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Do Foreign Men Have Ugly Chinese Girlfriends? [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese Women

I am a Caucasian and an American man who dates a woman who is Chinese by birth.

In my honest opinion I think that Chinese women endure too much criticism. A woman who is considered "ugly" by Chinese standards would be considered attractive very much so in the united states.

Different races have different physiological reasons and standards for attraction.
The woman I date is very thin. In my mind I would be happy if she put on on weight. I am happy with her as she is as well. Caucasians are physically built bigger than the average Asian. I think that has a lot to do with the disparity in weight to height ratios that Chinese women deal with. Another thing I was amazed to find out, is how emotionally active most Chinese women actually are. Chinese women are much better educated as well.

The majority of my fellow Americans are quite shallow. Most of them are thoughtless and cruel to each other as well. Because a large majority of them grow up enjoying praise from their parents as is a Caucasian tradition, more so for females than males.

I understand that many cultures view Americans as a thoughtless and shallow as a human beings, but we are not all this way. Introverted Americans are usually very socially aware and emotionally responsible and ecologically responsible people. Most of the 20- 30 somethings I call my close friends are very introverted people. They are rarely hateful and selfish. You will not hear anything about these people because they exist on the precipe of society here. Introverts get little attention here, especially from 99% of the Extroverted Caucasian women.

In short I am a very emotive and thoughtful person. I think very deeply on issues and on the way my interactions effect others. Rare in Caucasians, but much more common for the Asian cultures.

In short, if a so called "ugly" Chinese woman. ( most of which are very beautiful to Caucasians and westerners) wishes to find happiness with a foreigner she should look for an introverted male here in the united states.

My thoughts for the conversation:
Chinese women are very very appealing and attentive to the man that they love. In my experience, FAR more attentive and loving that Caucasian females.
Even a woman who is considered to be fat or ugly in china would be considered, beautiful or cute and Ideal in weight in the United States.
Chinese women are know to be faithful and sweet by those who have dated  or have married them.
Introverted males absolutely prefer introverted females.
A kind and man would love his partner for the value of her soul and the quality of her deeds. Usually so called "hopeless romantics"
are indeed introverts. I am a hopeless romantic myself! ^_^
If a Chinese woman is considered ugly or fat, please come to america, you will see that you are no more fat than anyone who else who lives here. You will catch the eye of a kind and shy introvert for sure if you are willing to just talk to him.

Several of my close friends are married to beautiful Chinese women or more simply put married to a good woman. I hope to and aim to marry this woman who I love very much at this time.  ^_^

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Originally posted by yaoyin at 2007-6-24 08:23
If the girl is young, she is pretty.  If she is older, she is not so pretty.  Surely nobody can argue with this...

There are plenty of young girls who are cosmetically pretty, materialistic, selfish and empty-headed. They are perfect matches for  boys and men who are equally shallow and immature.  Grown-up women who are intelligent, accomplished and considerate are far too good and beautiful for these types of males.

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This post and many of the threads typify the Chinese male. Overly macho and chauvinistic and self centered.

This explains why nice chinese girls are more interested in foreign men.

Chinese girls do not ask for alot. They only want a good loving man. All else will follow.
. . . jia na da ren . . .  
jia na da ren

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