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Should the UN be dissolved? [Copy link] 中文

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Let's face it; the UN has not done any good in a long time since it has been founded.

When was the last time they prevented any major war? Poor African countries are still at it while those guys in the UN are still trying to figure out the exact number of casualties. Hooray for politicians.

Even the number one men in the UN, BUSH, is braking his own rules. He attacked Iraq without the endorsement of the UN. What did the UN do? You know it; now say it before I say it. NOTHING!

And I know you are thinking what I am thinking. But but but we need the UN to stop wars and keep up world peace. Are they really doing their job? Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Half of Africa Possibly China and Taiwan or Japan any time soon! It is a lost cause.

The 5 top arms dealers in the world, in order of sales and profits: US, UK, Russia, France and China! Also are the only 5 permanent members of the UN. Can we trust drug dealers to rehabilitate drug users? It's the same as asking arms dealers to bring us world peace.

UN, a lost cause? Is it or not?

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Thinking man.... make a good point but....

what is the solution?

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I vote YES....

and I agree with your arguments.   Well said.  It is a crying shame, but perhaps. when it is finally dead and gone, we'll be able to try again.  Our future is linked together, so we might as well all learn to get along.

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Here is a better solution

Expel the "deadly duo"  Israel and the USA. I  am serious. The USA (under Israeli influence and control) has vetoed every single UN democratic resolution against Israeli proven criminal acts.

This would in effect produce an alliance of the rest of the world against the USA and Israel. .  The sooner the better I say.

Zionists are anti UN because they do not believe  that international law applies to Israel ,

Here comes the abuse

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This is your REAL problem with the UN

::UNITED NATIONS  International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
    29 November 2005  

The Day of Solidarity was observed on Tuesday, 29 November 2005 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, as well as at United Nations Offices at Geneva and Vienna.
And other UN justice , the list is too long to post here but see :


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You are correct Chris....

as China vetoed against action taken place against their interests in the Sudan or Russia in Syria, or France in Iraq etc. etc.

If you started again like Dean said, what would be different the second time? What would make the second attempt any better than the first.

It seems to me that everyone here at least has one thing in common and that they think the U.N. is pretty powerless but isn't it better than nothing?

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The world has got the UN it deserves...

The UN is not an abstract organisation; it's only authority and means of action is through the good will and collaboration of its members.

Unfortunately, since its inception in 1945, its key players have not been able to see further than their own short interests or long-standing allegiances. Cold War rivalries effectively nullified any chance of concerted action against rogue states. For example, the US never supports tangible action against that serial breaker of UN resolutions, Israel, due to the power of the homegrown Jewish lobby.  And as for the illegal invasion of Iraq, both the US and UK are blatantly guilty of using aggressive war as a means to pursue highly dubious aims. Few countries can claim to be genuine supporters of the laudible aims upon which the UN was founded.

Dissolve the UN ? When did it ever exist as a community of nations acting in the principled interests of humanity ?

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