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An interesting subject came up in our house tonight....... [Copy link] 中文

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I want to have a big dinner party with all of you!

"Now, is there room in your neighborhood for three people?"
- Sure! Come on over! The people across the street are selling their house, but it doesn't sound like their kitchen is big enough for you.

Hearthome: Thank you for sharing about your husband, I'm glad to hear Chinese men like to cook too! Personally, I'm going to need a man who likes to cook. I like to sometimes, but not every day. I'll clean up afterwards though.

Spiritrace - What kinds of decisions do your wife and daughter have to make now that they didn't have to before? I'm just curious, I don't want to get too personal.

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Spiritrace: I agree with you.........

I agree with you that " a good marriage is a shared resposibility".

This is an ideal marriage.  More and more ppl in China hope to have a higher quality family life.  and they are working for it.  

Yes. your are right.  A couple is comparatively independent . One spouse can not decide everything for the other.  The family resposiblity should be shared.  In my family, we share ideas about buying the house, the kid' education, which car to buy , the housework etc  He doesn't cook everyday. It just depends. We cook together or  whoever have time.

It sounds fantastic the way you help your Chinese daughter and you are happy with your Chinese wife without too much cultural shock.  i think i misunderstood you and thought you are living in China. .

You are a good cook, even more professional than some cooks since you can cook so many different style of dishes and really enjoy it.   And your next year's planner to make the kitchen twice the size , to  grow hot peppers spices and other wonderful....     Your house is a garden. No wonder freakyqi hopes a big dinner......, me, too.

Would you mind showing us some picts of your lovely hot peppers and vegetables next year......?

Spiritrace, your posts are really impressive.


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I can not see how to put photos in on the new forum...... We have big mushrooms we grow in our home,  three kinds but I don't know the Chinese word for each kind. Here in the US we call them Button, White Oyster and Shaggy Mane. The Shaggy Mane are expensive in China. We grow 30 kinds of hot pepper, and about 25
kinds of Chinese vegetables, carrotts, radish, and lots of Snow Peas (three kinds). We have a natural apple tree and three kinds of berry bushes in our yard. Of all the vegetables the Snow Peas grow the best. We get almost a hat full everyday. I will look for some way to send a photo.....

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wow! I envy you.....

Wow ! You are the really gardener.   How fantanstic to have a natural apple tree........

How i wish to have a  private garden!  I cann't wait to see the photoes........
Thanks.  You bring the spring into the winter........


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Try planting chinese flower mushrooms!!!

It is thick,fleshy and sweet!!!
When made into a soup with Kechi(wolfberries),it can keep one slim and sexy!!!

How about growing Beijing cabbage? It is sweet and can be kept a long time over winter!!!

Do you plant chillies(peppers)??? The one to made curries(Qiali)

Ginger shld be easy to grow too. Main ingredient for chinese soup
to cure cold(flu)

Kind regards

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I can't figgure out how to post photos!!!

So I sent you both a P.M.

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ha ha ha ha

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