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how do chinese regard the greeks [Copy link] 中文

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I am a greek and I am going to be put up in Shandong by a chinese friend of mine.I want to ask anybody especially a chinese how do chinese think about the european ladies especially the greek.Are they going to look at me like somebody who came from another planet?oR ARE THEY GOING TO TRUST ME OR NOT.Will they welcome me or not.I need an opinion.Will they love me or despise me.I have never been to China and I am eager to know if I will be secure .

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Eva, I'm not Chinese but I can speak with experience.........

You will be put under a microscope. Everyone will look at you for more than a glance. The children will come up to you and touch you. Those just learning English will yell "Hello" then run away laughing. People will be friendly, helpful and gracious to you. Some will touch your hair. Some will want to try their English out on you.

   Some westerners don't like the attention. But for you, enjoy the attention. Be polite, be gracious back to them. Be tolerant of things you would not normally put up with. Be PATIENT. You will be one out of millions. Use your most precious asset, your smile. Take time to answer their questions and be sure they understand. They are wonderful people.

   Greece was my favorite country in the Med. as well as Europe. I had more fun there than anywhere I have been. My ex threw away the pictures of me and my friends dancing on the tables. The food was excellent. The people were very much like the Chinese. Time to enjoy the payback for the wonderful people of Greece. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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my opinion

Dear eva,
First, I wanna introduce myself that I am a totally Chinese guy in the mainland. Here are some suggestions which may be helpful for you.
1.        China is a historic country as Greece. Both of the two countries possess long history and prosperous culture in their history. So in this way, the two countries have got some thing in common.
2.        Chinese is famous for their hardworking, wisdom and braveness. We had been accustomed to be polite to the old and the young, also to the foreigners. We won’t look down upon you just because you are a foreigner. Conversely, we will respect you and regard you as our goddess. Anyway, you are our guest. Actually, there are so many foreigners in China right now, Europeans, Americans, ppl from the middle east, south America and Africa, all around the world. Just take the city, YIWU in zhejiang province as the example, there are more than 6,000 foreigners living there as their home. And in the canton fair, our Chinese may find that we are the minority, since there are so many foreigners from the world cramming the hall. We mostly deem them as our compatriots, hehe. So donot worry that you will be a stranger and looked down here.
3.        However, I had learnt that you had been fallen in love with a Chinese guy by net. I can imagine that how passionate you two had got to be and you may swear that you love each other deeply. But as you mentioned in your other thread, you never meet him and fully, you are just net-lovers in the cyberspace, which is supposed to be illusive and irrational. So I remind you to think again before you make any decision. Anyway, we Chinese will welcome you faithfully if you wanna get here and moreover, to marry the Chinese guy, your net-lover.

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I like Greeks

I don't know many Greeks, only a few, but they are stereotyped to be a very close community and gossip apart of that closeness. This is apparent in the Greeks that I know. Also I observed the family I know to talk about life quite often. To make a good opinion of Greeks I need to know more because just like any country, there are good people and bad people. And just like China Greece is one fo the few descendants of ancient civilisations still prosperous today. Although I hav to say I was very interested in Greek philosophy and mythology when I was young. So all in all I think well of Greeks and Greeks need to be more international to learn Greek culture in a way that doesn't force Greece on others, more displays and anyone that is interested to enquire.

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May I ask....

Dear Evapapa:

Is your last name Pappas. I had a good friend in high school. His last name is Pappas.

I understand one of Nobel Prize winners (ethnic Chinese) married a young Chinese girl. I think he was 60+ and she was 29 (please help if anyone knows the details of this couple). Matter of fact, a few years ago, an ethnic Chinese doctor (maybe early 30+) married to a 60+ Caucasian woman in Canada (US?).  In both cases, the couple married for love.

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