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Is there anything we should learn from today's China? [Copy link] 中文

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Creationism, Materialism, China, and the World

In another forum a writer was ragging on America and the peoples of America.  This was their subject line at the top of their comments. It pretty much summed up their point of view.

"Amerikan freaks adopt Creationism to Manipulate their People."

That writer knows who they were.

The person who wrote on this was, in short, saying people of China - the proud bearers of a communism, a Godless nation - are better than others because they are not materialistic and that the majority of Americans views of Science, Spiritual Matters, and Religion were based on some perception that humankind was created just five or six thousand years ago.  Below is a response that is a worthy read.  Also this response had gone unchallenged in the previous forum since it had been posted, even the original writer of "Amerikan freaks ..." did not challenge this point of view.  

You might enjoy this.  It pretty much levels the playing field to say, if you think you are all that -- you'd better take a reality check.  Because, this point of view you can take to the bank. And through for you inner self and soul you gain equity.  Keep the faith.  Humankind will evolve and reach new heights as the next generation of those coming into this world preserve such truths as this.  It is really about human culture - and the value of truth, the righteousness of a person's word - and - about the simple fact that as a person's word is no good: they themselves have little worth at all.  Except to learn from them this one lesson ... what not to be like.  In fact, it is you keeping you word that makes you what you are.  It defines good and bad -- like night and day.  As I walk through life I want to be able to trust the people around me.  And the truth or goodness of what is the value of their word is everything.  All people are not fooled by those who would like to fool everyone.  Also this writings below touches on the issue of materialism.  The range is wide as the subject is pointed.  

Creationism, intelligent design, materialism, lies, china, american, and the world ...

Bound and Chained is not where it is at.  Freedom of thoughts are.  Especially when they are founded on truth ... and ... fact

There are a number of things to say about this subject. Creationism is not adopted or believed by any truly intellectual American. It has been and being spun by dogmatic views that are old and not supported by general public. The words these people have attached to it to hide their religious pushyness and poorly founded views are "Intelligent Design." Few know that the people using the term "Intelligent design" for political reasons are people who would like to push a religious view that human life started merely 6000 years ago. "Intelligent Design" as stand alone words on their own would have great merit -- to mean that The Universe has an intelligent design to it and an intelligent reason for why things happen the way they do. Unfortunately the pure meaning to the words "intelligent design" is stuck in the muck of a few bad people. All americans and their viewpoint can not be judged by the small band of creationism believers of deceits. Most americans have a great value for the dinosaur and the fact that all life evolves to greater heights over distances of time, to which we all play a part. There is a great little writing at on Darwin, Intelligent Design, and the workings of all the Universe known as "The Highest Order." You might find it interesting. And also you will see it supports the fact that ALL americans do not buy into -- beliefs -- that have no foundation of truth. Some of the great Americans, like great people anywhere in the world, do believe in truth and that truth and honesty have more meaning than any false or fake things can. To put down an american or any person because of an ill founded prejudice makes the the person doing that equally as stupid as the person who thinks creationism is what is real. The Universe does have its own Intelligent Design and it has little to do with those who misuse those words or people who would bring children up on a creationism belief used to manipulate the minds of people that may be vital to the future. As far as materialism, give us a break. Americans are not any more materialistic than any other person in other countries. As the example many china born people go to America even by securing visas through fraud to have the material things they can in America. An example is the story of where a Chinese shanghai hostess used and betrayed the honorable goodness thought to be in the heart of asian people to suck all the material gain she could get by entering America and using a marriage to get what she wanted while breaking every promise made and oath taken.  And then went on to prove -as a real life example- that the word of a china born person is less than worthless. Excuses are many but the truths have been told by this person's own hand and evidences of what this china born person did, so many: "Fake Things" - -- The point is for some people -- truth and love do matter, and have great value. For others all they can get for their self self self is ALL that matters. As they care only about their self. What we have learned is there are some good people in all lands. And we would hope that is true for china and the heritage of china too. Although that seem to have faded away as being something of the past. Even as the example yang mingzhi (mingzhi yang) set forth as the things done -- disgraced and dishonored all chinese people. The example of the china born liar. And a mind seeking material and gain just for the self. When the future tells more by the actions and not cheap words we all learn what is real. Something "To Realize." If you really want to develop your mind and evolve, setting prejudice aside, see the Darwin writings, story link at -- IF you dare and can face the evil china has shown by example then read what we read on the first page of -- there you will see a chinese girl say written of her own hand -- she could not love a former 7 year chinese boyfriend because she "makes more money" and on the fraud page you can hear her SAY from her own mouth, audio available: "i don't care what's lie or truth." Should we bunch all americans together and say bad -- and then in turn bunch all chinese together and say "liars" and "materialist", the word of dishonesty -- maybe we should do neither and realize bad is bad and good is good -- wherever you are. It is important because China since 1981 has been mostly by law "One child family households", which mean hundreds of millions of 25 year old adults that are raised on the me me me mentality. And with it all the lies that must and do come from that material mentality. Is that evolution or evolution showing great honor lost ? Maybe with a wide range of thinking, material "things" one day will not be nearly as important as human value - integrity - honor - and what is ... absolute truth, to include - keeping your word.  Maybe if we see this in ourselves we can change the world and evolve to make it a better place for everyone, even those waiting to come into this world. How do dinosaurs say good night ???? How did they say "good night" ? The answer is ..... They go extinct !!! They went extinct. Is that what should happen to humankind in the future and all the workings of human life be lost ? How do we evolve --

