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An interesting subject came up in our house tonight....... [Copy link] 中文

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Spritrace: that's different.....

No wonder !  They really enjoy the quietness and peace in your house.    Maybe they had never lived in such a wonderful place before.  Just different ppl in different placesm, not so common in China.

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I must admit that is is nice here.

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To Freakyqi:

I am new to this and I read all the post regarding the interesting subject - who is the master of the house?  I am a Chinese woman living in USA. I agree with you on most of your points.

Situation in China is not like what xiaowuer mentioned.  China has a large population and people in diffferent provincesor areashas different mentality dealing with house stuff.  In the North, man normally has more control in the family while in the south woman are more responsible for decision in the family.  However, there is never a clear cut.  I believe more and more families are learning to balance it regading the decision-making.  It has something to do with education level as well as personal attitude.  Husband and wife are the same team and they will reach good decision if they discuss about what they want to do.  

As to children's education, yes the education system in China is different from other countries.  Chinese school set everything for the students and the school just wants the kids to follow what is exactly set for them.   US school on the other hand encourage kids to develop their own interest and be more creative.  My daughter attended Chinese school for a couple of year and then she goes to US school and she is in high school now..  She learns to do everything.  She is very independent.  Her school projects gave her more chances to strenghten her skill of communicating with her group members, doing rearch by herself and finishing projects with their own ideas. It's more hands-on experience for kids here than in China.   So at home kids are also responsible for what they are supposed to do.  Parents normally just give kids guidance instead of orders.

Parents involvement in school is good.  By involving in kids'  education, we will know better and catch something on time.  Chinese teachers are very responsible and they will let the parents know whatever bad happened to the kids or let the parents know the reason the grade drop and so on.  So teachers and parents work together to make sure the kids are going to the right direction.  In contrary in USA, teachers don't bother to say anything bad about the kids behaviour if it happened outside classroom or after school.   Teachers seem to be afraid to offend the kids. Maybe they are afraid to get sued.

Anyway, things are different in everywhere and every country. It's good for us to understand the difference.

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Thank you for all your insights. I like to hear about the differences & similarities between China and America. As you may have read, I am in the US now but am planning to come to live in China next year, for about a year (or more if I like it!)

I'm sure it's hard to say how one culture does something compared to another culture. I'm sure every household is different. All kinds of people can be found everywhere! But still, it is possible to talk about some differences and learn from them.

Thanks again. Maybe you can tell me more. Mostly I want to make sure I don't do anything wrong or rude, or that I'm not too surprised at anything when I get there.

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Eastwestbird, my Chinese daughter is learning independence

Here in the US. She had never had science before and it was like opening a door to a bright new world. In China he would have just started science in 9th grade. She is in 8th grade now. She has changed her dream from being a doctor to Engineering.  She will probably change her mind again when more new doors are opened to her. She will start her first college correspondance course when she starts 14........(next month) I did that with all my children. She is anxious to start. Her new world of education is exciting to her and that makes me very happy.

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