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Is there anything we should learn from today's China? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2005-12-19 11:35
Right on Zeoblade.....

BTW cold sores,herpes is part of STD.....

I always learn about morals from China.
Good we absorb,bad we discard.

Kind regards

That I already know by now but in english sometimes the comma, "," can act as a bracket, "();" so if it makes more sense, substitute the commas for brackets. It makes more sense because cold sores are a type of Herpes.

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Reply #36 zeoblade's post

Thxs for the tips about brackets!!!

I was n't that precise!!!

Glad that you know more!

Kind regards
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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just like a member abovesaid: each county experieced the ups and downs,  China is not world-class leader now,  are you sure it is impossibility?

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Haha, not one can be sure. Only an arrogant fool would think they are sure

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Learn a different life

The writer of this thread is either over egoistic or over marinated by distorted media spill for the China obsession. That explains well how easily Japan is manipulated by western media and swells on their own fake ego.
First of all, he already noted that ‘some’ members like Wchao37, Wchao37 doesn’t represent the 1,3 billion Chinese. Many posters wrote screaming lines like China is superpower are not even Chinese.
The majority of the Chinese are humble and like to keep low profile to make ends meet in their chosen simple lives, often keep their wealth for the younger generation or generating new wealth by investment at new business, they just simply enjoy working, sometimes, profits don’t matter a lot to them, but more important is the sign of prosperity to see living activities going busy, to see peace and harmony fill the air we breathe, every successful city on the planet we see the presence of Chinese. Apart from the young generation, most tend to avoid modern technology, that explains somehow China has not invested too much in advanced edge technology in the recent past. The space program is nothing new, China was pioneer in astronautic science since millenia ago.
The phenomenon of “China ’s rise” was hyped up by US to create fear factor, it diffuses this threat throughout all western media, so that the developed nations share a hint of fear and help to propagate the smear campaigns. The rise of a country is something normal, like India, Brazil, why China is singled out? Many Chinese I met had no idea that the world was getting so obsessed of China, some modest ones even asked humbly if we’ve heard of Zhejiang, Wuhan, or ShenZhen. It’s surely beyond their imagination that China’s map is detailed into each square inch by most Western government radars for all sort of scrutiny like what they did before the invasion of China in 19th / 20th century.
Of course, the worst of all is China’s neighbor, Japan, who betrayed and sold China out to western countries for the preparation of invasion. This alone, is enough to make Japan the most despicable country in the world, I wonder what is there for us to learn from Japan, I should think Japan provides a model of many things that we should not learn from.
The countries that the writer listed is a shame list, these are the countries who had looted much wealth from China, used the labors for their primary industries, used the looted wealth for research and development, now used political games to set up barriers to prevent China from doing high-tech development. All countries improve themselves by sharing technology, such as Japan, it learned all modern development from other countries, even its culture is copied from other nations.
At least, China has attained its wealth and progressed on developments without looting or invading other countries, is resiliently earning its progress from basics through hard work, vigorous education, strong ethics in life, patience and intelligence to learn to adapt to imported influences from outside world. To put it simply, the Chinese can do most people from developed countries do and they still have the choice of keeping life as simple as possible, no hardship or poverty can kill them. They also have more freedom than others to choose to live life in luxury or modesty, no pressure like those rich from developed countries to work to pay for many artificial rules, materialistic show-off. A recent report showed an old man from China who won a lottery worth millions of yuan, but he donated it all to charity as he said he needed only US$ 74 per month to live comfortably, didn’t need millions.  
One is naïve to extremity to say to learn of gentlemanship in G.Britain, that is a myth in many books and media, many of them were barbarians who were thieves and racists, remains the same today. Just like the nazi party, its members were said to listen to Beethoven and Mozart on daily basis while the genocide of Jews was carrying out in their backyard on their orders.
Though some Chinese are not so refined in the pompous & artificially cultivated fake presentation of manners, Chinese are generally kind, friendly, easy going, unassuming, down to earth, honest , humble, patient and genuinely appreciative of all humans as they are.
Those countries in G8, and other so-called developed nations actually make many poor countries poorer, in reality, even the poor people in these countries are also getting poorer, but we don’t hear much of their voices due to their media discrimination, there’s no surprise that eventually we get to see the racial outbreaks or unrest occurred when they’re squeezed to the limits like those in New Orleans, French outskirts, Italy, Spain, Germany and UK. China on the other hand, is making many poor countries richer and progress better by taking smaller profit margins to help those local development projects, unlike the shark loans given out by those developed nations. China has helped many new companies flourish and provide jobs in poor countries. Unlike the rich nations who offer donations but attach conditions such as opening up wider their local markets for donor countries’ export of dumping goods. Without China, many rich countries also cannot export their products worldwide, how can one expect the poor who earns hardly US$ 30 per month to pay for a computer, telephone, t.v., fridge, motorbike, cooking stove which may amount to 10 years of their salary had these products come from the rich countries.
Throughout SE Asia, a large part of the vibrant cultural legacy and philosophy originate from China and still prevails.
Even in France, many aspects of their cuisine are influenced by China, but they charge it 10 times over by topping up with superfluous décor, it does help to feed on vanity.
China architecture, fashion and interior deco has also been a source of inspiration to many other countries. Martial art is legendary, century after century, still attracts millions from all over the world.
With the abundance of raw materials and low cost for start-up business, many young people are able to exercise creativity and entrepreneurship to the fullest.
China has no wish and no need to go world class, if it happens, so be it, if not, who cares. I think the writer has mixed up hegemony and a successful country, the very idea of being a superpower is against the China’s principle for a peaceful cohabitation with others and maintained a fair and lively activity of exchanges with other countries, it is never in China’s plan to lead the world and stop the rest from catching up like what US did to others. If China is being admired, that’d be a compliment, it’d gladly help others to do the same as what China does. It’s also China’s principle not to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs. In the past, during Tang dynasty, China’s friendship had traveled far and left many pleasant marks in the history of many countries, however, China’s reputation was tarnished when Mongol & Manchu took power. It is also not in China’s interest to force on others to learn what Chinese do, it won’t resort to aggressive tactic like US, force pushing its enterprises such as tobacco, burgers, cars, coca, drug, movies etc and the evangelization onto other countries.
One thing is for sure, when China gets stronger, everyone will feel peace and a change of hawk eyes from US. As facts have shown, US is not a peaceful country, most of the world problems created today rooted from US policy. Japan has helped to make things worse. Many countries want China to rise to counter US aggression, however, that may not be China’s intention to go against US, my personal opinion is US will destroy itself by its own craziness & fanaticism. Japan just waits aside to see who to annex to, like it did in the past, glued to China during Tang dynasty, then switched to Germany when it was at its peak on industrial revolution, now parasite to US, and pondering what to gain from China should China overtake US. That’s the scum exposed of Japan.
The truth is, whether China rises or not, it’ll stay the same in principle, no plan to class itself to any peculiar rank, more likely will open wider arms to welcome others to come and join the party and life in China, the problem is when one gets too generous, it’ll invite envy, jealousy and possibly invasion. That was exactly what happened in the past history.

