unsophisticated cowboys who  expanded from the east coast colonies to the west coast.  The cowboy mentality is very much alive in today’s America.  Thirdly, following the slaughter of the original inhabitants, Americans imported black slaves from Africa, and engaged feverishly in enslaving black Africans in Africa, and the openly condoned and publicly permitted slave trades from Africa to America.

Slave trade was so "fashionable" in American culture such that even the famous American president George Washington kept a houseful of slaves to serve him.  Despite lip service, Washington did not set his slaves free, obviously for self-serving purposes, until he was near death.  So, Washington took advantage of the American culture at that time until the last day when the Devil was about to fetch his soul.

If you preach peace and self-restraint, Americans may not understand you.  They understand only the phrase “in the best American interests”, and think that should override your interests.  They understand hegemony but not globally multi-polar, equitable and peaceful coexistence.  They over-spend their government budget to build up their armed forces to accomplish their goal of global hegemony.  This mindset is a complete opposite to the Chinese cultural concept of “sweeping my own front porch” and not minding what’s going on down the street.

In today’s world there are warmongers who make troubles.  Chinese should arm themselves very well, and practice “active defense” to keep troublemakers from coming close to the front door.  Well, this may not be good enough.  “Active defense” should be practiced to drive troublemakers away from the street.  Chinese should get rid of the traditional mentality that action is needed only when the troublemakers breaks down the front door and enters the house.

Humility is an unknown virtue in today's American culture.  If a Chinese guy would courteously say to an American: " I am not so good, and I need to learn from you."  What he gets is despise and depreciation.  Instead of praising him for his humility, the American would think that this guy is useless, incapable, meek, stupid, and inscrutable. So, don’t waste your good virtue of humility on Americans who have never been taught to understand the word humility from childhood to adulthood.  Try it on the next American you meet and watch his expression carefully.
Chinese culture teaches honesty and condemns lying. Not so in the American culture.  Since childhood, they are taught to be “smart”, that is, lie legally, and don’t get caught.  American kids think if you lie and don’t get caught, you are okay. American lawyers, and politicians lie all the time, part of their jobs.  (Think of Washington politicians who preaches “democracy” to the world but practices “hegemony” with hysteria.) While Chinese culture imbeds a guilty conscience for lying, Americans make lying a way of life and can lie casually in everyday life.
Keep the good Chinese virtues in your everyday life.  While away from home, use them wisely and don’t waste them on animals.

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Reply #40 myfriend's post

The same Ah-Q logic as the Japanese butchers and American ones

If you do understand Chinese virtues,you may know there's a saying by Confucius "和而不同". 和means 'peaceful coexistence or integration.And 不同means keep your difference.The whole sentence can be interpreted as 'We may be quite different from each other,but we still can coexist peacefully on this planet and give each other positive influnce.---Sorry,my translation is not good enough to do this significant saying of Confucius.

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curb the janpanese goods

i really support your proposal, i  appeal we are standing together to curb the Japanese goods.

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