Dinosaurs were around for 250 million years -- humans based on natural history somewhere around 2.3 million years. Because so many are material mongers -- does everyone lose in the long run and is that the outcome of the Big Picture ? Think about it. What can you do to make the world a better place ??? Now you really understand -- Darwin and the origin of life. Humans did not come about 6000 years ago and american don't buy into that idea. The Ceationism view will and can never stand up to the powers or intellect of "The Highest Order" of our known Universe. Learn something new. The world is not as stupid as some might think it is. Neither are all American people. But there is a real life example documented that tells and shows people of china lie and want material things more than honor or holding true to their word. And it is "a person's word" that is what makes that person real, as a real example of the truth. Even if what they do disgraces all Asian people and they care not to make anything right when such great wrongs are imposed. This all speaks volumes. All about what is true. We see how the dinosaurs said "good night." Will all mankind be served the same fate because liars and material seekers -- come from china as well as everywhere else --

Not wise to spit on america or its people when the woman who is called into this world as yang mingzhi proved and made ten's of thousands of others around the world believe and know many born in china lie and have little respect for honor. That is the evolution that person, of that land, as the true example -- offered the world while entering america with the objective of being materialistic. It is the china born person who said on tape "i don't care what is truth or lie." Equally as low as the person who tries to force creationism on any intellectual mind. Bad is bad inside no matter who you are or where you are, or where you come from. Remember there is good and intelligence in the heart of many people - and even in people in america.

Now we have evolved.

Says a lot ... regarding everyone

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Is it just me

...or are neither the newbie poster nor the writer of the rambling drivel that is the included "article" playing with a full deck?

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First of all, for the person who posted above canchin, thank you for making me dig-up and read one of Flot’s rants on America, as this is the first time that I ever had to read any of Flot’s posts sentence by sentence – a process that I don’t appreciate. Nevertheless, Flot never claimed that China’s better because it’s not materialistic, neither did he imply that the majority of Americans are Creationists; he was basically blasting the recent social/political movement pushing for Creationism here in the U.S. He made many other claims, in that particular post and innumerable others, regarding how evil the Americans and the British are (yeah, this is one guy who thoroughly enjoy beating a dead horse); however, if you want to critique that particular post on creationism, please refrain from blasting him on what he DIDN’T write. Secondly, please feel free to utilize the spelling/grammar check function on your computer; it won’t catch everything, but it will keep you away from the obvious errors. Your post was very difficult to read.