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What kind of criteria do you have in your mind?


the main problem is lack of calibration and even incorrect measurement.
To use a western mentality to measure Chinese capacity only gives erroneous figures

What standards and criteria do you specifially suggest so that the value of Chinese contributions can be measured in a more accurate and fair term?

when westerners try to criticise China, they have enough social problems as it is than to be concerned with others. Attempting to take the focus off your ugly side by pointing at others

They are simply making suggestions to China on such critical issues like human rights and oppression in China. You can do so too, if the Chinese have any solution to "social problems" and "ugly side" in the West or Japan.

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what to learn from china today?

He's patronising or provocative - mostly the former, IMO. But take it in a positive way. Do not reply in a ranting way, because that will show that you are nationalistic, immature, etc.
He claims that WChao & co thump their chests loudly, which could be true. But it can happen to any country.
I read that one of the famous boasts of the Japanese in the 1980s was that Tokyo was worth the whole state of Florida, and a Japanese businessman foolishly boasted:``America is our market, Asia our resources centre and Europe our boutique.''
The mighty have fallen. The forecast of the American futurologist Herman Kahn, in the 1970s, that the Century of Japan was coming, has failed to pass.
When a country can quantify its achievements and contributions to civilisation, that country's moment has probably passed.
It is true: at the moment, China has no big mark in the modern world, except a lesson on transforming a huge population from poverty into sufficiency, and to turn it into a manufacturing powerhouse.
But China is only in transition. It is already making strides in fields like biotechnology and in `soft power' Chinese cinema is also impacting the world.
Besides, Chinese food has never failed to make the world happy!

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