As far as the original topic is concerned, yes, there is something that we can learn from China. I don’t claim to know every Chinese, but the Chinese nationals here in the U.S. brought with them a sense of dynamic optimism: “things are good today, but it will be better tomorrow, and it’ll be better still the day after tomorrow.” Americans used to be like that. The Chinese of today remind me of the mythical American explorers of the past that populate only the history books nowadays. This seems to be a fairly unique trait for the Chinese today. With the exception of Indians, I’ve yet to notice this general sense of proactive vibrancy from people of any other nationalities – everyone else seems to be only interested in maintaining the status quo.

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Thanks Canchin....and thanks Observer3....

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How do you define "our way".

Frank Sinatra version!!!!

Have you been to China???
Look at those foreigners who have been and they say how peaceful it is!!!
I mean generally and not spots of problems.

One thing others can learn from China. A European/Americanlady, now ~70-80 years old who lived ~20-30 years each in China,USA,Russia,UK)has this to say.
People are so calm working and as if making thing so smoothly without considering materialism.

Is with the TOP 5 good enough for you???
Or you die die want no.1!!!

Do you think the voters way is the best or elected representative from each county by way of meeting with the residents is an alternative way.
Perhaps your way is not our way!!! Can you accept it?

Lastly, China make cheaper and better things for the world!!!

Kind regards

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Is there anything we should learn from today's China?

Not sure why original poster started such a topic.

First of all, who said China wants to be a world leader? Chinese and China never want to be or care to be. If you think China is a world leader, fine; if you think China is not, fine too.

But I would agree China has contributed very little to the world in terms of science, technology, and art in past 200 years. This is base on the comparison between China and western countries.

If the comparison is from 200 years ago to few thousand years ago, the situation will be completely different.

So it is true that to be Chinese it is embarrassing to read history books that the ancient Chinese contributed to the world a one of the most glory civilizations in terms of science, technologies, philosophy, and arts. But China is now quite behind in all of those compare to the US, UK, and France.

I would suggest you not to list Japan with the US, UK, and France. What Japan has contributed to the world from few thousand years ago until present? How could you list Japan with the above countries such as China, US, UK, and France? It is quite funny to me.

Well, I would list the countries who are respected by their contribution in the world in terms of science and technology also arts in past 200 years

The UK – modern democratic regime and industrial revolution
France – modern philosophy, science, and arts
Italy – ancient and modern arts
Germany – modern science and technologies
The US – modern science, technologies

And also many other countries, but I have hard time to list Japan with any of the above countries – what Japan has contributed in modern science? I have never read a Japanese name in my college books; what Japan has contributed in art? The white looking comics? Is there anything called Japanese philosophy or arts in the world?

I would make another list of the countries (nations) who contributed to the world greatly in ancient time

Egypt – the oldest civilization, which heavily influenced Babylon, India, Muslin, Greece and Rome civilizations
India - one of the great civilization from 5000 years ago until ??
China – a civilization contributed to the world with superior science, technologies, philosophy, and arts to entire world for thousand years.
Greece and Rome – the modern western civilization came from Greece, Rome, and Muslin civilizations.
Muslin - An important civilization in human history, which was superior than western Europ civilization until 400 years ago. Actually, it was Muslin taught western Europ the great Greece and Rome civilizations.

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Self-induced dellusions

It seems the initiator of this thread needs to redefine definitions of the concepts used for Great Britain, France, USA and Japan because the main problem is lack of calibration and even incorrect measurement. This is because those concepts have a vague definition where idealistic assumptions and realistic observation are not similar. To use a western mentality to measure Chinese capacity only gives erroneous figures because of western subjectivity, you can't measure weight with a ruler and especially if your ruler is not calibrated well. Trying to distort such concepts to fit the situation is not truthful nor an honourable way to go about things. The way western countries must improve themselves is to change themselves to fit the concept so that there is accuracy for comparison. This is often why propaganda clouds the perspective when westerners try to criticise China, they have enough social problems as it is than to be concerned with others. Attempting to take the focus off your ugly side by pointing at others doesn't accomplish anything. There's still your ugly side and people not only in your country but internationally still notice it

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